Albion Online’s 12th major update, Into the Fray, launches June 8

Albion Online’s 12th major update, Into the Fray, launches June 8. In this latest update players can fight to conquer a new continent called The Frayed Isles and make use of a brand-new skill line that lets them wage war in three different ways: through siege warfare, espionage or military strategy. Additionally there are many other updates coming with this patch which includes an improved quest system and more renown points for completing guild missions.,

Sandbox Interactive has been leaking tea on what’s in Albion Online’s Into the Fray for a few weeks now, so you presumably already knew it was coming sooner rather than later. As of today, we have a firm deadline: June 8th.

New dynamic events, upgraded castles and outposts, the Crystal Arena, new emotes, enhanced mobile controller compatibility, and, of course, a major pass on magic staffs are all included in the update.

“The Into the Fray upgrade will be available on June 8, 2022. Albion Online’s twelfth major post-release content update adds a slew of new features, tweaks, and tweaks to make combat, exploration, and economic activities in Albion more enjoyable and exciting than ever before, while also making it easier for players of all sorts and levels to become involved. First and foremost, the game’s Magic Staffs have been completely overhauled in this version. Numerous new and revised abilities, in addition to substantial enhancements to aesthetics, audio, and animations, provide increased complexity and strategy to Staff gameplay, enabling Mages to feel strong and in control in combat while giving different cooperation and counterplay possibilities for non-Staff users.”

It’s official: our next big content update, Into the Fray, will arrive on June 8th, including substantial reworks to Magic Staffs and Castles, new Portal Towns in the Outlands, Dynamic Events, huge QoL improvements, and much more.

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