Albion Online’s controller beta is live today along with Steam Deck functionality

Albion Online is a multiplayer action MMORPG that has been in early access on Steam for almost three years. Its controller beta includes many features like deck building and gambling, which should make the game appeal to more players than just those with high-end gaming PCs.

The “steam controller 2” is a new feature that allows you to use your Steam Controller on the PC. The beta for this feature starts today and will run until January 20th, 2018.


To everyone eager to play with a controller, a happy Albion Online patch day! Controller support has come in the isometric sandbox MMORPG — the beta for controller support, that is – to coincide with the beginning of Season 15 today.

“This patch kicks off controller compatibility testing, which will be fine-tuned over the next several months. Xbox controllers, Playstation Dualshock controllers, and other PC-compatible controllers will all work with the game. Steam gamers will be able to utilize the Steam Deck as well.”

The patch rebalances Might and Favor, provides auto-pickup for silver (finally! ), introduces “major” combat balancing, and touches on random dungeons.

“This patch provides a similar upgrading mechanism to Randomized Dungeons, after the introduction of randomly upgrading Static Dungeons with the Lands Awakened release,” according to SBI’s patch notes. “This applies to all zones and levels of Randomized Dungeons, and dungeons with improved rewards/mobs will be prominently highlighted around the dungeon entrance.”

The Season 15 patch is now available! Might and Favor will be altered, as well as controller support, automatic silver pickups, and much more…

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— Albion Online (@albiononline) March 2, 2022


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