Alien Marauder Pits You Against Massive Swarms of Bugs,

Alien Marauder is a unique blend of turn-based strategy game and card game. In the game, players command a squad of marines to explore an alien dungeon and eliminate the bugs that threaten their survival. Just like in a traditional card game, each card released into the dungeon is both a weapon and tool for developing one’s squad. Players must use their cards to survive the dungeon and get out alive.

It seems like a routine night for the crew of the Starship Brightfire, looking to make a quick buck. Upon landing in a nearby asteroid field, the crew are surprised to find a small abandoned ship. Upon boarding the derelict, they find a stockpile of supplies and some strange technology, but, most importantly, they also find what appears to be a lone survivor.

Alien Marauder is the latest sci-fi strategy game from YC Games, and it aims to explore the cathartic process of constructing bases and killing huge swarms of bugs whose only purpose is to kill you.

An Alien Marauder beta test is set to take place later this week, in preparation for a Steam Early Access debut in 2021. It will not only allow players to test their ability to defend their mining operation against the Vexan, but it will also allow you to seek access if you haven’t already and need a break from Humankind.

Alien Marauder Pits You Against Massive Swarms of Bugs, Beta Test Kicks Off This Week

Alien Marauder Pits You Against Massive Swarms of Bugs, Beta Test Kicks Off This Week

It’s as easy as going to Alien Marauder’s Steam page and clicking the green Request Access button to join the beta test. This will immediately enroll you in the beta, and you will get pre-load instructions through email.

In the year 2672, mankind is rushing across the stars, using the heavy ion fusion technology that launched the fifth industrial revolution to plunder the resources of distant worlds for power.

Alien Marauder is a strategy and survival game that aims to support two distinct modes in its final form. Survival places you on a randomly generated terrain and gives you the job of constructing a base, gathering the planet’s resources, and recruiting soldiers to defend against the Vexan.

You earn resources in Defensive mode by killing Vexans, who now assault in waves. You’ll also get a random high-tech chip at the conclusion of each wave, which you can spend to enhance your base and soldiers.

The beta test for Alien Marauder will begin on August 19 at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. PT/3 a.m. BST.

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