All Survivors in Risk of Rain 2 Ranked

The world has ended. The earth is covered in soot, toxic smoke fills the air and radiation makes anything you touch sizzle with a hot spark. There are too few resources to go around and entire civilizations have fallen prey to scarcity of everything from food to water. Risk of Rain 2 takes place on Mars as every survivor tries their hand at surviving day-to-day life after the apocalypse, regardless if they come back alive or not.’

The “risk of rain 2 character unlock guide” is a list of all the characters in Risk of Rain 2 ranked.

Among the several Rougelikes available, Hopoo Games’ Risk of Rain 2 is a noteworthy success. In 2022, the game got an expansion named Survivors of the Void, which was originally published in 2019. The main elements of the original Risk of Rain are translated into a 3D world in Risk of Rain 2. The end product is a very polished third-person shooter with a large amount of repeat potential.

Now that the new update has had time to settle, let’s take a look at our list of the game’s most powerful survivors. This ranking is based on winning in Monsoon mode, which is Risk of Rain 2’s most challenging difficulty level.

In Risk of Rain 2, all 13 survivors are ranked from worst to best.

Looking through the list, it’s rather reassuring to know that Risk of Rain 2 has no truly bad choices. Each character has the ability to create and destroy levels of epic proportions, although some have an easier time doing it than others. We’ll start with the most dangerous Survivors in Risk of Rain 2 and work our way up.



Looking at the list, it’s actually refreshing to know that there aren’t really any wrong options in Risk of Rain 2. Each character can absolutely develop an awesome build and destroy levels, but some have an easier time getting there. Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

Despite being a fan favorite, Huntress comes in last on our ranking. Her mobility is exceptional, particularly with her multi-blink movement talent. Using her ballista shot for some much-needed single-target damage is also advised. Huntress’s small HP pool and auto aim on her main fire are her biggest flaws. In a game like Risk of Rain 2, having auto aim might be devastating. In order to remove dangers before they eliminate you, you must prioritize your targets, which may be incredibly tough in the case of Huntress. This effectively indicates that her two problems are intertwined.

Huntress’ last problem is picking which main fire to use. Her default is more consistent, but her alternative scales with crit chance considerably better. Unfortunately, if you encounter a lot of crit items, you’ll wish you were on the alternative, and vice versa. You’re at the mercy of drops since there’s no ability to swap mid-run.



Arti-1024x576 Artificer Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

Despite receiving some significant upgrades ahead of the upcoming expansion, it’s difficult to give Artificer a better rating than this. The character’s biggest flaw is its special ability, which is either Flamethrower or Ion Surge. The notion of Artificer is built upon the idea of utilizing each of her talents off cooldown, therefore having one that isn’t working is a significant concern.

Because you can’t run while wielding a flamethrower, it’s inconvenient. With the DLC update, the ability’s damage and scale have much increased, but it doesn’t matter since you have to come near to use it and you’re a sitting duck.

Ion Surge gives you the ability to fly indefinitely, but it’s a pain to utilize as a damaging skill. This implies that hitting your secondary is virtually completely responsible for your real DPS. Artificer has fallen thus far as a result of this modest clunkiness in playstyle. If you can get her to function, she’s fantastic for chain freezing Mithrix, the last boss.



Merc-1024x576 Mercenary Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

It was necessary to place Mercenary so low on the list, as painful as it was. Mercenary, the game’s highest skill ceiling character, asks a lot of its player in order to attain the same goals that other characters do with much less effort. This isn’t designed to discourage novice Mercenary players; just expect to learn a lot via trial and error.

The new void seed mechanism incorporated in the DLC update also has an impact on Mercenary. As a melee character that relies on combos, damaging AoE fields is a nightmare.

The good news is that Mercenary has two distinct but extremely viable builds. With his special, Eviscerate, the melee mercenary aims to stack attack speed and produce as many invincibility frames as possible. The majority of the damage done by a ranged mercenary comes from chaining Slicing Winds.



Commando-1024x576 Commando Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

Commando, the main character in Risk of Rain 2, is known for his primary fire, which he uses to destroy adversaries. Sink or swim is usually dependant on the goods that the player picks up. They succeed if they can get strong proc effects. Otherwise, they may find it difficult to do harm.

Thankfully for the Commando, the DLC adds a slew of new items, including some Void items, that perform quite well with high proc chance. Commando likes the consistency boost, since it was previously one of his main flaws.

Commando’s powers outside of his main, however, are quite lacking. As a result, he’s a good contender for obtaining the transformational Lunar goods, which might change your Commando run into a Heretic one.



acrid-1024x576 Acrid Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

Acrid is a marking from our transformation into characters in this game that have busted skills. Acrid’s poison talents provide a mix of strong resilience and constant damage over time. Acrid may theoretically wipe the game by spreading his damage over time skills and hopping about to avoid taking major strikes. Unfortunately, this playstyle has a few flaws, one of which is the inability to prioritize targets.

Acrid’s second drawback is his limited spectrum of playstyles. Blight is more difficult to start than poison (like the difficulty with Huntress, only worse), and his melee talents are rather dangerous to utilize.



MULT-1024x576 MUL-T Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

MUL-T is ranked this high on the list because it has the potential to be one of the game’s greatest damage output survivors. MUL-power T’s increases practically exponentially, whether you’re utilizing Power Mode or Retool.

We propose using a combination of Nail Gun and Rebar Puncher for main fires. Both may be used at the same time. Both the Scrap Launcher and the Power-Saw are, however, too weak and situational.

 MUL-T has choices, although not as many as you’d think for a character of this kind.

The major flaw of MUL-T is its lack of mobility. Tankiness is less important in Monsoon difficulty, and much less so with the DLC. Now that the collapse debuff exists, it mostly affects characters with poor mobility, such as MUL-T.



Engi-1024x576 Engineer Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

Engineer is comparable to MUL-T in that he can scale exceedingly high with a limited number of nice goods. Unlike MUL-T, he gained from the DLC more than he suffered from it. Some of the new void items, like as the Pluripotent Larva and the Lysate Cell to gain more turrets, and the Spare Drone Parts, which converts the Drone build from a joke to an insane DPS option, go completely bananas on the Engineer.

Engineer still has mobility issues and a weak main fire, but with a little luck, he may become one of the game’s most damaged characters.



Bandit-1024x576 Bandit Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

The newest character introduced before the DLC, Bandit, is next on the list. The first step towards comprehending Bandit’s position on this list is to comprehend its passive. Bandit may score guaranteed crits on all attacks done against foes’ backs using Backstab, which adds up to a lot of damage. The Bandit’s ability to become invisible with its utility, Smoke Bomb, adds to this.

Early in a run, having a lot of damage potential is the single most important trait a survivor can have to improve its consistency. Because of its passive and reasonably powerful mobility, the Bandit is able to obtain reliably good early stages. The Bandit’s scale is the most challenging aspect. In the later game, when adversaries have gathered in great numbers, it might be tough to backstab them.

Another factor bringing the Bandit down is its secondary powers’ low ineffectiveness. They may contribute some more damage or stop momentum, but they don’t accomplish nearly as much as the Bandit’s other powers.



Cap-1024x576 Captain Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

When it comes to consistency, the Captain is the undisputed monarch. Running one (or two) hacking beacons lets the player to get access to strong item drops such as huge chests and shrines of chances at a rate unmatched by any other survivor. Your power level in Risk of Rain 2 is intimately linked to your things, and no survivor possesses the Captain’s economic power.

Unfortunately, the good news does not spread much farther. The captain’s main fire is excellent, but his other skills are lacking. His orbital attack powers are effective, yet they are ineffective in other areas of the game. Furthermore, his secondary is a complete disaster. He also lacks any kind of mobility ability. This just goes to illustrate how strong his positive qualities are.



rex-1024x576 REX Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

On the surface, the plant robot REX seems to be excessively powerful, yet REX ends up being one of the game’s top survivors. REX can mow down early engagements with to its secondary Seed Barrage’s exceptionally high early game damage, as long as the player is content with its poor mobility and changing health pool.

REX is less consistent than Captain, but it compensates for this with stronger scaling and the ability for each of its talents to be incredibly effective in a variety of scenarios. The ability to use weaken against strong bosses also helps to lessen REX’s natural danger zone while using skills that cost HP.

All of this to say, REX is a challenging survivalist with a high skill ceiling. It can, however, rip through the game with a little knowledge.


Fiend of the Void

void-1024x576 Fiend of the Void Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

One of the new characters added with the DLC, the Fiend of the Void is unique in that all of its abilities are available on any given run. The transform mechanic is how the Fiend of the Void goes from its rather placid base form into its manic corrupted form, and within that lies its potential. There are many ways to build the fiend, with some even opting to stay in its base form for its hit scan primary fire. That being said though, the damage from the corrupted form is insane at taking down early game bosses.

Once Fiend of the Void starts to scale it can run into some issues when its damage isn’t enough to melt through foes anymore and it has to commit to being up close. This is when it’s especially important to scale up to the point where the base mode is capable of dealing a good amount of damage.



loader-1024x576 Loader Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

Before the DLC, Loader was the game’s strongest character, but now he’s been knocked down a notch. The Loader is in a class of its own when it comes to early game consistency, since it is resistant to fall damage and has some of the best mobility and DPS. There’s a reason why this character is used in Risk of Rain speed runs.

The majority of her DPS comes from both variants of the Loader’s utility. Punching through a line of adversaries is the quickest method to conquer a level, and it only gets better when damage and mobility items become available.

The new mechanisms of the DLC are the reason why Loader loses a few points. The Void Seeds are tough to maneuver for melee survivors, and the collapse feature has the potential to kill a generally tanky survivor like Loader. None of the new items make much of a difference to the Loader’s build style, so it’s a wash.

That said, she’s still highly strong, and despite being simple to train, she has a very high skill ceiling.


Rail Gunner is a character in the game Rail Gunner

Snipe-1024x576 Rail Gunner is a character in the game Rail Gunner Hopoo Games courtesy of HGG / Jake Bosee

The other new addition to the game, the Rail Gunner is a character in the game Rail Gunner checks all the boxes as to what makes a Risk of Rain 2 character excel. Combining the damage of Loader with the ability to hit from a distance is one thing. Having the crowd control potential of artificer with insane scaling potential pushes her over the edge of broken. The Rail Gunner is a character in the game Rail Gunner is easily able to field most challenges the game offers.

Beware that this character also sports a high skill ceiling. Getting used to the weak spot mechanic is critical, no matter which build you end up going. Speaking of weaknesses, the Rail Gunner is a character in the game Rail Gunner really only has one, mobility. This can be mitigated with the Concussion Device utility and enough attack speed on the primary. Look out for equipment that provides escape like Milky Chrysalis and Volcanic Egg.

Participate in The High Ground.

Thank you for taking the time to read our list of all the Risk of Rain 2 survivors! Did you find this information useful? Do you want to learn more about this wonderful game? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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