Apex Legends: All Legendary Wraith Skins, Ranked Worst to Best

Apex Legends’ Wraith skins are a collection of the best and worst legendary weapons in Apex Legends. This article will rank all the Wraith weapon skins from least used to most used, providing a comprehensive list for players who want to know what’s worth getting their hands on.

The “all legendary wraith skins 2021” is a list of all the different Legendary Wraith Skins that are available in Apex Legends. Ranked worst to best, this article will help you decide which one you want to get.

Even after all these years, Wraith remains one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends. Wraith was, in many respects, the game’s poster child when he first joined the team. She was the subject of the first character event, and in the years since the game’s unexpected debut, she’s amassed a sizable cosmetic collection. We’ll rate all legendary Wraith skins, beginning with the worst and finishing with the greatest, like we do with our Apex skin articles.

The 15 Wraith Skins of Legend

Ready? We have a task to do, as Wraith would say.


Terror of the Night

night-terror-1024x576 Terror of the Night wraith skin screen shot Jake Bosee / Respawn Entertainment via HGG

Arriving in Apex Legends as the first ever Battlepass skin, Terror of the Night was unlockable for reaching level 15 in Season 1. Panned upon release, this skin is a bit busy, with the feather effect looking fairly tacky.  Compared to newer, more pristine models, Terror of the Night unfortunately falls short. The positive on this skin though is that rocking it proves a long-standing dedication to the game. The skin did get a recolor called “Voices of the Past”, but the original skin only released during season 1. Oddly enough, this makes one of Wraith’s worst legendary skins, also one of her rarest.


Defender of the Void

protector-1024x576 Defender of the Void Jake Bosee / Respawn Entertainment via HGG

This list may seem chronological, but placing Defender of the Void this low makes a lot of sense. Season 2’s Iron Crown event was derided for its high price point per quality of skin. Many still preferred the original legendary skins to those introduced in the event, with a few exceptions. Defender of the Void unfortunately didn’t quite make the cut, but it still ranks higher than last place. On a positive note, the Viking theme stands out amongst Wraith skins, and the original beats out the recolor “Queen’s Guard” by a hair.


Emerald Enchantress is a powerful enchantress.

xp6t60r0xfr51-939x1024 Emerald Enchantress is a powerful enchantress. Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Emerald Enchantress is a powerful enchantress. decks out Wraith with an updated take on her witchy look. A recolor of “Mistress of Evil”, one of original line of Halloween skins, Emerald Enchantress is a powerful enchantress. softens the pallet a tad. This is a welcome change since the green skin on the original skin took away from the other details. As far as Halloween skins go, Emerald Enchantress is a powerful enchantress. ranks fairly low compared to the rest since it doesn’t do too much to change Wraith’s overall aesthetic. This means that it’s really only a seasonal option for most players instead of an all-around choice.


Spectre of Neon

neon-spectre-1024x576 Spectre of Neon wraith skin Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Proving that newer doesn’t always mean better, the Spectre of Neon skin from the Evolution Collection event comes next on the list. This legendary Wraith skin transforms Wraith’s appearance, making her look like a Guardians of the Galaxy style alien. Personally, I like the fabric patterns on the skin, and how different it looks compared to some of Wraiths other options. The reason why it ranks so low is because it’s a bit monochrome in its appearance, even just one other color would have bumped it up significantly because otherwise the quality is great.


Queen who has ascended

apex-champion-1024x576 Queen who has ascended

Respawn Entertainment is the creator of this image.

Part of the Champion Edition bundle, Wraith’s Queen who has ascended set slid into her costume options alongside other relic themed skins for Revenant and Crypto. A big part of why this skin is so high on the list is that it comes bundled with so much value. Looking at the skin in isolation though, it’s similar to Spectre of Neon in that it gives Wraith an interesting aesthetic variant. Channeling Cleopatra, Wraith equips herself with mummy bandages and a pharaoh headdress. These elements work, but certainly aren’t top notch.  


Seeker of Vengeance

vengeance-1024x576 Seeker of Vengeance Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

One of the default skins for Wraith, Seeker of Vengeance ranks this highly mostly for what it represents in game. This, along with its sister skin The Liberator and their recolors are colloquially known as “Bald Wraith”, a favorite of TTV’s everywhere. If you haven’t been taken out by a sweaty Wraith using this skin line, you haven’t been playing Apex for very long. Character-wise, this skin does a lot for Wraith, representing her at a low point in her story. In fact, out of all the default legendary skins in the game this one probably does the most in representing the story beats of the particular character.


Shift in Waves

Image-Respawn-Entertainment-via-HGG-Koby-Gibson-Ross-1024x576 Shift in Waves Legendary Skin

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG. / Koby Gibson Ross

The most recent Wraith skin, Shift in Waves arrived as part of Season 11’s Raiders Collection Event. The Raiders skin line focused on a Sci-fi pirate theme and this skin was no exception. The very existence of a pirate Wraith merits this place on the list, but the skin itself has a few odd decisions that hold it back. The primary one is the tear in the green bandana. Something about it looks out of place, like the rip is happening but the fabric isn’t adhering to her head. The good side of this skin is the high collar of her jacket.


Whisper of the Demon

demon-whisper-1024x576 Demon's Whisper Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG. / Koby Gibson Ross

Players were given the Demon’s Wisper skin as a reward for attaining level 50 in the Season 9 Battlepass. Demon’s Wisper emphasizes Wraith’s darkest features while keeping a fashionable flare, thanks to a distinctive color scheme and an Oni mask. The aforementioned mask, as well as her white hair, give her a ghostly aspect. What could be more appropriate for a Wraith than this? Unfortunately, the skin seems to be lacking in certain flair. Aside from the mask, it’s fairly similar to her regular outfit.



high-class-1024x576 Exceptional wraith legendary skin Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG. / Koby Gibson Ross

The level 25 unlock for Season 7’s Battlepass, Exceptional gives Wraith her most dressed up appearance to date. The color scheme is simple but effective, featuring greys, black and red. The most unique part of this cosmetic is how it changes Wraith’s hair. Instead of the usual messy bun we get a quaffed and glossy style, which in many ways highlights the theme of the skin better than anything else. If your squad is going for a “dressed to the nines” appearance, then this skin is a great choice.


Soldier of the Year

perfect-soldier-1024x576 Soldier of the Year Legendary Wraith Skin Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG. / Koby Gibson Ross

Another Battlepass skin, the Soldier of the Year was the reward for reaching level 25 in Season 4. Converting Wraith into a cyborg, this skin not only changes up her entire appearance, but does it in a clean and consistent way. The color scheme absolutely rules, and compliments the hairstyle perfectly. Though the details aren’t the cleanest, this skin is the best for those that want a very different take on the character. In addition, it has a similar kind of appeal to “Terror of the Night” in that it shows a longtime dedication to the game.


Marble Goddess is a fictional character.

marble-goddess-1024x576 Marble Goddess is a fictional character. Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG. / Koby Gibson Ross

Part of Season 5’s widely lauded Lost Treasures Collection Event, Marble Goddess is a fictional character. is a unique legendary Wraith Skin with a controversial past. Initially, this skin was glitched and made it so that Wraith had no headshot hitbox. Strangely enough though the rest of your hitbox was ballooned in size, roughly to that of Gibraltar’s. They fixed the skin soon afterwards, but many still remember it as a strange time when it released. Besides being a cool piece of trivia, this skin dazzles with its statuesque theme. Of all the Wraith skins that dramatically alter her appearance, this is our favorite.



hellcat-1024x576 hellcat-1024x576 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Hellcat was launched in Season 8’s Anniversary Collection event as a recolor of the “Void Prowler” skin. This cosmetic gives Wraith a very suitable cat-like theme, and the anniversary recolors’ red, gold, and black color scheme complements it wonderfully. The mask and, strangely enough, the belt are especially standouts. This skin reappeared more recently during the 2022 Lunar New Year Sale.



shrugtal-ringside shrugtal-ringside

Respawn Entertainment is the creator of this image. via Shrugtal

Apex Legends and the streetwear brand Market collaborated on a range of skins inspired by real-world fashion in November of 2021. If you’ve been following us, you know how much we love this line of cosmetics. The picture quality is excellent, and it is undeniably cool. Wraith’s skin is no exception, and in fact, it seems to be the ideal choice for Fight Night. With the leopard print fabric pattern, the hood of this skin truly shines.


Assailant on a Plane

jadt4jht88161-1024x680 jadt4jht88161-1024x680 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

These following two spots should come as no surprise if you read our post on the Top 25 Apex Legends Skins. The renowned skin “Void Specialist” has been recolored as Airship Assassin. After its introduction, this skin became almost legendary, since it offered an already popular model a much coveted color scheme. Most people didn’t like the light pink version, but black and gold? Please accept my request. It will sometimes emerge in the recolor shop, so keep an eye out for it.



Voidwalker-Alpha-Intel-1024x576 Voidwalker-Alpha-Intel-1024x576 Respawn Entertainment is the creator of this image. via Alpha Intel

Voidwalker, the pinnacle of all legendary Wraith skins, was released in conjunction with the same-named event in 2019. Personal event skins were the only tier above legendary until the new mythical rarity of skins was introduced. This skin defies its release date with a bespoke start animation and some of the greatest texture quality to date. Overall, it’s appropriate that Wraith, Apex Legends’ poster child, gets her greatest skins from her golden phase of meta domination.

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The “night terror wraith skin” is the worst legendary skin in Apex Legends. It’s a simple design, but it’s also very ugly. The “night terror wraith skin” has a greenish tint and black outlines that make it look like something out of a horror movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Wraith skin in Apex legends?

A: It is the King Wraith skin.

Which apex legends skin is best?

A: This is an opinion question, which means that it does not have a clear answer.

Is the Wraith survivor skin rare?

A: The Wraith survivor skin is not rare.

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