Apex Legends: Mad Maggie Tips and Tricks Guide (Season 12)

A popularity contest that is Apex Legends has seen a rise in new players each and every season. This guide will cover all the tips you need to know so that your game play improves, as well as how to get started on the battle royale shooter, including skins for cheap and where to find loot crates.

Mad Maggie is one of the strongest characters in Apex Legends. This article will give you tips and tricks for playing as her, with a focus on Season 12.

Respawn brought an old acquaintance back to life with the release of Season 12: Defiance. Mad Maggie, the rebellious warrior from the planet Salvo, is joining the arena this season! For her crimes against the Syndicate, she has been condemned to death by battle. She intends to make a mark at the Apex Games.

But how can Mad Maggie build a name for herself in the ring? What skills does she possess? How can you get the most out of her equipment? Is she going to have any excellent makeup for the launch? Is there anything more we should know about her?

In my Apex Legends: Mad Maggie tips and tricks guide, I’ll make sure to answer all of these questions and more. Let’s get this party started!

Maggie’s Mad Kit

Apex-Legends-2_8_2022-2_17_27-PM-1024x576 Apex-Legends-2_8_2022-2_17_27-PM-1024x576 Koby “Gibson” Ross / Respawn Entertainment through HGG

Let’s start with the essentials to begin this overview. What she was born to perform and how her skills function. Mad Maggie is a legendary breach-and-clear fighter who excels in close-quarters fighting. Caustic and Rampart are two legends that are meant to oppose defensive/camping legends.

Warlord’s Ire is a passive character.

Maggie has the power to highlight foes when they are injured by any weapon thanks to Warlord’s Ire. For a brief amount of time, this enables her and the rest of the squad to see injured foes through barriers. This may not be useful on the wide field, but it is quite useful inside and while pursuing opponents.

In addition, when Mad Maggie is holding a shotgun, she goes significantly quicker. She seems to move at the same pace as when your weapon is holstered, in my experience. Running and shooting becomes significantly simpler now that you don’t have to holster your weapon while pursuing down an adversary.

Riot Drill is a tactical drill that is used to prepare for a riot.

Her Riot Drill is a throwable device that can stick to almost any wall or surface. When the gadget comes into touch with a wall or ceiling, it will drill through it and do fire damage to foes camping on the other side. The drill doesn’t cause much harm on its own. It does, however, require adversaries to get out of the path or risk being burnt, disrupting any healing or reviving they may be performing.

Wrecking Ball is the ultimate.

Maggie’s ultimate power is rather intriguing. She will launch a large electric ball that delivers 20 damage to foes and gives them a concussion debuff when used. When you and your teammates are walked over, the ball will bounce about the area, sending off blue pads that give you and your teammates a speed boost. Unfortunately, this speed bump does not stack.

Mad Maggie Tips & Tricks

Why don’t we go over some tips and tactics on how to utilize her more successfully now that you know her talents and how they work? Some of these may seem self-evident, but they are nevertheless necessary to review.

Apex-Legends-2_9_2022-5_16_43-PM-1024x576 Apex-Legends-2_9_2022-5_16_43-PM-1024x576 Koby “Gibson” Ross / Respawn Entertainment through HGG

Ire of the Warlord

This first one may seem obvious, but it’s something I often overlook while I’m out on the field. When playing as Mad Maggie, make sure you have a shotgun with you at all times. This is owing to the fact that it gives her a speed boost when she wears it.

Also, have it on hand at all times. One disadvantage of holstering your weapon to move quicker is that if you come across an adversary with their firearms drawn, they may shoot you first. In a shootout, this may be quite dangerous. Having a firearm with you at all times means that you are always ready for the worst case scenario.

Drills for Riots

The Riot Drill is not a suitable substitute for a thermite grenade. It does not do as much harm. I had hoped you’d be able to use the drill on foes, but that’s not the case. When using it, be careful to keep all of these limits in mind!

This drill may be used to almost any legend’s ability, including Gibraltar’s dome and Rampart’s Amped Cover! It has a good range, so don’t be scared to use it from a long distance.

You may also fire your weapon while shooting the drill. I blasted my drill at a Rampart’s Amped Cover while shooting at the opponent hiding behind it the other day, causing her to take damage and breaking her Cover.

Wrecking Ball Suggestions

This thing’s cooling time is just TOO wonderful! It just takes one and a half minutes to charge, so go ahead and use it as often as you want. When I’m moving about the map, I like to toss it in front of me since it enables me and my squadmates to get from point A to point B faster.

Because Wrecking Balls bounce off walls and floors, it’s a smart idea to toss one into a room full of foes whenever you get the chance. This will allow it to debuff and damage adversaries on a regular basis, providing you and your squad with the ideal moment to attack.

Maggie will aim with it instead of tossing it immediately away if you push and hold the button to throw it. When aiming, there is a visible arc, and the location where the ball will fall is also indicated! This is especially beneficial if you’re attempting to attack adversaries from afar or if you’re still learning how to utilize it.

Cosmetics & Skins for Mad Maggie

Maggie, like the other legends in the game, began with a variety of cosmetics to help her stand out. While aesthetics have no bearing on gameplay, they are nonetheless one of Apex Legends’ greatest and most engaging features! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of her most famous (and only) skins.

Apex-Legends-2_8_2022-2_16_26-PM-1024x576 Apex-Legends-2_8_2022-2_16_26-PM-1024x576 Koby “Gibson” Ross / Respawn Entertainment through HGG

The Mob Boss skin (pictured above) adds a set of sick aviator sunglasses, a yellow snakeskin jacket, and a slew of other cool elements. Her black and gray color scheme with green accents is simply the frosting on the cake for this scary skin.

Above The Law is based on the same model as the previous skin, but with a different color scheme. This time, the snakeskin jacket is blue, and the whole ensemble is a blue and yellow color scheme. Personally, I like the other one, but this one is very attractive.

Get the Outside The Law skin, which is a re-color of the same model, if you want something a bit more menacing. It gives her an orangish-red and black color scheme that, in my view, is much more intimidating. It may be purchased using Legend Tokens from the in-game shop.

Apex-Legends-2_9_2022-7_22_01-PM-1024x576 Apex-Legends-2_9_2022-7_22_01-PM-1024x576 Koby “Gibson” Ross / Respawn Entertainment through HGG

For just 1200 crafting metals, you may make Steamed from her cosmetic menu at any moment. Maggie seems to be a military general, complete with a brow military coat. Even though she is a Warlord, I don’t believe it matches her personality all that well, but if you like military-themed cosmetics, go for it!

The final one I’d like to discuss is Maori Warrior. This skin offers her a Polynesian-themed costume as well as a half-painted face, giving her a frightening appearance. Red and greenish-blue are the predominant colors. Personally, I would have chosen something more in line with her personality, but it still looks fantastic!

The Maori Warrior gear may be obtained by purchasing the “Mad Maggie Launch Bundle” from the shop. It also comes with a special Peacekeeper skin and a Holospray to match!

Be a part of the High Ground

In this Mad Maggie Apex Legends tutorial, we hope you learnt something useful! Thus, what are your thoughts on Season 12 so far? Do you believe Mad Maggie is all she’s been made up to be? Let us know in the comments section!

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Have fun gaming!

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