ArcheAge puts an end to griefing exploits in Crimson and Grimghast Rifts

ArcheAge has put an end to one of the most annoying aspects of its game. The ArcheAge team announced on March 4, 2018 that they have finally resolved a longstanding issue with griefing exploits in their Crimson and Grimghast Rifts areas.

ArcheAge has put an end to the “griefing exploits” of the Crimson and Grimghast Rifts. The update is coming in just a few days, with new content including new dungeons, new PvP maps, and more.

The ArcheAge update this week is a jumble of patches and compensations that should alleviate the pain of recent issues and exploits.

According to the patch notes, people in Crimson Rift and Grimghast Rift were exploiting cars for an exploit; now the game will happily demolish your vehicle if you go too near to the boss creatures to cause anguish to the folks battling it. “We’ll start by improving the vehicle problem for the boss monsters stated above, and then we’ll progressively spread to additional places where vehicles are being exploited, such as raid creatures like Nightmare Glaive,” Kakao explains.

In addition, the company has doubled stack sizes for Solar Temper and Lunar Temper, introduced a one-gold Unchained pass for newcomers, and compensated players who were not correctly awarded task rewards or had their labor reduced by opening chests in violation of the creators’ design.

“After the event concluded with the May 12th maintenance, we sent as many “Warm Hearts” to those players who finished the “Labor Consumption” quest as the number of times they accomplished it during the event period.” […] Labor Regen was delivered through mail following the May 12th maintenance based on the Labor expended while opening “Heartfelt Chests” during the event. In the near future, the specific timetable will be released.”

In other ArcheAge news, Kakao has announced that a player-run concert will take place tomorrow.

Festival of the Bards

Join the CM Team and some of Kraken’s most talented musicians for an in-game concert tomorrow 🎵 Get ready to dance & cheer for your favorite artist!

📆 Friday May 20 🕛 21:00 UTC | 23:00 CEST | 5 PM EDT | 2 PM PDT 🗺️ Kraken NA server in Miroir Tundra

— ArcheAgeMMO (@ArcheAge_MMO) May 19, 2022


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