Ark How To Level Up Dinos and Creatures

Ark is an open-source survival game with a focus on building and fortifying in order to survive. It’s comparable to Ark: Survival Evolved, but it has far more depth of customisation than the popular title. Players can earn enough resources by crafting their own items or hunting animals that they don’t need to spend any money at all; this makes for a fully self-sustaining game experience.

The “ark how to level up dinos command” is a command-line tool that allows users to level up their dinosaurs and creatures. The “ark how to level up dinos command” can be executed with the following syntax: ark how to level up dinos.

It’s just as crucial to level up your domesticated dinos as it is to level up your character in Ark. The ways for leveling up your dinos in Ark, on the other hand, are less widely known. Most people think that in order to level up, you must go out and kill other species. While this is true, not all dinosaurs are capable of doing so.

If you put a beaver (Castoroides) up against a Rex, for example, you’re not going to do well.


It’s important obtaining a tribemate to help you level up your dinos quickly in Ark. In our tutorial below, we’ll show you why this is advantageous.

1. Grinder While Sitting on a Dinosaur

If you wish to level up while sitting on the dino in Ark, have a tribemate put a lot of all or one of the following things in the grinder:

Because you’ll be sharing XP while riding a tamed dino, your dino’s level should start to rise quickly. This leveling approach is excellent for species who can’t take on larger dinosaurs.

2. Create Dinosaurs for the Purpose of Killing

It’s not the most traditional way to level up dinos in Ark, but it works.

As many baby dinosaurs as you can (I prefer baby Rexs or baby Allosaurus’) breed and hatch. Un-claim them when they reach juvenile status and saddle your favourite dino to level up.

It’s a good idea to keep your newborn dinos in a designated location, such as a hatching enclosure, so that other animals don’t join in the slaughter. Open the doors, then eat them all with your mounted dino.

3. A Treasure Hunt to Remember (Genesis I)

One Hell of a Treasure Hunt is a task found in Genesis Part 1. If you have a powerful Rex or Giga that you want to level up, this assignment is simple to do on Beta.

The task takes you through various risky regions while following a simple path. Make careful to slay every dinosaur you come across along the road to get XP.

4. Drop of Orbital Supplies (Extinction)

Head to an Orbital Supply Drop (OSD) in Extinction alone with a high-level dino in Ark, or with additional buddies. You’ll have to fight off waves of monsters here (level dependent on the difficulty you choose).

This is an excellent method to get XP and level up your dinos and beasts quickly in Ark. It also provides you with some fantastic incentives.

5. XP Occasions

In Ark, keep an eye out for double or triple XP occurrences. You’ll find that XP rates are higher during particular Ark events or seasonal events.

This is an excellent time to level up your dinos since you will get twice or treble the amount you would typically receive. During these events, use the same strategies as before to quickly reach max level.

The “how to level up dinos fast in ark mobile” is a guide that will teach you how to level up your dinos and creatures quickly. The article includes tips on how to get the best out of your game.

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