Babylon’s Fall puts out its first update introducing Duels

The first update to the game, called Duels, lets players battle it out in a medieval styled setting. In this new content update you can challenge up to three other characters at once with your friends and test your skills against them for better rewards.

The “babylon’s fall website” is the first update in what will be a series of updates for the game. The update introduces Duels, which are new games that can be played with friends or solo.


If you’re having fun with Babylon’s Fall, statistically speaking, you don’t exist, since the game has a low player count. However, you could be more motivated to engage with some more difficult stuff. That seems to be the intention of the makers with the addition of Duels, which are clashes against the game’s toughest opponents made ever more challenging along the way. The first one introduces a Very Hard battle against Kur; it is suggested that players have a strategy in place and their gear optimal before taking on this fight.

Taking down Kur in this more difficult version will award you with rare resources and an accessory, with a larger chance of earning these prizes if you clear the battle more times. As one would expect. Players are encouraged to communicate their accomplishments on social media, which makes sense given the playerbase’s problems. But, hey, if that’s been keeping you away from the game, maybe Duels will persuade you to give it a go. If what’s keeping you away is the fact that everything that required polishing after the beta didn’t get it… well, that’s another issue we’ll cover in our first impressions article later today.


Babylon’s Fall is a game that has been out for quite some time. The first update, which introduces Duels, was released on October 27th. Reference: babylon’s fall exclusive.

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