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Thanks to the success of the Back 4 Blood series, I have managed to persuade a few people to start playing Blood, a game that I feel is grossly underplayed.

Blood Corruption is a new game coming from the guys behind the original Back 4 Blood. In this game each card has a special effect that will grant you the chance to acquire cards from the blood corruption deck. The cards range from giving you bonuses to allowing you to search for cards from other players’ libraries.. Read more about back 4 blood card list and let us know what you think.

Back 4 Blood includes corruption cards as a standard feature. These cards, which are chosen at random at the start of each level, alter different elements of the game to make it more difficult for players. They’re an add-on to the mission director system that’s featured in a lot of co-op horde shooters.

In Back 4 Blood, there are ten corruption cards, each of which has a different impact on the next level and the ones after it. The corruption cards are divided into three categories: those that add additional foes, those that summon a new kind of Ridden, and those that change the weather.

More opponents are added via corruption cards.

Jogger Swarm, Ridden, Runners, Shambling Ridden Swarm, and Sprinters are five Back 4 Blood corruption cards that add additional opponents to the level. Each of these cards summons more common Ridden, who are relatively simple to fight but may overwhelm Cleaners who get overconfident.

Powerful foes are summoned by corruption cards.

Hockers, Bruisers, Ogre, and Retches are four corruption cards that introduce deformed opponents to the game.

Except for their four arms, Hockers resemble regular Ridden. They may jump forward and shoot a glue-like missile towards Cleaners, immobilizing them and stopping them from moving, shooting, or using their equipment. Because these mutant Ridden have a limited health pool, find them and destroy them as quickly as possible.

Bruisers are towering mutant Ridden with a weaponized enlarged arm. At close range, they can crush anything and anybody with their enormous arm, and Cleaners caught in the impact radius of their blows are momentarily dazed. If you get this corruption card, bring long-ranged weapons with you to deal with Bruisers more effectively.

Back 4 Blood Bruiser SQUAD took this screenshot.

During the Evansburgh campaign, we encounter the Ogre, a massive Ridden that serves as a level boss. This huge zombie has an enormous health pool and superhuman power. The Ogre has the ability to hurl missiles at the Cleaners and burst through barriers. It’s not simple to kill an Ogre, but you may make it weaker by shooting the bright flesh bulbs on its chest, neck, and back.

Cleaners are bloated mutated Ridden that vomit on Retches. They may eject a jet of caustic acid that will harm anything or anybody it comes into contact with. Small puddles of acid form where the vomit falls, inflicting extra harm to Cleaners who walk over them. Because retches are very simple to destroy, you should hunt them down before they can do too much damage.

The weather is shifting because of corruption cards.

In Back 4 Blood, there is just one corruption card that can alter the weather: Mist. This corruption card causes the environment to become foggy, making it more difficult to notice Ridden creeping about.

Special challenges are presented by the bonus corruption cards.

While most corruption cards put your team at a disadvantage, others include tasks that you may accomplish to gain more copper. Copper is the primary currency in Back 4 Blood missions, and it may be used to buy weapons, upgrades, and consumables.

Back-4-Blood-Corruption-Cards-ChallengeBack 4 Blood corruption cards challenge SQUAD took this screenshot.

Whatever corruption card seems to be a hindrance to your game, you should be prepared to deal with it. Because the consequences of each corruption card stack, they will impact not just the level you receive them on, but also the ones after that. Cleaner cards, fortunately, do as well! Make sure you always have something to counter the negative effects of corruption cards when you draw your cards following the corruption.

More Back 4 Blood guides will be coming soon to Squad!

Back 4 Blood is a deck building game that pits you against the other players to see who can win. Take control and play cards to customize your deck.. Read more about back 4 blood cards and let us know what you think.

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