Battlefield 2042 Petition Asking for Refunds on All

Microsoft’s new entry into the Battlefield series, “Battlefield 2042” has come under scrutiny from consumers due to it’s high price. Users have taken to petitioning for a complete refund on all copies of the game sold so far in response to Microsoft raising prices and failing to disclose that information before launch day.

The “battlefield 2042 refund petition” is a campaign that was started by users who are asking for refunds on all of the Battlefield games. The campaign has been going on for quite some time now and is still active.

Battlefield 2042 Petition Asking for Refunds on All Platorms Gathers More Than 30,000 Signatures

Following the recent decision to postpone the multiplayer shooter’s first season while developer Dice concentrates on repairs, a Battlefield 2042 petition calling for refunds across all platforms is swiftly gathering support.

At the time of writing, more than 30,000 individuals had signed the petition, expressing their dissatisfaction with the condition in which Battlefield 2042 was released.

Battlefield 2042 Petition Asking for Refunds on All Platorms Gathers More Than 30,000 Signatures

Battlefield 2042 Petition Asking for Refunds on All Platorms Gathers More Than 30,000 Signatures

The petition says, “EA’s release of Battlefield 2042 was a mockery of every consumer who paid $70 (USD) for this video game owing to EA’s deceptive advertising.”

“Battlefield 2042 has caused millions of dollars in harm to consumers and thousands of customers throughout the globe.

“Numerous customer reviews claim that Electronic Arts and DICE failed to follow through on many promises made at launch, and Battlefield 2042 was released as unplayable.”

The petition goes on to say that Battlefield 2042 is still plagued by a slew of glitches and difficulties, prompting some gamers to dismiss it as an incomplete product.

Since the introduction, this attitude has been extensively expressed in internet forums. The absence of a typical class structure, as well as poor performance and map flow, were only a few of the faults that disappointed fans of the series.

The increase to 128 players was accompanied by a worsening map flow and very unpredictable performance, as well as the absence of features like as a scoreboard and VoIP in the game’s first release.

Following a period of quiet, developer Dice stated that the game’s first season will be delayed until early Summer as they worked on stabilizing the game.

Battlefield 2042 didn’t fulfill its sales objective, according to publisher Electronic Arts.

Player counts in Battlefield 2042 seem to be dropping as well. In terms of concurrent users on Steam, the newest chapter in the series is having problems competing with the two games that came before it.

It’s unclear if the petition will result in free Battlefield 2042 refunds across all platforms, but Steam customers have reported being able to get refunds for the first-person shooter even after they were no longer eligible.

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The “battlefield 2042 refund petition link” is a petition that has been created by players of the game, Battlefield 1942. The petition is asking for refunds on all copies of the game, due to it being full of bugs and glitches.

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