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So you just got into Warframe – the MOBA-style game with a sci-fi aesthetic – and you are getting into the game but you are not sure what to build yet. Well, in this blog post I will be sharing the 5 best Warframe builds for both beginners and advanced players, and you can build off of these to create your own custom build.

The post will cover which are the Best Astilla Builds for Warframe in the game, as well as the best builds for the game. The build will also have the other include the ways that you can actually build these builds as well. And it will also be in the best types of Warframes to be able to use these builds.

What we think about it – The only thing that matters to you is at the end of the day, your Warframe. That’s why we only publish the best builds, mods, gear, and game play strategies.

Astilla is not only a good gun, but Gar’s main weapon. Warframe has a glass theme, so it’s not surprising that the main weapon fires glass bullets that have a small explosion radius. Astilla does mostly oblique damage, very good damage with punches, and has a fairly high stat chance, as well as a good critical hit chance. It also has the highest accuracy of any rifle in the game. However, it also has the third highest base damage of any shotgun, which is obviously not good for a weapon you generally want to kill enemies with in one or two shots. Unlike the low base damage, the weapon has a rapid self-fire mode, so you’ll need to fire multiple times more often against higher level enemies. Since one projectile is used for each shot, rather than several (as with Tigris Prime), you don’t have to reach 100% status chance to get these procs. To buy and make the Astilbe, go to the in-game market and buy the blueprint for 20,000 credits. In this tutorial we will show you two different builds, but consider them a basis for your own ideas and feel free to expand them!

  • Major damage caused by oblique impacts
  • Decent damage.
  • Quite a critical opportunity
  • May have a 100% chance of achieving status
  • Small explosion radius (3 m)
  • High Precision
  • Low base damage
  • Project interruption
  • Linear decrease of damage

Best astilbe

As mentioned earlier, although the Astylia has a very good chance of reaching 100% status, you don’t have to build it to get there. Ultimately, you are free to experiment and find a version that suits your play style and missions. Anyway, we’ll let you know that you can keep 80 extra ammo if you equip a weapon while playing with Gara. Since the ammo efficiency is not the highest and you can only carry 112 bullets when not playing with Gara, we highly recommend bringing a carrier or some other form of ammo conversion. Otherwise, you’ll have to search for ammo, especially when fighting higher level enemies.

Complete status Opportunity to build

Full Status Chance Build word-image-16506 While you already get a very high status chance with two +60% mods, installing all four in a weapon causes each shot to increase the status chance. It’s not necessarily a combination of etch and blast damage, but with a small three-meter radius, any enemy that gets hit is hit by the blast, allowing you to control the crowd while lowering their armor. But of course you can (and should) always choose what you like and need for your missions. The assembly itself is not very complicated: Primed Point Blank is great, but the normal version is also an essential part of any shotgun. Hell’s Chamber adds a good amount of multishot, and Vicious Spread is very good, simply because it increases your damage by a lot but doesn’t disadvantage you much. Even if accuracy decreases, start with a high enough number that you won’t notice a difference during the game. The last mod slot is used for Primed Charged Shell, but if you don’t have a Primed mod, you can choose any normal elemental mod or try something like Vigilante Armaments for more multishot or an IPS mod for more punch or impact damage.

Hybrid version

Astilla Hybrid Build word-image-16507 word-image-16508 If you don’t really like the full status, you’ll be more likely to play the hybrid version. He has a good critical and damage chance due to Primed Ravage (or the normal version) and Blunderbuss with a stat chance of 97.3% due to the use of two +60% stat chance mods. Hell’s Chamber and again, the wonderful Vicious Spread mod will help you increase the damage inflicted significantly. This time we used the last mod slot for the Vigilante Weapons, but again you can choose an IPS mod or elemental damage mod to increase your damage, or even use something like Critical Deceleration, Laser Sight or Nano-Applicator. It all depends on your own play style and preferences, so feel free to try out all the different mods and choose the one you like best.


Astilla may not be the best shotgun in the game, but she has a pretty unique playstyle, and especially if you like Gara and her glass theme, you should try this shotgun. You can easily recreate our constructions with two or three shapes. So you don’t have to invest much if you’re wondering how the weapons work and if they’re powerful enough to get you through the game. Always leave a comment if you find a different configuration or if you think we overlooked something important!In the future, when I’m a rich and famous game developer, I want to relax and play a game on an Astilla. So, I decided to make a list of the best Astilla builds in Warframe.. Read more about warframe market and let us know what you think.

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