Biomutant Bricktown Flush-Stool – Toilet Puzzle Solution

The Bricktown Flush-Stool is a strange invention made by the Biomutant. It’s a toilet that’s actually a puzzle rather than a toilet. Designed by the people at Lightspeed Gaming, the Bricktown Flush-Stool is a fun little game. It’s actually a fairly interesting puzzle, and I don’t know in what way I would say it’s a “cool” game, but I respect the work done by the team at LGS for having a unique game idea.

The Bricktown Flush-Stool, or BFF, is a rather unusual toilet puzzle, which has the solution out of the box, ready to play. The BFF is a white plastic stool, with a toilet-shaped bottom. The top surface is transparent, and its outer surface is a solid agglomeration of used cigarette filters.

Biomutant Bricktown Flush-Stool is one of the many toilet puzzles you’ll need to solve to free your blade from the many side quests the game offers. You can get there relatively early, as the location is quite close to the starting point. For example, having a ready-made solution guarantees a short detour before returning to more important matters. B. to practice his wung fu skills on the local wildlife. Bricktown is an abandoned town west of the outpost Vespidut, which lies north of Myriad Fortress. If you’ve explored further, you may have already unlocked a quick travel point, which is a good place to start your journey to this bio-waste and the solution to the toilet puzzle. word-image-12866 word-image-12867 For the Bricktown Fastpass, go to the front and go underground. Keep moving forward until you reach the opposite staircase that brings you back to the surface. Climb up and enter the shop at the left side just before the exit. Walk through the door, turn left, and then interact with the metal door on the right. Go right, left again, through the hole in the wall, then left again before opening the metal door. Now that you’ve found the Bricktown Flush-Stool Biomutant, it’s time to solve the toilet puzzle. If you have not accepted the quest by then, it will be automatically added to your log. The puzzle itself works like any other rotating puzzle. To do this, rotate the flaps so that the lines and dots of the same color face each other. If you look at the bottom flap, you will see white dots underneath. You must have the white line on the bottom flap pointing downward. The orange line of the middle valve should point to the orange line of the lower valve. Next, rotate the top flap so that the orange line points to the right, in the direction of the orange dots, and the white line is aligned with the white line on the middle flap. Written by Bricktown Toilet Puzzle The solution may seem complicated, so you can find it in the nice image above. As you turn the valves, you have to keep an eye on the number of moves remaining, but if you don’t complete the puzzle, you have to start over. Once the lines are in place, you get an absolutely hygienic set of loot. You can also find more help on biomutant in our guides on resistance and mutation. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.

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