Biomutant Tribal Weapons Guide

In Biomutant, a post-apocalyptic open world RPG by developer Experiment 101, you play as a furry creature in a forested wasteland. As you make your way through the game, you’ll come across a variety of weapons that you can use to defeat the various enemies in your path. This Biomutant tribal weapons guide will look at each of the different weapons in the game and tell you how to find them, what they do, and how to repair them.

Most of the Biomutant weapons are pretty straightforward, and can easily be utilized in a variety of ways. However, there are a few that require a little more finesse, and knowing where each shines is important. To make this easier, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to all the Biomutant weapons so you can decide which is best for your playstyle and which you should avoid altogether.

The Biomutant is an open-world action-adventure game, set in a world filled with mutated animals and plants. In this Biomutant weapons guide, we’ll be going over the basics of the different weapons available in the game. In Biomutant, you’ll be able to craft custom weapons using a variety of materials that you’ll find around the world, as well as purchase different weapon types from different vendors.

Each Biomutant tribe has a legendary weapon that you can unlock. This guide to biomutant tribal weapons tells you about each of the legendary tribal weapons and the tribes they belong to, so you can shed your fickle allegiance to whichever tribe gives you the biggest boost to your arsenal. It should be noted that we believe that some tribal weapons can be omitted. After you defeat both tribes, a choice appears where you can end the conflict early or continue the crusade. Your choice determines whether you can conquer other tribes and get their weapons.

Biomutant Master Weapon Manual


Myriad Boomerang (Myriad Tribe)

The legendary Myriad Boomerang is obtained by making an alliance with a Myriad Tribe and conquering an enemy fortress. The chief of the Myriad tribe will give you this boomerang as a reward. word-image-14402

Jagni bar

After defeating the tribe’s first fort, you can claim it as a Myriad ally in the main mission after the fort falls. word-image-14403

Netra Claw Chain

Conquer the Netra tribe and obtain this weapon by capturing their fortress. word-image-14404

Ankati arc

You can obtain this weapon by defeating the Ankati tribe, a tribe in the Dead Zone. word-image-14405

Lotus Shuriken

To unlock this weapon, defeat the Lotus tribe in the Mushimosh swamp. word-image-14406

Pichu Nunchak

To add this tribal weapon to your growing arsenal, you must defeat the Pichu tribe in the Fnakkilivs area. word-image-14407 jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(‘div.sc_accordion’).accordion({ header : h5, collapsible : true, heightStyle : content, active : 0 }); })

Biomutant offices

word-image-14408 Posted 5 minutes ago by Johnny Hurricane in Biomutant Guides, Game Guides

Guidelines for selection and impact of biomaterials

While playing Biomutant you will encounter many options that can influence the course of the game. This guide to the choices and consequences of Biomutants will help you understand the choices available. word-image-14409 Posted 10 minutes ago by Blaine Smith in Biomutant Guides, Game Guides

Where to find Koko Pips and other Pips in Biomutant

Want to know where the Koko Pips are to tame the hills in Biomutant? This guide to finding Koko Pips and other Pips in Biomutant shows on a map the locations of every Koko Pip that we found on word-image-14410 Posted 10 minutes ago by Blaine Smith in Biomutant Guides, Game Guides

Biomutant lateral mission development plan

The side missions in Biomutant are numerous, but it can be difficult to keep up with them all. In this Biomutant quest location guide, you’ll learn where to start on each of the missions we have on… word-image-14411 Posted 10 minutes ago by Blaine Smith in Biomutant Guides, Game Guides

How to get all environmental combinations in Biomutant.

With Biomutant, you need to protect yourself from hypoxia, heat and other environmental hazards. In this guide on how to get all the environmental packs in Biomutant, you’ll learn how to unlock each of the following packs. The post Biomutant Tribe Weapons Guide appeared first on GamersHeroes.Playing Biomutant is all about customization and the game features a large selection of weapons for you to create the character you want to play. While some weapons are better than others, it is important to keep in mind that you can always carry a weapon or two that you aren’t super great with if it means having a weapon you are great with available, so you should always pay attention to your weapon loadout.. Read more about biomutant best tribe and let us know what you think.

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