Bitcraft explains its philosophy of skills and progression in a new development diary

Bitcraft has been around for 6 months now, but the game development team is still growing. We are always looking to improve and expand our current skillsets which means we need your help! Let’s talk about some interesting new features you might have seen in recent updates like Skills Progression and Crafting System upgrades. While this may be a difficult question, please try to keep it at least one paragraph long.
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Touch wood.

As you may have deduced from what has been said about Bitcraft so far, the game is not intended to be a dungeon crawling experience in which you bash objects until they give you shiny items. According to the game’s most recent development diary, this is a fun, legitimate kind of game to build and one that may be rewarding; it’s simply not how Bitcraft is designed to be played. In reality, the major vector for presenting your level of competence in the game is designed to be the talent you choose to emphasize, so whether the emphasis is on your degree of carpentry, blacksmithing, fishing, or other skills is entirely up to you.

While players have access to a wide range of skills, the diary explains that they were created with the goal of having progression be the game rather than having a distinct “endgame” split that is the only part that matters, with players encouraged to focus on a few skills from a large pool rather than trying to master them all. This creates a reliance between players with a broad range of talents and requirements. For a more detailed look at how the game will play based on the design objectives, read the whole post.


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