CCP Games CEO joins a private meeting with crypto company heads ‘to talk about EVE Online’ at GDC

CCP Games Chief Executive Officer Hilmar Veigar Pétursson was seen leaving a private meeting with crypto company heads at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. The executive had been invited by an unidentified person to discuss “EVE Online’s future,” according to Polygon.

The “eve online nft” is a private meeting with crypto company heads that took place at GDC. The CCP CEO joined the meeting to talk about EVE Online.


The possible shadow of a crypto and NFT Damocles continues to hang over EVE Online. We’ve previously reported on this year’s GDC conference being all-in on cryptobabble, but a worrying development for EVE fans is a tweeted image from a self-described “web3 entrepreneur and metaverse asset accumulator” who expressed his excitement at a “private session with [CCP Games CEO Hilmar Petursson] to talk about EVE Online” with various other crypto and NFT company heads at the GDC conference.

The Ancient Gaming Noob’s Wilhelm Arcturus gathered information on the firms included in the tweet, emphasizing each company’s Twitter profile and its links to crypto, web3, and NFTs, as well as noting that the initial post was retweeted by EVE Online’s official game account. Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that the retweeting has subsequently been removed from the game’s Twitter account.

Regardless, the meeting has sparked outrage among the game’s community, with calls for Petursson to resign, opposition to NFT integration into the space sandbox, and predictions that this year’s EVE Fanfest will be particularly interesting, with fears that some sort of play-to-earn scheme or blockchain connection will be announced during the event.

EVE has already been experimenting with NFT integration in the past, giving out NFTs as prizes during a recent esports event, and Petursson has previously said that he likes blockchain technology but isn’t planning to incorporate it into EVE at this time. Meanwhile, publisher Pearl Abyss claimed in a Q4 2021 report that it is continuing to “research” using blockchain technology into its games; when we asked what this implies for EVE, the firm refused to respond.


The “roblox” is a popular game that has been around for years. It was released on January 16, 2009 and has since then amassed over 80 million players. The CEO of CCP Games, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, attended the GDC in order to talk about EVE Online with some of the heads of crypto companies.

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