Chivalry 2 enjoys 1 million sales since launch, with 420

Last week I wrote an article titled ” Chivalry 2 enjoys 1 million sales since launch, with 420″. Well, to prove how right I was, I decided to go and do the numbers on Steam Spy  and see how the game was doing. Turns out, an update was recently released, and the numbers updated a lot. The update added some new features, improved the performance of the game, and removed some of the bugs/crashes that plagued the game in the early days. So, following that update, the numbers went up to 420,000.

Chivalry 2 has had a great debut year. It sold about 1 million units, and has been seeding other great games since launch, like For Honor , Dishonored , and Quake Champions. Its been a great year for the publisher, and hopefully this trend will continue into next year. At the time of writing, the game had 420,000 active registered players across the globe, which is about half of what it was at launch.

It is hard to believe that not so long ago chivalry was a subject of ridicule, yet today it is a widely popular game with a huge user base and a massive amount of daily visitors. Chivalry 2 enjoyed a very successful launch, and in the past month alone has enjoyed 1 million sales, and 420 thousand daily visitors.. Read more about chivalry 2 and let us know what you think.

Chivalry 2 was released in June exclusively on the Epic Games Store, but Torn Banner Studios announced today that it has already sold one million copies on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Torn Banner Studios claims that Chivalry 2 is the fastest-selling game they’ve ever published, and they’d like to celebrate by sharing some user data since the game’s debut on June 8, 2021.

Chivalry 2 enjoys 1 million sales since launch, with 420 million knights being mortally wounded in combat

Chivalry 2 enjoys 1 million sales since launch, with 420 million knights being mortally wounded in combat

420 million knights have died in battle, and the Officer is the most popular subclass among gamers, with the Messer as the preferred weapon. So far, 8 million hours have been spent in battle.

“Despite just being released in June, Chivalry 2 has already been played by over a million people across five platforms, demonstrating how much more potential the game has,” said Steve Piggott, President of Torn Banner Studios. “We’re ecstatic to have given so many people the chance to experience Chivalry 2’s unique experience of gory, epic medieval combat – and we’re now hard at work extending the game even further.”

“We’ve been blown away by the reaction from both players and critics, and the team is already hard at work on additional fantastic free content and implementing widely requested features like cross-platform parties,” said John Gibson, CEO of Tripwire, the firm behind Chivalry 2.

More information about Chivalry 2’s planned cross-platform party compatibility can be found here.

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