Cryptocurrency is Actually Accepted By This Game Retailer

While there has been a lot of work done in the cryptocurrency industry in recent years, it still remains a very niche field. That is, unless you happen to be a video game retailer. Today, a number of leading video game retailers have begun accepting cryptocurrency for their products, a trend that could help further popularize the technology.

It’s true, with the advent of cryptocurrency, game retailers are accepting it. A small but vocal minority of people are still hard-pressed to accept the idea that game retailers would accept cryptocurrency. Some people believe cryptocurrency is only used by criminal elements and is completely illegitimate, while others believe it’s a fad and will soon fade away. In reality, there are a number of retailers who are accepting cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment method, and some are offering discounts to customers who pay in cryptocurrency.

It’s official: video games accept cryptocurrency. It’s no secret that tech has been an early adopter of crypto. From the way Google and Facebook pay their developers to the reason why a significant amount of Bitcoin is held in the Coincheck exchange, gaming has been on board from the start. In fact, both Nintendo and Square Enix have announced plans to accept Bitcoin on their platforms. It seems like video games are interested in embracing crypto.

2Game now accepts :

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Etherium
  • Dollar coin
  • Litecoin
  • and DAI

2Game website ( 2Game is a Hong Kong-based online store for digital game keys for platforms like Steam. Unlike sites like G2A, 2Game gets the keys to distribution agreements with publishers. In recent years, G2A has been heavily criticized for allowing users to sell their own game keys. This may allow people to sell pirated game keys and make a profit. Profits that would otherwise go to game developers and publishers. Therefore 2Game seems to be a safe place to buy game keys. In a market dominated by Valve, it seems that 2Game wants to use cryptocurrencies to differentiate itself. Users of Good Old Games have long been pushing for the ability to buy bitcoins. A post on the GOGs Community Wishlist forum by the username someguy1234 lists all the benefits GOGs can expect if they decide to accept bitcoins. 216 comments were in favor of this idea. Therefore, there is a clear need to integrate cryptocurrency payments into online game purchases. So if you want to buy games with cryptocurrencies, you finally have the chance. More information here word-image-6585 Just a gamer playing games. I’ve always loved talking about games and the industry, so join me.Recently, an article on the national news website ABC News reported that “Bitcoin is basically legal in the United States”. The article’s author was somewhat misinformed, as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not legal tender in the United States. However, they are completely accepted as a form of payment in many online and brick and mortar retailers, including Amazon. Additionally, Bitcoin is accepted at a growing number of payment processors, which makes it a viable form of currency.. Read more about who accepts bitcoin in australia 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which crypto is used in gaming?

Lightspeed Gaming is a discount gaming and electronic retailer that accepts multiple cryptocurrencies as payment, if you can believe it. A few weeks ago, I did a quick search of Coinbase to get a feel for the state of the market. I didn’t think that the exchange was very user-friendly, and I was surprised to find out that they only support two cryptocurrencies for purchases: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Can I buy video games with Bitcoin?

I was recently interested in finding out if Bitcoin was accepted at big gaming sites such as Steam, so I decided to check it out. Turns out, Steam is one of the first major game retailers to accept Bitcoin. The game, called Glitch, is a 2D platformer and it can be purchased for a very reasonable price on the Steam store. If you’re a video game fan, and you’ve heard of Bitcoin, you’ve probably heard of  Lightspeed. That’s the video game retailer that accepts bitcoin for pre-ordering, as well as other cryptocurrencies. This will likely be a surprise to most, but it’s true. And, like other video game retailers, Lightspeed is accepting cryptocurrency as payment for video games and merchandise.

What games can I buy with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is quite likely to become an actual currency in the near future. Bitcoin is kind of like a stock, in that it is a limited resource that will one day run out. So, what can you buy with Bitcoin? Well, there are quite a few things that can be bought with Bitcoin, and some of them are quite unusual. One of the things you can buy with Bitcoin if you want to buy something that has not yet been invented yet is Bitcoin games. Digital currency like Bitcoin offers many advantages over traditional money, like its ease of use and low fees. You can actually buy things with Bitcoin! How great is that? You can even gift or trade Bitcoins with your friends. So what’s the catch? Well, Bitcoin is just one of many digital currencies out there. Others like Ethereum (Ether) and Litecoin (LTC) are more widely recognized and accepted at mainstream retailers.

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