Dauntless adds a new beast, new Radiant Escalation, and new items in Return to Light

Dauntless started 2018 off with an update on February 14th, bringing a new beast and some exciting changes to the gameplay. The game is now entering its second year of open beta and players have access to three-tier progression systems that include raids, missions, bounties, PvP arenas and more.

Dauntless has been a popular game for some time now. The new Radiant Escalation, and items in Return to Light have just been released.

With the release of the Return to Light update this week, Dauntless’ projected 30 million players have something new to do, especially whether they want to keep beating on the Chronovore or take on a new challenge, since the update offers a new Escalation and a new Behemoth.

The light-wielding Chronovore will be the mode’s cornerstone encounter in the newly released Radiant Escalation, which means it’s been relocated out of the Paradox Breaks hunting territory. The Alyra, a winged beast with the capacity to switch its elemental strength from fire, ice, shock, or earth and poison on the fly, has taken its place. The Chronovore has been toned down, while the Paradox Breaks has eliminated animals with Elder Spikes or Primal Pylon modifiers, lowered the cost of utilizing the Paradoxicon, and relegated the Alyra to the island’s trademark event’s last fight.

Fighting Alyra will, of course, get you some new armor and weapons, as well as a switchable perk that can do massive radiant damage or protect pals in a radius. In addition to new challenges and awards in the ongoing season and two new hunt passes that give new and returning goodies, there’s a new perk in the Invigorated mobility cell that enhances movement speed when stamina is low.

Return to Light modifies Escalation mode in a number of ways, including replacing the Strega’s Tonic talent with the Strega’s Harvester talent, which grants a percentage increase in double parts from monster breaks in the mode; tweaking certain modifiers and amps; and removing additional wound health scaling in Heroic Escalation and Trials. Tweaks to axes, a new Trials mode reward, and other UI changes are among the other changes.


The “dauntless weapon 8” is a new beast that has been added to the game. It is also one of the rewards from the Radiant Escalation. The “Dauntless weapon 8” has high damage and attack speed, along with an ability called “Grim Presence.”

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