Dauntless lights up with radiant-themed monster variant, omnicell, and hunt pass in Reach of Radiance update

The developers at Phoenix Labs have announced the release of a new update for Dauntless, their popular action-adventure game released on PC and Xbox One. The most significant aspects of this latest installment are some new monsters to hunt and an upgrade in the Hunt Pass item used to purchase them.

The “dauntless radiant shield” is a new monster variant in the game Dauntless. It’s a glowing, translucent white-blue shield that appears to be made of light. The “omnicell” is a new item type in the game that can be found in chests and used for crafting items. The “hunt pass” is an event that will have players hunting down monsters over time to collect rewards.

Dauntless lights up with radiant-themed monster variant, omnicell, and hunt pass in Reach of Radiance update


Slayers, get your radiant armor and umbral weapons ready, for the New Dawn update from Dauntless will bring a lot of light. We mean “monsters with laser beam assaults” when we say “light.” Naturally.

The Lightbound Koshai, a peacock-feathered animal with lasers and time manipulation abilities, is one of the update’s main attractions. Parts from this Behemoth are utilized to create a new Artificer omnicell, which allows players to take on a “real support role” by summoning a drone that may revive fallen players, remove status effects, block projectiles, or mark a Behemoth component to absorb extra damage for a limited time.

A cave system in the Conundrum Rocks island, new discoverable glider courses that provide prizes for gliding around a series of rings, and the regular new Hunt Pass, quests, Reward Cache, and weekly challenges that focus on radiant aether are also included in the release. Slayers may wish to bask in the warm glow of the patch notes, which includes improvements to several of the game’s creatures, adjustments to the chain blades weapon, and a slew of bug fixes. But don’t be fooled by Lightbound Koshai’s tail lasers’ warm light.


The “dauntless monster guide” is a new update for the game Dauntless. The update includes a new variant, omnicell, and hunt pass.

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