DC Universe Online delays episode 45 to 2023 over ‘staff shortages’

The upcoming episode 45 of DC Universe Online has been postponed due to staffing shortages. The game’s development team is looking for new talent and released a recruitment ad on the official website for potential recruits.

The “dcuo episode 42 release date” is the latest game in the DC Universe Online, and it will be released on December 4th. The reason for the delay is because of staff shortages.

Landon “Panderus” Falls, executive producer of DC Universe Online, has provided a roadmap of upgrades planned for the remainder of 2022 and beyond, looking forward to the last three quarters of the year and presenting some key release times that fans will undoubtedly want to know about.

Players can expect events like Save the Universe and Tides of War to return from June to August, as well as free items during Pride month and the return of Survival Mode, which will be the game’s first six-player content. In addition, the developers are working on a new seasonal event that will include Superman and Krypto as allies.

The rest of 2022 will be devoted to autumn and winter festivities, as well as the introduction of a new ally and the premiere of Episode 44 in October. As a consequence of “some recent personnel shortages,” Episode 45, as well as the planned new lair, a new PlayStation 5 client, and the game’s next anniversary celebration, will be moved forward into a debut window of sometime next year. More information can be found in the developer update article as well as the roadmap graphic below.

Readers may notice that this 2022 plan seems to be a little sparse in light of a first-quarter financial report that included “significant changes” to both DCUO and LOTRO, as well as the cancellation of the Marvel MMO project.



The “dcuo forums” is a website that hosts discussions about the DC Universe Online. The forum has been discussing how the game has been delayed because of “staff shortages.”

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