Dead By Daylight Chapter 24, Roots of Dread, Announced

Dead by Daylight is a horror survival game where you are stalked and hunted down on a haunted island. The latest chapter, Roots of Dread, was announced with an all-new killer: Lavinia the Witch! Players will explore what lies beneath the thick roots that run across this twisted place as they try to survive in one of Dead by Daylight’s most harrowing chapters yet.

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The “dead by daylight chapter 23” is a new update for the game Dead By Daylight. The update includes a new map, a new playable character and more.

Dead By Daylight is an outstanding game. It is still growing after 23 chapters and more than a few terrifying villains. With so many fans anticipating a massive crossover with horror royalty, Dead By Daylight is taking a risk by going in a completely different and unique way. So far, here’s what we know about the upcoming chapter, Roots of Dread.

Chapter 24 of Dead By Daylight, Roots of Dread, will be released on June 7th, only a few weeks from now. Along with the latest release, players will uncover a new level called The Garden Of Joy, which has a charming family house with a menacing tone. The whole map is centered around the house, which is surrounded by a wooded region and a vast garden. This will allow you to hide from The Dredge, a completely new species introduced in Chapter 24.

Chapter 24 of Dead By Daylight – Dread’s Roots

Dead By Daylight Chapter 24, Roots of Dread, Announced

It’s a twisted insane mass of limbs personified, an embodiment of the town’s aggregate wickedness. It’s created in a “monster beneath the bed” way to hide and grab survivors before disappearing and returning to the hunt. It has a unique ability to teleport between locations in order to capture survivors. This is the monster for you if you felt a bit too secure playing Dead By Daylight.

Fortunately, you now have a new survivor to assist you. Haddie Kaur is an Indian-born Quebecer who was raised by close family friends after her original parents were murdered in a vehicle accident. You may recognize her from the archives if you’ve been paying attention up to this point, and there’s a reason for that. She has experienced the supernatural and survived to tell about it. She is brave and intelligent, and she is ready to confront the perpetrators.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 24, Roots of Dread, Announced

This is a bold move forward for the series, with a totally new environment and murderer. If it succeeds, it’s probable that we’ll see much more in the future.

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The “Dead By Daylight Chapter 24, Roots of Dread, Announced” is a new chapter for the game Dead By Daylight. The chapter includes some new killer characters and offers players with a new location to explore. Reference: dbd twitter.

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