Destiny 2 Challenges List | How to Win D2 Challenges [2022]

To win the best challenges in Destiny 2, you need to know how they work and what rewards come with them. Find out now!

The “destiny 2 weekly challenges today” is a list of all the weekly and daily challenges that are available in Destiny 2. This article will provide you with all the information needed to complete these challenges.

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re searching for a List of Destiny 2 Challenges. Milestones have been renamed Challenges in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 Challenges are daily and weekly chores or activities that reward you with Powerful Gear if you accomplish them. They are available from a variety of sources. The greater the prize, the more difficult the task.

List of Destiny 2 Challenges List of Destiny 2 Challenges

Almost every activity you can think of has a Challenge. Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, and some planets have Challenged. Most of the chief vendors have Challenges that require you to complete bounties for them. With that said, let us now see the List of Destiny 2 Challenges and how to win them all.

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List of Destiny 2 Challenges [2022]

  1. Crucial Obstacles
  2. Challenges for the Forefront
  3. Gambit Obstacles
  4. Challenges at a Crossroads
  5. Challenges of the Moon
  6. Seasonal Obstacles
  7. Exceptional Challenges
  8. Challenges for Tower Vendors

Crucial Obstacles

In Destiny 2, the Crucible is one of the simplest Challenges to complete. It is a Daily Milestone that is part of a Global Quest. You can only accomplish it once per character when it appears as a Daily Quest. To accomplish the Crucible Challenge, you must first complete The Red War Story Quest and Challenges (Quest). In the Crucible, complete three tasks. To get your prize, speak with Shaxx. As a reward for finishing the challenge, you will get 10x Crucible Tokens.

List of Online challenges for Destiny 2 List of Online challenges for Destiny 2

Challenges for the Forefront

Challenges for the Forefront are Challenges for Strikes and Nightfalls that reward higher Power items. Strikes are the easiest to complete. You only require to complete 3 Strikes in the rotating playlist while matching their Singe element. For instance, if that week’s Singe is Solar, you run a Solar subclass to make progress. As for Nightfalls, completing 5 of the easiest Nightfalls will offer Powerful Gear.

Online challenges for Destiny 2 Online challenges for Destiny 2

Gambit Obstacles

In Destiny 2: Forsaken, Gambit made his debut. It’s a PvEvP game in which two teams of four players compete to gather as many Motes as possible from dead foes. One player from the other side attempts to assault and sabotage your Mote collection. Gambit in Destiny 2 takes a lot more teamwork, gear, and patience than any other matchmade playlist mode.

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what-are-challenges-in-destiny-2 features what-are-challenges-in-destiny-2 features

Challenges at a Crossroads

Challenges at a Crossroads are a way of getting powerful gear such as high-level loot and weekly rewards for completing easy activities in selected areas. In Destiny 2 you do not require to complete the main story to unlock Flashpoints. Just get to level 15 and complete the Fury Quest from the main story. Each week, a planet is selected as a weekly Flashpoint.

destiny-2-flashpoint-titan-list destiny-2-flashpoint-titan-list

Challenges of the Moon

As the name suggests Challenges of the Moon takes place on the Moon. Unlike most planets, you can complete several Challenges on the Moon. Nightmare Hunts give Powerful Gear and the highest range grants Pinnacle and you can do a short quest for Eris Morn every week for more Powerful Gear. Pull up a few Bounties before completing her weekly so you can receive the most experience and rewards.

List of Destiny 2 Challenges destinations List of Destiny 2 Challenges destinations

Seasonal Obstacles

In the last two years, the game’s creators have advocated for a quarterly seasonal approach for the game. Regardless of where you are in these seasons, you have access to a variety of powerful gifts. It’s tough to offer details since the Challenge varies from season to season. Most seasons, on the other hand, follow the same pattern year after year.

List of Destiny 2 Challenges season of dawn List of Destiny 2 Challenges season of dawn

Exceptional Challenges

When you complete every Powerful Gear Challenge and hit the soft Power cap you either level up your Artifact for increased Power level or complete Exceptional Challenges. Unlike normal rewards, Pinnacle Rewards go 10 above the soft cap of the current season.

Online version of Destiny 2 Online version of Destiny 2

Exceptional Challenges include the following activities:

  • Raid on the Garden of Salvation
  • Nightmare Hunts by a Master
  • Osiris’ Trials
  • Nightfalls from Master to Grandmaster

Challenges for Tower Vendors

You’ll notice that practically every seller has a Challenge if you check in The Tower in the Directory. Every seller may provide you with a challenge, but some of them do not reward you with Powerful Gear, therefore you should avoid them.

destiny-2-bounty-guide feature destiny-2-bounty-guide feature

The following Vendor Challenges may be found in the Tower:

  • Complete the Vanguard bounties, Zavala.
  • Complete the Crucible bounty, Shaxx.
  • Complete Gunsmith bounties for Banshee-44
  • Hawthorne: Earn clan XP by completing clan bounties.
  • Complete Gambit bounty for The Drifter

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How to Win D2 Challenges

In Destiny 2, here’s how to earn challenges and accomplish them. You do not required to go visit the NPCs on each planet to earn challenges.

The challenges will show on the right side of your screen after you have your Ghost out every day as you spawn in. If a challenge is presented early in your time, you should take advantage of it. It will assist you in speeding up the leveling of a planet’s merchant and obtaining lucrative loot.

destiny-2-what-are-challenges destiny-2-what-are-challenges

You must accomplish the tasks assigned by the merchants in order to complete the Challenges. These missions might include anything from killing a set number of foes to attending public events to finishing Lost Sectors in certain areas of the map.

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After completing several Challenges, you will be rewarded with Tokens that are unique to each planet. These tokens may be used to level up the vendor in exchange for Legendary products. So that’s why you should take part in these tasks.

challenges-destiny-2 challenges-destiny-2

That does it for List of Destiny 2 Challenges and How to Win all D2 Challenges! Now that you know what a Destiny 2 Challenge is and how to complete one, you can get back to leveling up your Solstice of Heroes armor or completing those weekly challenges. So get out there, Guardian, Destiny 2 needs you. If you have got some more info regarding Destiny 2 Challenges to share with us then let us know what it is in the comments down below!

The “destiny 2 dlc list” is a list of all the new challenges that are added to Destiny 2. This article will tell you how to win these challenges and what rewards you can get from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are d2 challenges?

A: Theyre a type of challenge that are used in games. The objective is to complete any given d2 step as fast as you can, usually with the goal of going for an impossible time or beating somebodys score.

How do you get challenges accepted in Destiny 2?

A: You should talk to the Bungie Help Desk, who can help provide you with your initial character abilities and allow you to begin earning XP.

What is the challenge for Vog?

A: The challenge for Vog is that if you cant find the answer, well provide it to you.

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