Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Cheats

Destiny 2 players are complaining that the Witch Queen cheat is ruining the game. The developers have been forced to address complaints after it became too difficult for some players and caused a number of problems across several different areas of the game.

The “destiny 2 witch queen step 14 puzzle” is a cheat that allows players to skip the entire game. The cheat can be found on YouTube and Reddit.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Cheats

Looking for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen cheats on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One & Stadia? Here we’ll list Destiny 2: The Witch Queen cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Sony & Bungie’s new MMO FPS game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Destiny 2: The Witch Queen codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & Stadia versions (where available).

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Cheats for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

DLC Items Unlockable in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Bonus Free Instant Unlocks for All Editions When You Pre-Order:

  • Exotic Ghost Shell from Throne World
  • Exotic Emote by Enigma
  • Emblem of Legend

Bonus Content in the Deluxe Edition:

  • Exotic SMG, Catalyst, and Ornament Osteo Striga
  • Seasons 16, 17, 18, and 19 are all available.
  • Year 5 saw the release of two A brand-new dungeons.
  • Exotic Sparrow from Throne World

Deluxe Edition & 30th Anniversary Bundle Bonus Items:

  • Exotic SMG, Catalyst, and Ornament Osteo Striga
  • Seasons 16, 17, 18, and 19 are all available.
  • Year 5 saw the release of two A brand-new dungeons.
  • Exotic Sparrow from Throne World

Pack for the 30th Anniversary:

  • A brand-new dungeon
  • Exotic Rocket Launcher, Catalyst, and Ornament for Gjallarhorn
  • New Weapons Inspired by Bungie Worlds of the Past
  • Set of Descending Echo Armor
  • Bungie Ornament Set for Streetwear
  • Set of Ornaments with a Marathon Theme
  • Helmet Ornament with a Difference
  • Sparrows from the Far East
  • Ship of the Orient
  • More Emblems, Shaders, and Emotes

Tips & Tricks for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Preparation for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion:

Clean up your Vault, completing any remaining seasonal tasks, stockpiling resources like glimmer in preparation for powering up, upgrading to new high-stat armor above level 60, and holding off on turning in bounties until you get the new seasonal artifact.

How to Prepare for The Witch Queen by ANYONE: The ideal approach to bounty prep, store resources, obtain early access to new exotics in the Witch Queen DLC, and more are all covered in the video tutorial! This tutorial will assist you in gaining a quicker understanding of the latest information…

  • 0:30 Destiny Recipes
  • Bounty Prep & Recommendations: 1:00
  • Preparation Time: 7:02
  • Paraversal Hauls & Treasure Keys: 9:59
  • 11:15 glimmer
  • Postmaster & Exotics: 12:58
  • Organization of Weapons on Day 1: 15:03
  • 15:40 XP Boosts
  • New Players & Mods: 16:47

How to Prepare for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (In-Depth Guide)

The Glaive, a melee weapon, is now available: At the Relic, a new weapon archetype makes its debut (more on weapons crafting below). Master your Glaive to execute strong melee combos, launch projectiles, and deploy a formidable energy shield after it’s been tuned to perfection.

Weapons and Gear Trailer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Weapons Crafting Guide for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Learn how to use the new crafting system to make bespoke weapons using a variety of modifications, shaders, and sophisticated stat pools. Nothing should be left on the table while battling a deity.

  • 1:40 – Weapon Crafting Preview
  • Ritual Weapon (Season 16) – 9:12
  • 11:15 – Origin Traits
  • Return of Foundry Weapons – 14:15
  • 16:27 – Global “Patch Notes”
  • 23:15 – Exotic Notes
  • 34:12 – Weapons of Legend
  • 36:29 – Perks

Destiny 2: Weapon Crafting Preview & Big Weapon Tuning Changes


Savathûn is assembling a Hive army. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Hive. They’ve taken on the name Lucent Brood. What are the chances of this happening? What will the Vanguard do now that the boundary between Light and Dark is being questioned? You’ll uncover the Enclave as you investigate the mysteries and face the Witch Queen’s horde. This is where you’ll be able to make weapons. It’s not easy to create a Legendary weapon from the ground up. The first step is to find patterns (think weapon blueprints), acquire resources, and assemble your weapon. You’ll begin to uncover your weapon’s full capabilities via battle when you’ve finished constructing it. Starting your Quest (to Craft) You’ll be given an introductory quest early in The Witch Queen campaign that walks you through the basics of crafting. Guardians will discover the Deepsight ability and be introduced to the Enclave in the Witch Queen’s first and second missions, which are free to all players. 


This is where you’ll start sculpting your first Glaive, a totally new weapon archetype in The Witch Queen. For your first constructed weapon, you’ll be given all of the required materials, as well as a brief instruction on where to get those resources in the future. A limited number of weapons and Archetypes will be available to manufacture right away, but more will be introduced later. 


You’ll need to undertake some study first in order to design your future weapons of mass devastation. Your first prerequisite is patterns. Some will be gained via completing quests, while others will be earned by accomplishing other gaming goals. Once you’ve acquired your preferred Pattern, you may create it whenever you want using the necessary ingredients. It’s all about the mash-ups now. 


Randomly rolled weapons throughout the game have a chance to drop with a new ability: Deepsight Resonance, when you reach the enclave and manufacture your first Glaive. This will come in handy when you start to build certain qualities. If you locate a Deepsight Resonance Legendary Auto Rifle with the Rampage perk, for example, you may accomplish an objective and extract the essence of the perk to construct a weapon with Rampage or another damage-increasing perk.


A Guardian is seen with Deepsight Resonance armament, as indicated by the red weapon boundaries.


A Deepsight Resonance Weapon in its infancy, with its essence ready to be attuned via battle.


Pictured: A Deepsight Resonance Weapon with full progress, essence ready to be extracted. Like current weapons, not every weapon Pattern will be compatible with every trait, but you’ll have a good list of traits to mix and match as you customize a given weapon to your desired specifications. It doesn’t stop there, though. Through the Enclave, you’ll also be able to kick things up a notch and enhance your traits to strengthen their flavor.  Leveling Your Weapon & Enhanced Traits  Once a weapon is crafted, Guardians may begin to increase its level by using it in activities and by defeating enemies. This is where the bulk of your crafting playtime will be. The more you use your weapon, the faster you’ll unlock its full potential.  Enhanced stats and traits can be unlocked when reaching higher levels, granting slight bonuses to your weapons capabilities. Our goal through this system is to give players a reason to invest in their weapons, far beyond what Masterworking could offer in the past. Each weapon can now act as a longtail pursuit as you look to make your freshly crafted weapon the best it can be. 


It might be difficult to begin deciding how to construct your weapon, but we’ve included the option to reconfigure your produced weapons in the Enclave if you want to mix up the components after you’ve finished building them. You may change the barrel, magazines, and qualities you use so you don’t feel like you’re stuck on one road for the rest of your life.  


As Guardians come to terms with the new system, new legends will emerge. Häkke and other foundries will be preferred by some. Others may experiment with new [REDACTED] weaponry. We’re looking forward to seeing which weapons you choose. Mementos While the bulk of your crafting time will be spent mixing, matching, and upgrading qualities, there is some room for personalization when it comes to looks and activity-specific monitors. At launch, players will be able to acquire one weapon memento playing Gambit, which will unlock a Gambit-themed look and tracker. Return to the Enclave, rank up your weapon to peak level, and apply your newly acquired memento for some tasty flair. Osiris’ Trials and Grandmaster Nightfalls will bring more of them to life. We have more ideas for keepsakes in the future, and we’re looking forward to introducing a new endgame rarity cosmetic item for players to hunt down as they expand their armory of weapons. Crafting using exotic materials You’ll be able to make more than just Weapons of Legend in this game. The forthcoming Osteo Striga Exotic SMG and three class-specific Exotic Glaives may also be produced via the Enclave, provided you have the appropriate Patterns. 


 Exotic crafting is more about fine-tuning something with a distinct personality than it is about constructing Weapons of Legend from the ground up. You may be able to tweak features like barrels and stocks while still maintaining the Exotic appearance and feel. Looking for a weapon with a longer range profile, or preferring to rip through your foes up up and personal? You can accomplish precisely that via the Enclave. Okay, everyone. Our weapon building preview has come to a conclusion. Will you have any inquiries? Undoubtedly. The Witch Queen’s release date is approaching, and we’re looking forward to seeing what weapons you come up with. Don’t worry, we’re not yet through with the TWAB. We still have some intriguing weapon-related stuff to report. Let’s speak about tuning for a moment. 

Crafting will bring a whole new approach of investing in a weapon. It’s not only about the appearance while looking for new favorites; it’s also about the feelings. Chris Proctor, the Weapons Feature Lead, will be on hand to go through some of the upcoming changes to weapons, perks, and Archetypes in The Witch Queen. The crew has been working tirelessly over the past three months to bring this to life, and we still have a lot of ground to cover. 

This may be a lot to take in at first sight if you’re new to the Destiny sandbox or aren’t too familiar with the vocabulary and know-how. While we’re certain that a couple of our sandbox-loving community members will break this down in YouTube videos and write-ups, there’s no harm in skimming this. Sandbox is all about the sensations, and you’ll be able to experience them when The Witch Queen releases. Take it slowly if you’re courageous enough to take on the task of reading this in its entirety. Take a sip of water and a bite to eat! 

Alright. Let’s get started. Proctor, please take it away. 

Weapons ranging from Pinnacle to Pursuit 

When pinnacle weapons were first released, they were modified and offered as best-in-class weaponry as a way to reward players who were committed to a certain activity. They enthralled and motivated players, but they were costly to produce for Weapons of Legend, and they had some unfavorable side effects, such as PvP pinnacle weapons becoming required in PvE (Recluse, Mountaintop), or becoming incredibly unpleasant to play against or so powerful that no other weapons in the class could compete in PvP (Recluse, Mountaintop) (Mountaintop, Not Forgotten).  

We didn’t go into much depth when we moved away from pinnacle weapons, so we’d want to take a time to explain why, as well as present the Pursuit weapon for next season. 

As of Season 12, the goal is for a Pursuit weapon to be a reliable weapon that is around 70% of a “god roll” in its archetype, with perk choices that function well in both PvP and PvE, and that can be achieved without a long grind. These should be excellent beginner weapons for both PvP and PvE, although weapons from apex activities like as Trials, raids, and Nightfalls should be able to outperform them. During the same Season, we usually ship a weapon with a better potential. 

(Note: Salvager’s Salvo effectively defies this rule (sorry), but we really wanted Chain Reaction on a Special ammunition weapon and don’t see any need to modify it just now.) However, Chain Reaction will be uncommon on Special Weapons.) 

Here’s a short rundown of how each Pursuit weapon since Season 12 relates to the game’s current random-rolled options: 

  • Adored is a decent Sniper Rifle, however there have been better Sniper Rifles since it was released. 
  • Because the Salvager’s Salvo breech Grenade Launcher lacks the usefulness of blinding grenades or an Auto-Loading Holster, other Legendary Grenade Launchers (such as Truthteller or Ignition Code) are often used in the toughest content. 
  • PLUG ONE.1 and Glacioclasm can also get Reservoir Burst, and Cartesian Coordinate has better DPS options. Null Composure is an excellent Fusion Rifle (and even more so in the Season after it shipped), and it brought back the Reservoir Burst perk, but PLUG ONE.1 and Glacioclasm can also get Reservoir Burst, and Cartesian Coordinate has better DPS options. 
  • The Explosive Light perk was brought back by the Ascendancy Rocket Launcher, but Hothead can receive it as well, plus it offers other nice perk possibilities. 

Let’s take a look at The Reckless Endangerment Pursuit Shotgun after that. This weapon will be available in Season 16 and will have the new Hand that is steadys perk, which will give you a significant handling bonus after a kill, as well as Snapshot. Other Shotguns with more sought-after PvP and PvE benefits are included in the update. 


Origin Characteristics For years, we’ve spoken about how tough it is to make various weapons of the same sort seem distinct, and with The Witch Queen, we’re finally doing something about it. 

Every new or returning weapon in The Witch Queen, including all new Weapons of Legend and all returning Trials, Banner of the Iron Throne, and Nightfall weapons, will have an Origin Trait defined by its source in a third trait column. Origin Traits will only show on new weapon drops; they will not be added to existing drops. 

The impacts of these qualities vary, but the general rule is that they have either a high uptime and medium power effect or a low uptime and high power effect. 

In all, 14 Origin Traits are available in The Witch Queen and Season 16, with three additional ones expected to be released each Season following Season 16. (for example, one for Season 17, one for the raid or dungeon, and one for the Seasonal event until we have one for each event). 

We may establish a new Origin Trait when we refresh old weapons from a particular source (for example, an existing raid or an old pool of Seasonal weapons). 

Some instances are as follows: 

  • When you are the last live member of your fireteam or going alone, you have improved reload, stability, aim help, and range in Osiris’ Trials: Alacrity. 
    • +20 reload, +20 stability, +10 aim help, and +10 range are all bonuses. 
    • For example, “solitary” includes solo Lost Sectors and Rumble. 
  • Stunning a Champion partly refills your magazine, activates health regeneration, and increases recovery for a brief time.  
    • Provides 60 health and +40 recovery for 3 seconds. 
  • When out of battle, Crucible: One Quiet Moment grants improved reload speed. 
    • When you exit battle and haven’t given or taken damage in four seconds, you get a +40 reload stat. 
  • Strikes: Vanguard’s Vindication: This weapon’s last strokes provide a modest amount of healing.  
  • A weapon will have numerous Origin Traits selected if it makes logical (according to the source activity), for example: 
    • Weapons with the Nightfall characteristic may choose between the Nightfall and Vanguard attributes. 
    • Weapons from the Osiris’ Trials may have either Trials or Crucible characteristics. 
    • The Gambit, Vanguard, and Crucible qualities are available with the Pursuit weapon (since it can be acquired from any of these activities). 

Another example may be found farther down. 

Foundries for Weapons “Guardian, I had something I wanted to share with you.” “What was it again?” His brow is scratched by Banshee. “Oh yes, firearms,” says the narrator. 

“I was cleaning up that locker back there,” says the narrator. Banshee moves her hand to a dusty storage container. “I came across a few of items that you may be interested in.” 

The Exo reaches inside a nearby container and extracts a gleaming Fugue-55 Sniper Rifle. “A slew of gleaming new Suros weaponry.” By the looks of it, they were made for the Red War.” He looks down the rifle’s sights. “It’s been a long time since I’ve held a new Suros.” This is extremely fantastic work with good balance and strong execution.” 

Banshee looks away longingly, as if she’s forgotten you’re there. His gaze returns to you. 

“What was I going to say to you?” “Oh, yes, firearms.” Banshee unearths more immaculate weaponry. “Zavala, Drifter, and Shaxx were supposed to get them.” They could let you play with them if you’re fortunate.” 

“There’s a lot more where that came from,” says the narrator. Banshee points to a large stack of containers that are surrounded by a cloud of dust. 

“You’re going to have a blast with Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, Omolon, Häkke, and Veist.” 

We’re replacing the previous World Loot Pool in Season 16 with 12 new weapons inspired by the Destiny 2 Year-1 foundry weapon sets, including three weapons apiece from the Suros, Omolon, Häkke, and Veist foundries, as well as one foundry weapon each for Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible. 

V600_General_Weapons A few of the weapons you’ll encounter in Legendary Engrams on February 22. Mind you, not all of them are shown… Each weapon will have a Foundry Origin Trait that reflects the personality of the foundry: 

  • Suros: Suros Reloading this weapon gives it better handling and decreases incoming flinch for a brief duration. 
    • After reloading, +40 handling and 20% flinch resistance for 6s. 
  • Häkke: Häkke Breach Armaments: This weapon delivers more damage to vehicles, turrets, barricades, and Stasis crystals than other weapons. 
    • Stasis Turrets are included in the category “Turrets.” Vehicles get a 15% bonus, while buildings and turrets receive a 30% bonus. 
  • Omolon: Omolon Fluid Dynamics: This weapon has boosted the upper half of the magazine’s reload speed and stability. 
    • Stability maxes out at +20, reload maxes out at +30, and decreases when the magazine becomes smaller. 
  • Veist: Veist Stinger: Damage has a chance to partly replenish the magazine of this weapon. 

Aside from the Foundry Origin Trait, each foundry weapon’s perk pools are tailored to that foundry’s personality — massive damage for Häkke, consistency for Suros, abilities tie-ins and bizarre things for Omolon, and never-stop-firing for Veist. 

V600_Ritual_Weapons The upcoming Vanguard Shotgun, Crucible Handcannon, and Gambit Auto Rifle are seen in this image. Foundry weapons that drop from a source other than the world pool may flip between the foundry trait and the trait of that source (this does not mean that foundry weapons will be popular outside the world pool). 

A roll on the new Gambit Häkke High-Impact Auto Rifle (Herod-C), for example, may look something like this: 

  • Polygonal Rifling / Corkscrew Rifling 
  • Flared Magwell / Armor-Piercing Rounds 
  • Continual Movement 
  • Concentrate Your Fire 
  • Häkke Breach Armaments (Häkke Origin Trait) / Invader Tracker (Gambit Origin Trait) 
  • Kill Tracker is a game about killing people (see below) 
  • Masterpiece on the Range 

Don’t worry if we haven’t brought back all of your favorite foundry weapon kinds. For the year after The Witch Queen, weapon foundries will get new additions each season, with some entertaining surprises tossed in later in the year. 

Global Okay, now it’s time to have some fun. The remainder of this section will have a patch notes preview feel to it. There are a lot of bullets. There aren’t many photos. Are you still holding on to that snack and a glass of water? You are welcome to take a break and grab a refill.

  • Kill Trackers were formerly one of the reasons to Masterwork a weapon, but we no longer feel the need to do so. They’ll be present by default on all weapons released after Forsaken (Weapons from the Far East prior to Forsaken will be updated in a later release). 
    • Yes, Masterworking is no longer required, and we anticipate the +10 to a weapon stat (or +10 to main stat, +3 to additional stats for Adepts) to be important solely to devoted PvP players. 
    • At this time, we have no explicit intentions to make improvements to Masterworking, but we will explore it later. (Note that we discussed gating the Origin Trait behind Masterworking, but this wouldn’t have accomplished the purpose of non-Masterworked weapon difference.) 
  • Weapon modifications for Weapons of Legend are now free and fast to install, following in the footsteps of the Armor Team. 
  • We feel that many of the issues with Special weapons in Crucible are worsened by how simple it is to get Special ammunition today, and although we’ve addressed this before, we’re making another change now: 
    • On death (or similar), players now only lose one Special ammunition, regardless of how many they were carrying (as long as they weren’t fully empty). 
    • One for a Shotgun, Fusion Rifle, or Sniper Rifle, or equivalent for other weapons, is the most you can get from a Special brick. Scavenger modifications contribute to this as usual, but their role in Crucible will be reconsidered in the future. 
  • We’ve patched another animation cancel after players discovered a new technique to perform the quickswap exploit. 


  • There were a lot of moving elements in the Season 15 Fusion Rifle redesign — rapid-fire, accuracy, and adaptive Fusions all came out different but all fairly good, but high-impact Fusions are suffering. We’ve seen all Fusion Rifle subfamilies play diverse roles, and we’d want to retain the substantial disparities in charge time to keep them separate for the time being. So, we’re raising the PvE damage scalar and increasing damage to make it easier for them to score kills at range in PvP. However, we’ll keep an eye on how they’re performing and may change the charge time in a future version if necessary. 
    • Increased the damage per bolt of the High-Impact Fusion Rifle from 62 to 64 (this may not seem like much, but it enables more rolls to reach the bolts-to-kill criteria). 
    • The PvE damage boost for the High-Impact Fusion Rifle has been increased from 15% to 20%. 
  • We admire how Breech Grenade Launchers’ crowd control skills have taken off in PvE, but there isn’t currently a substantial tradeoff for the increased usefulness that blinded or concussion grenades provide, and it’s absurd that a means to severely irritate other players in PvP can also one-shot them. 
    • Damage from Blinding and Concussion Grenades was reduced by 25%. 
  • For a long time, there have been no noticeable distinctions between Rocket Launcher subfamilies, and their free tracking Precisions are flat-out superior, so we’re adjusting damage to drive them farther away. Later, we may take a closer look at Rocket Launchers. 
    • Subfamily damage adjustment: 
      • 0.95x precision 
      • 1.0x High Impact 
      • 1.05x Adaptive 
      • 1.05x Aggressive 
  • In Beyond Light, we took a major swing at zoom-based Sniper Rifle aim aid, and now that we’ve seen how it works, we’re revisiting the zoom-based AA scaling. Low-zoom snipers received more Aim Assist (AA) reduction than they need, while high-zoom snipers are now receiving some pretty ridiculous headshots. 
    • Low (35 zoom) and high-zoom (60 zoom) Sniper Rifles have less fluctuation in AA scaling. 
      • The scalar of the cone angle grew by 25% at low zoom and decreased by 9% at high magnification. 
  • In PvE, the Pulse Rifles take a little too long to destroy red bar creatures. We’ve increased their damage against minors by 10% (although if you want Exotic Pulse Rifles to feel even better, keep reading). 

Weapons from the Far East 

  • Exotic Primary weapons and Trace Rifles aren’t nearly as powerful as Legendaries, making them unsuitable for use in challenging PvE activity, especially against minors. This modification affects all Exotics that employ Primary ammunition, as well as the majority of secondary effects (e.g., perk-triggered explosions). 
    • In PvE, damage against minors has been increased by 40%. 
  • Chaperone is a nightmare in PvP, especially now that pellet Shotguns have been nerfed and the frequency of grenade and melee abilities has been lowered, and it outperforms several weapons that should be strong counters, such as Sidearms and Submachine Guns. 
    • The passive range benefit has been reduced from 2m to 0.5m. 
  • Duality is at the same spot as Chaperone, although it isn’t nearly as varied. However, its Exotic characteristic came with the restriction that it would erase on reload, making it more difficult to chain. After seeing it in operation for a time, we don’t believe such restriction is necessary. 
    • In slug mode (i.e., when aiming down sights), the passive range buff has been reduced from 1.25m to 0.5m (pellet mode is unaffected). 
    • The damage bonus from On Black Wings is no longer removed when you reload. 
  • Tarrabah is already a formidable foe, but it requires entire dedication at the moment, with no weapon swapping. We’ve eased this limitation without completely deleting it since it’s a little tougher than it needs to be. In addition, although the time extension when injuring people worked in PvP, it was so minor that players were reporting it as a bug, so we pushed them up. 
    • Instead of wiping perk progress on weapon stow, it now decreases it by half. 
    • The duration of Ravenous Beast grows somewhat when it damages a player. 
  • We’re rolling back Ruinous Effigy’s Beyond Light nerf (the nerf to damage delivered when defending) since it was long overdue. The second portion of the nerf affected the aerial regular melee strike, which hasn’t been changed. 
    • The damage caused by defending with a transmutation sphere has been increased by 66%. (30percent against players). 
    • Multikills from Transmutation Spheres now count towards Orb generation armor modifications (previously only kills with the beam would trigger this).
  • We’re changing them with other of the Legendary Hand Cannons that used to be 150 RPM since Lumina’s stats don’t compare to other 140 RPM Adaptive Hand Cannons, and its use reflects that (see below). 
    • Range stat was raised from 44 to 59. 
    • The basic stability stat has been raised from 46 to 56. 
    • Sorry, Thorn fans: Thorn is already a powerful and popular character, and a boost like this will transform it into a PvP monster. 
  • We redesigned Ager’s Scepter to switch off regeneration when active and implement a slower drain using a new approach, since the original version utilized Super regeneration scalars, which had highly strange implications in activities that also contained scalars. 
    • While repressed or encased in Stasis, it was no longer possible to initiate or continue utilizing empowered mode. 
    • Fixed several issues with activities that change the charge rate and outliers for recharge based on Intellect stat by rebuilding the perk. It now freezes Super recharge and deducts Super directly, fixing several issues with activities that change the charge rate and outliers for recharge based on Intellect stat. 
    • While empowered, Super should now drain more slowly. 
  • Dead Man’s Tale currently feels excellent to use on both mouse and keyboard and controller, and we don’t want it to feel unreliable again, but it’s just too good at spamming long-range hip-fire bullets as it is. 
    • Reduced the hip-fire rate of the catalyst from 150 RPM to 130 RPM. 
  • Lorentz Driver and Arbalest are still difficult to beat in PvP; one popular criticism is that they can fire through flinch with ease. We’ll keep a watch on them as time goes on, and if necessary, we’ll make another modification. 
    • The amount of flinch received has increased. 
  • When we delivered 30th Anniversary, Forerunner’s ammunition economy was extremely conservative, but after seeing how it’s utilized in PvP, we feel it might benefit from earning a bit more ammo each Special block. 
    • Ammunition obtained from a Special ammo block was increased from two to three (and from four to five with a scavenger mod). 

Weapons of Legend 

  • Several Weapons of Legend have out-of-band stats, either to their benefit, detriment, or a bit of both. When infusion caps were still around, this was ok because they’d cycle out eventually. But now the weapons remain viable in all activities indefinitely and the solution is to adjust outliers to be in-band (as mentioned in the Feb 2021 State of the Game). 
    • Hand Cannons: The band for Legendary 140 RPM Hand Cannon Aim Assist terminates at 84 (and this extreme should only be for a Hand Cannon from a pinnacle activity, such as a raid or Trials), but many of their stats were either too low or too high when 150s were changed to 140s. We’re changing these numbers to be within typical ranges (up or down), as follows (in most situations, an overall buff): 
      • Dire Promise gives you +4 range, +3 stability, and -4 aim assistance. 
      • +6 range, +5 stability, -3 aim aid with Waking Vigil. 
      • +3 range, +3 stability, -8 aim help for Jack Queen King 3. 
      • Spare Rations give you +4 range, +4 stability, and -9 aim aid. 
    • In comparison to comparable Shotguns, Felwinter’s Lie’s inherent bonus makes it much too consistent and devastating, and it’s had plenty of opportunity to shine. 
      • The spread angle is +15 percent. 
    • The majority of Ikelos SMG’s stats are well out of band for an aggressive SMG, however it does have a modest zoom when compared to other popular alternatives. 
      • +1 zoom, -5 range, -7 stability, -8 handling, and -5 aim help are all available options. 
  • We don’t usually modify basic numbers on individual weapons after they’ve been shipped, so this isn’t something we’ll be doing on a frequent basis. 


  • We’re changing the Hip-fire Grip perk to make it easier for users to transition to hip-firing. 
    • Damage falloff start and finish distances have been increased by 20%. (except on Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, and Fusion Rifle). 
  • When evaluating damage falloff, Adagio seemed like it moved a weapon’s class to the next slowest rate of fire — but worse. 
    • The length has been increased from 5 to 7 seconds. 
    • Damage boost increased from 25% to 30% (except for Bows and Fusion Rifles). 
    • Range stat now has a +10 boost. 
    • To make it clearer to determine when the buff would expire, I added a timer to the buff text. 
  • On paper, Dual Loader seems good, but in actuality, the reload pace is excruciating. 
    • The reload stat penalty has been reduced from -50 to -35. 
  • In other circumstances, using Danger Zone seemed unsafe, resulting in a lot of self-harm. 
    • Reduced self-damage scalar for Grenade Launchers; when paired with other scalars, self-damage is reduced from 1.25x to 0.75x. 
  • The meta-breaking perk on a specific Fusion Rifle is Tap the Trigger. When combined with the other parts of this roll, Fusion Rifles become much too stable. We stopped posting it on Fusion Rifles because of this, and squidface sold it a few times after that. We feel it is still a good perk without being overdone with this tweak, thus it will likely feature on future Fusion Rifles (note: we tried lowering stability from +40 to +20, but the difference was not detectable in playtests). 
    • Only on Fusion Rifles: 
      • The stability boost has been reduced from +40 to +10. 
      • The maximum recoil angle scale has been changed from 0.5 to 0.875. 
      • The error angle scale was changed from 0.9 to 0.975. 
    • All other weapons remain unchanged. 
  • Because the buff’s duration was too short on Aggressive Burst Pulse Rifles, Headseeker didn’t perform as planned. In Season 16, Sacred Provenance is the only feasible Pulse Rifle that benefits from this (while there is a Pulse in Season 16, it does not roll with Headseeker), but expect to see more in future Seasons. 
    • Buff duration has been increased from 0.17 to 0.3 seconds. 
  • Let’s discuss about Eager Edge for a moment. It’s a lot of fun to use, but when utilized in certain ways while flying, it can accomplish some mind-blowing, earth-shattering things. While the changes below aren’t intended to take away from the enjoyment, we have a new raid (as well as other great content) coming up with The Witch Queen, and we want to make sure we keep the difficulty in our forthcoming prizes. While breaking out of maps might be entertaining, it can also detract from the prestige and worth of an item or experience. 
    • While flying, a 25% reduction in lunge distance is beneficial. 
    • While active, the maximum player airborne velocity is now capped (at a pretty high amount). 
  • We sometimes put rewards on hold because they aren’t functioning for whatever reason (too strong or too weak). This implies we won’t put them on weapons again until the perk is changed. We’d prefer work on new perks than old ones in most circumstances, but there’s a full “Perks” section here. Anyway, these rewards have been shelved (some for quite some time): 
    • Celerity and Endless Grief (Both were efforts to give Osiris’ Trials and Nightfall weapons some distinctiveness, which we’re currently accomplishing with Origin Traits.) 
    • Underdog 
    • Disorientation Shield 
    • Assault from the Air (though note that this may get a redesign in a future Season) 

The Immediate Future 

  • We’ll have a number of PvP-focused weapon adjustments in Season 17, including: 
  • There are new methods for gamers to improve their flinch resistance. 
  • Primary weapon balance tweaking (looking at you, Pulse Rifles; Lightweights in particular). 
  • Weapon tuning that is unique (Snapshot feeling mandatory on Sniper Rifles in PvP, other balance changes). 
  • If necessary, another tweak to the PvP Special ammunition economics will be made. 
  • Changing how low and high zoom outliers impact the performance of a subset of weapons (i.e., the Scope column shouldn’t be the most significant feature on a weapon). This might take a variety of shapes, but the goal is to move both high and low outliers closer to the mean (to the overall benefit of the weapon archetype). 
  • We’re also tweaking a few Exotics and Legendary benefits that have been requested. 



DOWNTIME AND PRE-LOADING PRIOR TO LAUNCH Destiny 2 will be unavailable from 7:00 PM PST (0300 UTC) on February 21 to 9:00 AM PST (1700 UTC) on February 22 in order to prepare for the release of The Witch Queen on February 22. Note from dmg04: We’ll do the arithmetic for you since this TWAB is somewhat lengthy. That’s a total of fourteen hours of free time. We hope you can take use of this opportunity to catch up on sleep, prepare some delicious cuisine, or do anything you like before plunging into The Witch Queen. With one million Guardians having already pre-ordered, we’re anticipating a bit of a line when things start to open up. Please keep tuned for further information. The Witch Queen will be available for pre-load on all platforms on February 21 at 9:00 p.m. PST (0500 a.m. UTC). As we come closer to launch, we’ll provide more updates.

SHATTERED REALM is a story about a world that has been damaged The Shattered Realm seasonal activity has been modified to a daily rotation from a weekly rotation as the Season draws to a close. Players who want to finish Triumphs, Seasonal Challenges, or Seals related with the Shattered Realm before the debut of The Witch Queen on February 22 should do so now.

CLARIFICATION OF THE GM Nightfall CATCHUP NODE The Grandmaster Nightfall catchup node has only been active this week, according to the Next Week In Destiny login prompt. The Grandmaster Nightfall catchup node is now operational, allowing players who have completed the Conqueror Seal to gild their Seal. 

CONTENT VAULTING IN YEAR 4 Certain activities, quests, locations, and goods from Seasons 12-15 and Forsaken will be inaccessible after the release of The Witch Queen on February 22. Please read our instructions below for a complete list of vaulted and deprecated material. 

CYCLING OF WEAPONS With the release of The Witch Queen on February 22, the following weapons will be removed from the Ritual Rewards pools: 

  • Osiris’ Trials 
    • Hammer of Igneous 
    • The Scar of Sola 
  • Nightfall 
    • THE ARMY 
    • Price in the Shadows 
    • RR4 Uzume 
    • SR4 Hung Jury 
  • Banner of the Iron Throne 
    • CCX Multimach 
    • Spire of the Ages 
    • Sight that Leads 
    • Hand that is steady 

Before the new season starts, players should make sure to claim all engrams and other awards. At the conclusion of the season, any awards not claimed by ritual merchants (Zavala, Shaxx, Drifter, and Saint 14) will be withdrawn. 


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Do you know of any cheats or unlockables for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen? If you tell us in the comments, we’ll give you credit for figuring it out. – Thank you for stopping by!

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