Disney has quashed another Club Penguin emulator, this time with arrests in the UK

Disney has quashed two Club Penguin emulators so far; one in France, and the other in the UK. These arrests are a clear sign of Disney’s increasing dedication to preventing unauthorized access to their games. The company plans to continue pursuing those running these illegal activities for as long as it takes.

The “riley club penguin online face” is the latest Disney has quashed an emulator. This time, it was a Club Penguin emulator that was found in the United Kingdom.


Remember when Disney retired the long-running Club Penguin MMO and replaced it with Club Penguin Island in 2017? Then, in 2018, Club Penguin Island was unexpectedly shut down, catching its creators off guard? Then there was a Club Penguin rogue server, which turned out to be really bad, and Disney shut it down. In a nutshell, this game is doomed.

However, another rogue server, Club Penguin Rewritten, was discovered. Disney, on the other hand, was not pleased. As a result, Disney did the only rational thing: it prompted UK authorities to seize the site and arrest three persons “on suspicion of copyright infringement.” I’m sure you all feel a lot better knowing that these dangerous reprobate criminals are locked up and won’t be able to copyright infringe on any more $240 billion corporations so they can play a game about cartoon penguins. Phew!

The three accused emu operators were “released under investigation,” according to TechCrunch, and agreed to “hand over the website to the control” of London’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, which is a real thing. The server has been shut down, and the Discord has been almost wiped clean, but the Reddit is swiftly filling with people’ bemoans.

Though TechCrunch theorizes that the website itself was producing ad money, it’s unclear why Disney chose to strike now. It’s also conceivable that this rogue server was just as bad as or even worse than the last one, and Disney couldn’t stand it any longer (as it clearly has turned a blind eye to some emulators for other IPs it owns). While it may be tempting to go full “game preservation” on this one, we just don’t know the whole story yet.

The remaining survivors seek safety in the storm snow forts, well beyond the purge’s reach. ClubPenguinRewritten’s building a heart in our last moments together

Our world is collapsing around us… The snow fort is now in this condition.. from ClubPenguinRewritten

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The “club penguin rewritten controversy” is a situation that has been going on for a while. Disney has quashed another Club Penguin emulator, this time with arrests in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Disney buy Club Penguin?

A: Disney did not buy Club Penguin. It was sold in September 2016 and the developers of the game are currently working on a new version that is planned to be released in 2019, according to their website.

Why did Disney delete Club Penguin?

A: Disney has since released a statement to explain that they did not delete Club Penguin, but closed the service. The company says it was due to a lack of daily active users and servers.

Did Disney delete Club Penguin?

A: In July 2018, Disney announced it was discontinuing Club Penguin.

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