Dying Light 2 PC Review

The sequel to the zombie survival game that was made by Techland is finally here. We dive into how this new installment continues its predecessor’s legacy, but with a few important changes.

The “dying light 2 release date” is a game that was released on the 10th of December, 2017. It has been received with mixed reviews.

Fighting the Infection

During times of relief in Dying Light 2, I lost track of how many stunning sunsets I observed. As alarm bells ring throughout the city, the relative safety of daylight fades into a pool of blood orange. I got one final sight of the calmly swinging trees, the tower I mounted hours ago, and the bakery I assisted in reviving.

Then, when the sick emerge to play, I’m off on another quest for priceless treasures in a dark cellar. Beyond its mood and aesthetics, though, Techland’s sequel is hampered by repetitious open-world architecture and a plot that isn’t sure what it wants to concentrate on.

In Dying Light 2, you play as Aiden, a Pilgrim. As a seasoned survivor used to traveling large distances, his hunt for his sister leads him to Villedor, one of the game’s post-pandemic world’s few surviving cities. Society as we know it has long since fallen due to a shortage of resources, turmoil, and a tidal wave of sick, yet humanity’s remains continue to fight.

Fighting the Infection

“Fighting infected may quickly devolve into a brutal dance of flying limbs as you button mash your way through a swarm of enemies.”

Aiden is quite agile on his feet, but he can also utilize practically any ledge, wall, or surface to move around, as you discover early on in your quest. If you can climb unmarked walls, it’s simple to acquire an eye for yellow marks. Later on, you’ll be handed a paraglider and a grappling hook, which will allow you to explore more of the planet and take advantage of the tremendous levels of verticality on display.

Even while it may simplify some activities like climbing windmills or even moving about at night, when more hazardous infected stalk the streets, the paraglider itself does wonders for traversal. It’s so liberating to ride a blast of wind aloft and then soar to your destination that I don’t find myself depending on speedy transport nearly as much as I used to.

It does not, however, entirely replace the game’s smooth parkour system. Certain tasks and timed challenges require you to use all of your talents. You grow more mobile as you level up, making it easier to navigate obstacles. Sprinting, vaulting, and sliding your way through tight passages is a blast, particularly when each move is accompanied by animations that effectively translate Aiden’s effort beyond the screen.

Fighting the Infection

However, against the opponents in Dying Light 2, speed is simply one factor to consider. As you button mash while moving around many opponents, fighting infected may turn into a horrific dance of flying limbs. Bladed weapons cause infected to crawl about without legs or attempt to fight with their remaining arm, making the harm you deliver seem more real. You can even hack off the arms of your human opponents, but you’ll have to chain many movements against them since they’re more receptive to repeated assaults.

You’ll also come across a few unusual varieties of infected that rush at you, strike from afar, or destroy everything in their way with their massive bulk, but they’re mostly just annoyances. In addition, employing bows may make a lot of normal-difficulty encounters a lot easier, particularly if you’re overleveling them. Humans have a propensity to slowly stroll towards you, ignorant to how it puts them into easy targets. Infected people aren’t typically excellent at climbing buildings, but infected people have a tendency to slowly approach towards you, oblivious to how it turns them into easy targets.

When you engage in parkour combat, which allows you to unlock and perform a variety of unique techniques, everything comes together. Aiden can spin around and strike everything in a circle if you charge up a power attack and press Caps Lock. You may also employ well timed dodges and blocks to stagger opponents, allowing you to dropkick their peers.

Fighting the Infection

These kicks may be chained and empowered, allowing you to send adversaries off of roofs or onto spiked obstacles, killing them instantaneously but without providing any input. Aiden is a strong combatant with lots of tricks under his sleeve, despite his minor flaws.

In Dying Light 2, you largely use an improvised arsenal of axes, scythes, knuckle dusters, hammers, and other lethal instruments, each with its own rarity, durability, and level. If you’re fighting a swarm of infected blocking the route to a convoy you want to plunder, a two-handed weapon’s larger swings allow you to hit many targets, as compared to one-handed weapons’ more precise swings.

From Molotov cocktails to throwing knives and one-time-use firearms, crafting offers access to a wide range of tools and devices. You may also use modifications to imbue weapons with fire, ice, or blast damage, which sends enemies flying away in a spectacular display of ragdoll physics.

Fighting the Infection

You’ll need blueprints and resources to make anything, and craftsmasters sell and enhance the former. You can get the latter by exploring into Dark Hollows and various facilities around the area, discovering airdrops on high structures, and looting damaged convoys, or by purchasing it from merchants. They make up the majority of Dying Light 2’s side activities, and although there are a few distinct varieties to take on, none of them are sufficiently diversified to merit completing them all.

The game’s day/night cycle is likewise connected to these actions. The streets are safer during the day, but the spots where important treasure is hidden are filled by infected, making them hard to penetrate. The sick and their unique equivalents come out to play at night, and this is when you may enter.

The issue is that whether you’re looking for resources, goods to sell, or valuable Inhibitors to improve your health and stamina, you’re going through the same routine of sneaking past or cutting up zombies while emptying drawers, lockpicking containers, and unlocking chests.

Fighting the Infection

“Chases are considerably enhanced by the sound design and general darkness of your surroundings, which manage to give the feeling that you’re being pursued not only by Tim and his 14 infected friends, but by whole armies of hellspawn, all hungry to rip the skin from your bones.”

The bulk of Dying Light 2’s loot consists of dull stat boosts that attempt to indicate specific playstyles but never actually create a class system around them. Eventually, side activities will be relegated to the primary purpose of grinding combat/parkour experience, which will also rise passively. The survival components aren’t pushed nearly as much on normal level.

When you don’t have to worry as much about keeping your illness at bay while you’re in the dark – though you still need to keep it in control with UV mushrooms and consumable boosters – I had enough resources to comfortably carry me through the remainder of the game at around the midway mark.

Dying Light 2 offers some of the finest chases in video games, despite the shortcomings of its side activities. Howlers may detect you at night, drawing swarms of infected to your position. These are quick-thinking individuals that would climb anything to get to you. The more time you spend outside, the more infected you will attract.

Fighting the Infection

As a result, you must rush to any region on the map that has UV light. However, knowing that you’re being pursued by a voracious swarm is one of the most exciting elements of the game. The sound design and general gloom of your surroundings intensify the chases, giving the feeling that you’re being pursued not only by Tim and his 14 infected companions, but by whole armies of hellspawn, all hungry to rip the skin from your bones.

Encounter marks indicate to roofs where you may sit by a campfire and listen to NPCs discuss previous adventures, near calls with death, or just play a song, apart from the excitement of pursuit. As you go throughout the city, you’ll find lots of opportunity to rescue people from zombies, illness, and beaten-up robbers attempting to unlock treasures. You may also choose whether to give the Survivors faction or the Peacekeepers faction control of the city.

The former is a ragtag group of people that look up to leaders who preach religion, philosophy, or are just fighting to stay alive. The latter is a more organized, better-equipped military force that places a premium on order and hierarchy. It’s not a case of good against evil, since human nature unavoidably manifests itself in both camps. Aside from whatever point of view you choose, granting them control over the city has gameplay advantages.

Fighting the Infection

When you die in their region, the Survivors assist you with traversal by erecting zip lines, trampolines, and assisting you up. Electrical and UV traps, mounted turrets, and a semi-automatic crossbow are among the Peacekeepers’ more combat-oriented enhancements.

After selecting the Survivors, their enhancements proved to be of minimal use in the long run. This is due in part to how simple it is to go about with the paraglider and how quickly you can unlock it. You may also assign districts to both groups, and as far as I can see, this option has no further ramifications.

The side tasks in Dying Light 2 are similarly a mixed bag, and they don’t take long to become routine. They have a restricted budget in terms of mechanics. You visit a location, push a button or locate an item, perhaps engage in combat, and then converse with an NPC. Some of these chats do throw you some interesting curveballs, but you’re wasting your time looking for the best ones.

Fighting the Infection

The game’s disjointed storyline is a similar gamble – although a required one that is significantly more stacked against you. Aiden’s hunt for his sister seems to be the character’s fundamental motivation, motivating his every action, yet it’s really incredibly simple to overlook. The tale jumps around from character to character, rapidly telegraphing intentions and never commits to Aiden as a Pilgrim or Aiden as a selfless, chummy man.

I also received the impression that Dying Light 2 doesn’t place enough faith in the player’s decisions. There are several ostensibly significant choices that seem to have an impact on the plot, but they are hampered by Aiden’s continual switching between aiding others and pursuing his objective, leaving the narrative on unsteady ground.

Choosing the greater good had few concrete effects that extended all the way to the conclusion. Regardless matter how much I pushed Aiden’s personal desire back, something constantly seemed to nudge things back in that direction. Worse, the game’s closing minutes are a smorgasbord of errors laced with clichéd melodrama, culminating in an annoyance with the game’s enigmatic but mainly absent villain.


Fighting the Infection

Dying Light 2 ran mostly fine on an i7-8700K, 16 GB RAM, and Nvidia RTX [email protected], dropping below 60 FPS during first visits to areas and certain crowded locations or fights. Using ray traced sun shadows and a flashlight had no effect on performance, however turning on ray traced ambient occlusion and global lighting made the frame rate much more erratic, chopping as much as 20 FPS in certain zones, enough to keep the feature off.


Fighting the Infection

Dying Light 2 has a single colorblind setting (Deuteranopia), as well as various subtitle choices, including size and color, and the ability to touch or click keys during quick-time events.


Dying Light 2 was my first introduction to the series, and it’s a thrilling open-world game. Its beautiful metropolis, thrilling chases, agile parkour, and visceral, meaty fighting are all definitely worth seeing. Boring gear, repetitive side objectives, and a plot that never finds its focus hinder it from greatness, despite the fact that they never totally overwhelm its triumphs. All of these blunders may be easily lost in an ocean of freshly sliced zombie limbs and tranquil paragliding if you keep some of your expectations in control.


Taking to the skies on my paraglider, flying over the city’s skyscrapers, and then landing with both feet firmly planted in the meaty face of a bandit.

Good vs. Evil

  • Combat that is visceral and meaty
  • Parkour system that is fluid
  • Once you’ve unlocked the paraglider, you’ll feel a great feeling of liberation.
  • The day/night cycle emphasizes the fact that humankind no longer entirely controls the planet.
  • Intense chases that benefit immensely from strong sound design
  • Excellent sights and mood
  • The plot is disjointed, and the characters are forgettable.
  • Uninteresting loot
  • Side quests and activities that are repetitive

Dying Light 2 is a game that you should play if you like zombie games. It has a lot of potential and it does not disappoint. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are amazing, and the story is great.
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