Dying Light 2’s Update 1.3.0 Adds New Game Plus Mode,

Game Plus mode is a new gameplay option available in Dying Light 2, rewarding players with bonus XP and unlocking some of the harder difficulty settings. Player choice will be vital to this game’s success, as it offers more than one way to play.

The “dying light 2 new game plus update” is a new mode that allows players to experience the game again with all their stats and abilities intact. This mode will be available for free to those who have already purchased the game, but those who haven’t yet can purchase it for $10.

Dying Light 2’s update 1.3.0, which includes the long-awaited new game+ mode as well as a slew of co-op updates and more, is set to launch this week, according to publisher and developer Techland.

After finishing the main plot, all players will have access to Dying Light 2’s new game plus mode, which will enable them to restart Aiden’s quest while keeping most of their abilities, upgrades, and gear. The different Nightrunner items, such as the paraglider and grappling hook, will need you to unlock them again.

Dying Light 2's Update 1.3.0 Adds New Game Plus Mode, Fixes Co-Op Issues

Dying Light 2's Update 1.3.0 Adds New Game Plus Mode, Fixes Co-Op Issues

New game + allows players to make multiple choices throughout Dying Light 2’s story and see how they affect the game’s conclusion. Enemies adjust their strength to match Aiden’s, and 30 new inhibitors are strewn over the game’s terrain.

You’ll face new challenges with golden marks, and the Something Big Has Been Here quest will expose you to new infected whose attacks you’ll have to learn. Coming up the top may get you legendary rarity weapons, as well as other riches.

Players going through Dying Light 2’s new game features will be able to co-op with those going through the narrative for the first time when update 1.3.0 hits.

On April 27, Dying Light 2’s update 1.3.0 will be released, which will include a FOV slider for the console version of the game. In the video below, you may learn more about it.

As described in its plan, Techland has promised 5 years of post-launch content for its newest release, so this isn’t likely to be the last update we hear about.

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The “dying light 2 dlc” is a new game mode which allows players to play through the game again with all the weapons and items they’ve already obtained. The update also adds a new difficulty level, and some bug fixes.

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