Elden Ring Character Creation Screen Leak Shows Off

A leak of a character creation screen for Elden Ring has been found on the internet, showing off one of the game’s first playable characters. The image has since been taken down, but even with this setback, it is not too hard to see how the upcoming open-world RPG will look like when players are able to create their own personal hero in real time.

The “create a character” is an upcoming role-playing game that has been in development for quite some time. The Elden Ring Character Creation Screen was leaked and shows off the game’s graphics and combat system.

Elden Ring Character Creation Screen Leak Shows Off Available Options

For both new players and series veterans who may have missed it while battling as Sekiro in the developer’s last game, Elden Ring’s character creation screen will surely be a vital component of the overall experience.

Elden Ring’s character creation screen is your first important task in many respects, since it is extremely likely that it will determine your character’s appearance and beginning attributes. FromSoftware has put a lot of work on the feature in Dark Souls, and it looks like the current iteration follows in the footsteps of previous iterations.

Elden Ring Character Creation Screen Leak Shows Off Available Options

Elden Ring Character Creation Screen Leak Shows Off Available Options

That’s what a leaked video from a user who managed to get into a work-in-progress build implies, at least. Its biggest flaw is that the majority of the text is illegible, but that still gives us an indication of how extensive the customisation is.

Elden Ring is expected to include 10 beginning classes, similar to Dark Souls, which define a character’s initial attributes, level, and equipment. Another option mimics the initial presents, allowing you to choose from a variety of goods before personalizing your character’s look.

Elden Ring’s character creation screen is noticeably better in terms of character models, with a variety of body types, hairstyles, and sliders to morph particular traits to your taste.

Most significantly, as an orange-colored Tarnished with a horrifically malformed face, you will be able to take on dragons the size of skyscrapers.

There may be discrepancies between what’s in the video and the final version we’ll get our hands on when Elden Ring releases next month, since this is likely taken from a work-in-progress build of the character creation screen.

Regardless, it’s a good initial impression of the feature. Here’s what we know about co-op and the game’s map if you want to learn more about it.

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Can you customize your character in Elden Ring?

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Is Elden Ring finished?

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Is Elden Ring a real game?

A: It is a game that was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The Elden Ring world exists in the same universe as Elder Scrolls, but it does not show any connection to them.

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