Elden Ring Fingerprint Stone Shield

The Elden Ring Fingerprint Stone Shield is an interactive puzzle game that sets players on a quest to collect rings of power. Each ring unlocks new puzzles, requiring trial and error solving skills for the player to progress. With over 200 levels and no in-app purchases, this experience won’t disappoint!

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Elden Ring’s defense might be difficult to grasp, but with the correct shield, combat can rapidly turn around. Aside from the magnificent arm barriers that any Tarnished might master, there is one shield that rises above the others in the Lands Between. The Subterranean Shunning-Grounds are located deep inside Leyndell and eventually lead the player to the Fingerprint Stone Shield. These grounds are full of curiosity; it’s a good choice for people who want to investigate the Erdtree’s subterranean workings.

How to Get the Elden Ring’s Fingerprint Stone Shield

Elden Ring How to Get Fingerprint Stone Shield

The Fingerprint Stone Shield is hidden beneath the Subterranean Shunning-Ground region’s Cathedral of the Forsaken location. It should be at the conclusion of this dungeon, but the player must first fight Mohg, the Omen. The opponents then symbolically transform into obstacles, and we leap down to get the Fingerprint Stone Shield. Only there will the Tarnished be tested, and only with patient and caution.

To begin, roll or cut the wall behind Mohg’s treasure chest to reveal a hidden passage after beating him. You’ll soon come to a fork in the road with wooden bridges and gravestones, but no one is here to harm you. There are either living, dead, or in-depth Nomad musicians playing their violins calmly in this location. The crowds of motionless Nomads provide many opportunities to loot a golden ember. To collect the Fingerprint Stone Shield in question, however, careful platforming is required.

To summarize, start your platforming adventure on the first wooden bridge. There will be two more bridges to leap out of below. After that, go to the headstones beside the lonely Nomad who is playing the violin. From here, hug the walls while staying close to the jutting headstones and leap down onto the southwest headstones. This is when things start to get complicated. You must gently slide your character down the wall in order to land on the next headstone; else, you will die. It all comes down to patience and timing.

How to Platform Down the Forsaken Cathedral

Elden-Ring-Fingerprint-Stone-Nomad-640x360Elden Ring Fingerprint Stone Nomad

Here’s how to get the Fingerprint Stone Shield in a few easy steps: Begin at the southwest end of the last wooden bridge, near the final Nomad. Jump down to the west end’s headstones till you can make your way to the eastern platforms. There will be one eastward platform with a challenging place just under it that is completely similar, nearly hard to land on. If you can navigate cautiously, it’s possible. You’ll get the Inescapable Frenzy Incantation from a corpse on a ledge if you time your moves well and land on the tricky spot. Finally, go down the corridor from where the spell was cast and collect the item from the corpse at the end of the section: the Fingerprint Stone Shield is now yours.

Many Tarnished warriors have said that obtaining the shield in question is more difficult than defeating Mohg. It took a few tries for us to get the shield, and we ended up losing all of our runes in the process. Nonetheless, it’s a remarkable shield that many may find quite beneficial in battle.

To fully wield the Fingerprint Stone Shield’s immersive power, ye Tarnished must have a Strength 48. Keep in mind that the shield weighs 29 pounds, so step cautiously and attack when the time is right. This shield may also push lesser enemies backward, making it a good choice for PvP players and defensive heroes.

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