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A new questline has been released with a lot of players wanting to know how the game is going. A walkthrough and guide for this quest line can be found below as well as any other information you might need about Elden Ring in general.

“elden ring millicent not appearing” is a common problem that players of Elden Ring have been dealing with. To fix this issue, you must complete the Millicent Questline. The questline can be completed by following the steps in the full walkthrough guide.

Many distinct NPC questlines may be found in Elden Ring. You’ll be able to engage with a wide assortment of individuals in the Lands Between, from clerics and wizards to weird pot fighters. Millicent, a girl writhing with crimson rot, is a strange member of this planet. Her sickness is worse than normal, and if she doesn’t get help soon, she’ll be nothing more than a corpse! That’s not what we desire; there’s so much wealth to be had! Let’s see if we can go through this questline while also assisting a warrior in her quest… And find out what could be waiting for her at the conclusion of her adventure!

How to Finish Millicent’s Elden Ring Questline

milli2-640x360Elden Ring Millicent Questline

In Gorwy’s Shack, the Millicent questline starts. This cottage may be found to the east of Sellia, the City of Sorcery. This city is found east of Caelid’s Marsh of Aeonia, a large crimson swamp in the map’s center. Ride up the steps, light the campfire, then go south through the Gate on that side of town. A hut guarded by a dog will be found on your left. Kill the dog (since Gorwy is prone to getting chewed on) and speak with the guy.

He’s looking for a Golden Needle. You must eliminate Commander O’Neil in order to get it. He’s on the swamp’s eastern side, in a region that seems to be overgrown with branches and brambles. Defeat him to get the Needle you want — Torrent may come in in here.

Return the needle to Gorwy so that it may be repaired. After you deliver it to him, teleport back to a bonfire – or save and quit, which is much simpler – and ride back to fetch the genuine needle. You may now give Millicent the treatment.

Millicent receiving the Needle

She may be found at the Plague Church. This church is situated behind Sellia, the City of Sorcery, on a hill. You’ll need to climb Sellia’s roofs (and branches) and ignite three braziers to get access to her. This will break the seal on the doorway and allow you to pass through.

Millicent is guarded by six bug soldiers in a cathedral. She’ll be right close to the church’s grace location. By chatting to her, you may give her the needle. Then relax by the neighboring campfire.

She ought to be standing. Interact with her until she runs out of things to say. Return to Gorwy’s hut by teleporting back to the closest campfire. If you talk to her there, she’ll leave the next time you take a break.

Congratulations! Millicent has given you the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom, a Dexterity-boosting item, and Gorwy is now a Sorcery instructor.

Recovering Millicent’s Arm

ermilliprosthetic-640x360Elden Ring Millicent Questline

Millicent will now be located to the north of the Erdtree-Grazing Hill Grace. This is to the north of the Dectus Grand Lift and the Grace Atlus Plateau Site. You’re near to her if you’ve ascended to the Lux Ruins; she’ll be seated on the hilltop just north of Grace.

She’ll express her need for an arm. Let’s go buy her one!

Make your way to the Shaded Castle. Continue north on the lower road until you reach the boxy fortress. You may enter from the north side by using Torrent to double-jump, or from the east side by climbing several rocks. Hit the campfire in the east.

To get to the inner ring of battlements, you must first go to the outer ring of battlements. Fight your way to a set of ladders, climb them, and go west. Continue westward along the battlements until you reach a chamber guarded by a Cleanrot Knight. Remove it to get the Valkyrie Prosthetic.


Return to Millicent’s previous location and hand it over to her. She’ll be grateful. Make her discourse as long as possible.

Beyond the Windmill Heights

Follow the Atlus Plateau to the northeast. Eventually, you’ll come upon some windmills. Climb higher at Dominula, Windmill Village. You’ll eventually come upon the Godskin Apostle. Take it outside and relax by the fire.

Millicent will be by the campfire if you’ve completed the mission successfully. Make her discourse as long as possible.

Millicent’s Prosthetic Arm, a strong talisman, will be dropped if you kill her at this stage. It amplifies the damage of concurrent strikes and improves your Dexterity by 5. It’s perfect for Twin-Blade builds.

She’ll be waiting at the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Grace after the Windmill Heights. This lies south of the Stargazer’s Ruins, west of the Eastern Mountaintops Minor Erdree, and east of the Consecrated Snowfield Erdtree, and below the bridge. Drop to the ground, light a fire, and suffocate her with her own words.

The Haligtree is a tree of the Haligtree family.

Finally, you’ll reach the end of her questline! Millicent has gone to the Prayer Room Grace at Elphael, Brace of The Haligtree is a tree of the Haligtree family.. This is the bonfire after you defeat Loretta, Knight of The Haligtree is a tree of the Haligtree family. and just enter Elphael.

She’ll stay until you’ve used the Drainage Channel grace to beat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit mini-boss. You’ll have to trek through Elphael for a long to defeat this monster. In the centre of the lake is the spirit itself. Take out the Ulcerated Tree Spirit using the Great Grave Glovewort.

The Final Decision on Summoning

The region should be reloaded. There are two summon signs now close where the Ulcerated Tree Spirit was. You have two options:

  • Millicent must be defeated. Killing her rewards you with Millicent’s Prosthesis, which you would have received if you had killed her sooner.
  • Assist Millicent in fending off many intruders. The Rotten Winged Sword Insignia is awarded for defeating the 4 Sisters, and it dramatically increases attack strength with concurrent strikes. Good for Twin-Blade builds, but also handy if Dexterity isn’t as important to you if you don’t need it for stat requirements.

Reload the region if you’ve decided to assist her. She’ll be resting beside the red rot pool. Make sure you don’t trample on her!

Have a conversation with her. The region should be reloaded. Reconnect with her. Her search will come to an end when she hands you the Unalloyed Gold Needle. If you’re in a hurry, you can also murder her to retrieve her needle.

What is the Purpose of the Unalloyed Gold Needle?

Giving Millicent this life-saving needle at the outset of her mission will kickstart her quest.

Return to Malenia’s arena after the task is completed. Miquella’s Needle may be obtained by using the needle on the huge bloom. To reverse the Three Fingers’ ending, use this item in Dragonlord Placidusax’s arena in Crumbling Farum Azula. This item’s only function is to reverse that ending, and there is no other means to do it.

It also comes with a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing stone. Yay!

After the Quest, What Should You Do?

Return to Sage Gowry’s barn to learn more about Millicent and Malenia’s history. He is no longer willing to sell to you. Killing him will reward you with the Flock’s Canvas Talisman and Gowry’s Bell Bearing, both of which are excellent for Incantations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to help Millicent in Elden Ring?

A: Some of the easiest ways to help Millicent in Elden Ring are by using the switch, interacting with objects around that area and going for a quick run.

How to get Millicent Prosthesis?

A: To get Millicent Prosthesis, you must either be in a pre-existing game or own the latest version of Beat Saber. If you are in a current game and have not yet finished it, then she will appear during your last level. Owners of the game can purchase her on Steam for $2.99

How to start Millicent questline?

A: You need to talk with the blacksmith, who can be found in Millicent.

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