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Elden Ring is a third person action-adventure game set in an open world that challenges players to explore the vastness of its fantasy landscape while solving puzzles and fighting enemies. Elden originally released on Steam’s Early Access platform, but will be coming out as a full release later this year under the name A Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky.

Elden Ring is a new game that is set to release on May 8th. The game is one of the top-selling games in Steam’s Early Access program. Read more in detail here: elden ring release date.

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Elden Ring sits at the top of a very steep hill, despite the fact that no one wants to name Game of the Year in March. This year, if you only play one game, make it Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring advances the Souls series by making it open world. Is FromSoftware’s newest game worth playing, or is it just packed with filler? Check out our review to learn more.

Review of the Elden Ring

I’d want to make one point very clear. This game is not simple, but it is easier than other Souls games.

Elden Ring begins with the creation of a character, the selection of a class, and the selection of a beginning item. You have a lot of options to choose from, so you can get started anyway you like. Strong knights who can absorb blows, quick dual wielders who depend on dodges, magic casters, and even faith users who begin with damaging spells are all available. While these are the foundation classes, you will soon discover a configuration that suits your needs. I tried DEX and loathed it, but when I switched to strength with a war hammer, I was instantly smitten. To find out what you prefer, experiment with various combinations.

Elden-Ring-Game-rviewElden Ring Game rview

A quick instructional cave is available to assist you in learning the fundamentals, but it is limited to teaching buttons. When you reach the open world, your mission is to locate and fight the lords. Your main goal is to reach Stormveil Castle, but the world is yours to explore straight away. The tale is strange in that it is constantly there yet always in the background. You get a maiden who raises your level, but in exchange, you must transport her to the Erdtree in the capital. Other tale snippets, mythology, side quests, and NPC occurrences help to explain why this world is so messed up. I finished in approximately 70 hours, although I spent a lot of time wandering.

Let’s start with the fighting, which is the most contentious aspect of these games. You may still perish in a few strikes, and invincible frames must be learned. You’ll have to be willing to hit a number of batters, get out, and repeat. To study the enemy’s routines and identify your opportunities, you’ll need patience. The melee fighting is still a lot of fun, even if it isn’t as exciting as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Beating a troublesome monster is still as rewarding as it has always been in these games.

Because Elden Ring is an open environment, you have a lot of possibilities for what you can do and where you can travel. The first primary aim is Stormveil, however you are free to wander anywhere you like. In the vast globe of Elden Ring, there is treasure to be collected, caverns to explore, NPCs to meet, side quests to do, and even monsters to face. While this is fascinating at first since each cave and dungeon contains fresh and interesting riches, it soon wears off. Imagine defeating three difficult bosses to get a weapon you can’t and won’t use. The bosses still provide EXP, thus they are worthwhile; however, the treasure is not.

Elden-Ring-Honest-Game-ReviewElden Ring Honest Game Review

While exploring, NPCs and side missions are often encountered. There is no task log, and you are seldom given a location marker on your map. Take, for example, Alexander the Potman. Alexander was caught in a hole when I first discovered him. I freed him, and he informed me about a battle festival. We split ways, and I eventually located him in a mine. I cleared that mine, and he said he’d meet me in the festival’s castle. When I arrived in Redmane, he and another NPC were eager to assist me with a monster. These kinds of things happen naturally, which is great when you come across them. Unfortunately, this means you’ll probably skip objectives or tasks without realizing them. Beware of perfectionists.

I’ve stated it before, but if the world is nice, one of my favorite things to do is explore. Simply said, since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I haven’t had as much joy exploring a game. It’s not just about treasure and adversaries; it’s about the strange and surprising connections between them all. It’s fantastic, for example, to take an elevator from a subterranean region and wind yourself on the other side of the planet from where you started. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shouted out loud, “that leads here?!?” For me, exploration is the most important aspect of any open-world game, and Elden Ring does it (mostly) right. The only drawback is when mushrooms appear. Why is it that mushrooms are constantly present?

Dark Souls 3’s weapon arts are replaced by Ashes of War. These use mana to perform a skill with your weapon, such as a leap attack, holy damage, or swinging wildly. These ashes may also be used to enhance your weapons. As a result, my Heavy Mace scales just on strength, while the Standard Mace scales on both DEX and strength. Because they aid in battle, finding the Ashes becomes important for weapon improvements. One disadvantage is that you can’t modify the Ashes of every weapon. Ashes are often used as locked boss weapons. This means you won’t be able to scale them to your liking. You can’t convert it to solely scale off strength if it has strength, DEX, and arcane scaling. It’s inconvenient, but there are so many guns to choose from that you’ll find one that works for you.

Elden-Ring-Honest-ReviewElden Ring Honest Review

I’d also want to discuss Elden Ring’s multiplayer. It’s strange that you have to create a consumable item to discover who you may summon. The exploring is also poor since you can’t utilize your horse in co-op. Places like Stormveil and the Capital, on the other hand, are ideal for co-op since they are more akin to dungeons. While summoning for bosses still works, don’t expect to play the whole game with a friend.

There were a few annoyances despite the heights. For starters, you can’t use your map while in battle. You can’t access your map while a mob 100 yards distant behind a wall still believes it is in fight with you. Furthermore, the EXP on basic foes is so minimal that it may as well not exist at times. Enemies with long weapons continued to pierce my defenses. When I was taking the elevator down, a huge managed to get through a mine door and died. I had minor frame dips as well, although they were infrequent in fighting.

Elden Ring sits at the top of a very steep hill, despite the fact that no one wants to name Game of the Year in March. This year, if you only play one game, make it Elden Ring.

This Elden Ring evaluation was completed on a computer. The publisher kindly offered a review copy.

The “elden ring review reddit” is a game that has been released on the Xbox One and PC. The game was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elden Ring a hard game?

Is Elden Ring easier than Dark Souls?

A: I am not familiar with Dark Souls, so I cannot answer this question. It is possible that Dark Souls would be more difficult than Elden Ring in some ways but easier in others as well.

How many hours of gameplay is Elden Ring?

A: The total number of hours required to beat Elden Ring is 144.

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