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Elden Ring Weathered Dagger is an item in the Elden Ring game. Its possible for this dagger to be given by someone who has already beaten the final boss of a playthrough, or obtained it from defeating any other enemies on your journey through Yharnam.
The owner may also be revealed with use of the Hunter’s Dream (a hidden location in Bloodborne) which can only be unlocked after beating all bosses and obtaining true mastery rank

Elden Ring Weathered Dagger is a dagger that can be found in Fall. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and it’s also an item that has been passed down through generations. Who is the owner?

Elden Ring, while being a Souls-like RPG, offers a slew of strange side tasks. One of the first you’ll come across is also the shortest. After defeating two Shardbearers, Fia, the lady in Roundtable Hold who desires a hug at the cost of a recovered Vigor point, will gift you a Weathered Dagger if you talk to her. She’ll give you the responsibility of returning it to its proper owner, but she doesn’t say who that is.

Who owns the Weathered Dagger and who is the owner of the Weathered Dagger?

weathered-dagger-elden-ring-1-640x360Who owns the Weathered Dagger and who is the owner of the Weathered Dagger?

You won’t have to go far to discover the Weathered Dagger’s owner. The intended receiver is D, Hunter of the Dead, who can be located in Roundtable Hold’s main chamber. He doesn’t mention who it belongs to, but he seems to know who it belongs to. When you show him the item, he’ll say something like this:

“So, what do we have here?” How did you get your hands on the dagger in the first place? That doesn’t really matter. That’s whose dagger it is, and I’m fully aware of it. Why don’t I give it back to them on your behalf? “Thank you for bringing this to my attention.”

While this doesn’t explain who owns or where the Weathered Dagger originated from, it does seem to be a step in the right direction. After then, you’ll need to leave Roundtable Hold and return to continue the quest.

Warning: If you’re new to the game and don’t want to be spoiled, please be aware that the following section does reveal some plot-relevant information.

So, what’s the next step?

D will be absent from the main chamber when you return to Roundtable Hold. Go past the blacksmith and down the corridor via the open door to locate him. D is found dead by Fia’s hand there. When you talk with her, she will proclaim that the dagger has been restored to its proper location and issue a warning to the other Roundtable Hold members.

You may collect D’s treasure once Fia has left, which contains the whole Twinned Armor set as well as D’s Bell Bearing. The Twinned Armor set is a good early-game option, and you’ll want to keep it secure since it’ll be useful in a later side mission. You may also gift D’s Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks if you didn’t buy out D’s spell supply before his death. The Litany of Proper Death and the Order’s Blade Incantations will be unlocked as a result.

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The “where is d elden ring” is a question that has been asked many times before. The Elden Ring Weathered Dagger is a dagger in the game Elden Ring. It’s unclear who the owner of the dagger is, but it appears to be an item that belonged to a member of the ancient race known as The Forgotten Ones.

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