Elder Scrolls Online just revealed much more about its June 6 High Isle chapter

The Elder Scrolls Online just revealed much more about its June 6th High Isle chapter. For the first time, players will be able to explore a new region and experience an entirely different faction with their own unique set of quests. This is sure to please fans who have been waiting for this expansion since February’s Morrowind update!

“The Elder Scrolls Online just revealed much more about its June 6 High Isle chapter.” The “elder scrolls 6” is the latest chapter of the game. It will be released on June 6th.


As promised, ZeniMax Online Studios dropped a ton of information about The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming High Isle chapter during its preview stream this afternoon – which was, we note, run in support of the Gaming for Ukraine Tiltify campaign. The broad outlines of the campaign and its ride-along update were known before this preview, including the new High Isle map, new companions, a 30-hour gameplay plot, the Volcanic Vents world event, and the Tales of Tribute card system.

The devs acknowledge during the stream that the last few chapters have focused on nostalgia-tinged Skyrim– and Oblivion–centered content, and that they wanted to go somewhere completely new not just for ESO but for the Elder Scrolls franchise in general, hence the Mediterranean-styled High Isle, with open fields and pretty vistas, that build on and update existing Breton architecture to make it a bit fancier – and class-stratified as the magical Bretons there are.

Biomes include the verdant Okenvald forest, the beachier and more nautical Sapphire Coast, and Amenos, which is a rainforest that houses different tiers of captives and prisoners and all the interesting characters. Players will also contend with the druid faction, knightly orders, two major political houses, ghost ships, a secret order, the return of several old faces, the feisty Lady Arabelle, volcanic vents popping out of the ground, and more courtly intrigue than cosmic threats. The devs says the two new companions, Ember and Isobelle (“who is not a trashfire”), resulted from feedback from players based on last year’s companions. There’s also the Ascendant Order, which essentially wants to break apart stratification in Breton society – but it’s willing to kill people to do it.

However, you may pass the time between murdering people and rubbing elbows by playing the Tales of Tribute minigame, which is essentially a strategic card game that could be played as a solo game.


“As we disclosed during our High Isle Preview webcast, the tale of this year’s Chapter is centered on political intrigue, and High Isle is the ideal vacation place for alliance representatives to take up peace negotiations that might bring the Three Banners War to a conclusion.” While the honorable Society of the Steadfast is hosting the summit, participants should be wary of The Ascendant Order and their chaotic aims. Over 20 million ESO players will visit an island paradise rich in medieval culture and architecture, along with gorgeous castles and thrilling tournament fields. Companions were introduced to ESO users last year, and ZeniMax Online Studios is doubling down on the idea in 2022. Ember, a Khajiit who grew up on the streets and has a talent for magic, and Isobel, a Breton and aspiring knight who feels driven to do right by players, will be available as new companions.

“A brand-new card game called Tales of Tribute, played inside the world of ESO, will also be released in 2022. This is a one-of-a-kind resource-building game featuring PvP and PvE that was created in High Isle. Through Tales’ unique leveling system, players may even improve their rank. There are also amazing prizes to be earned, such as furniture, transmutation stones, and even progressing a plot by competing against certain NPCs all throughout the realm.”

PC, Mac, and Stadia players will be able to play the expansion on June 6th, while console gamers will have to wait until June 21st. On April 18th, it will be released on the PTS.

Twitch’s press release is the source of this information.


The “eso high isle features” is a blog post that just revealed much more about the upcoming chapter in Elder Scrolls Online. This update will be released on June 6th, and it includes new content, including a new quest line, as well as an entirely new zone.

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