Elite Dangerous Odyssey had a ‘difficult calendar year,’ but Frontier claims an ‘upturn in player sentiment’

The year 2018 was one of change for Elite Dangerous. The development team released a new expansion, Horizons, which brought with it a slew of bug fixes and new systems to explore. Unfortunately the release saw an influx in ‘complexity’ that coincided with player sentiment taking a turn for the worse (in my opinion).

“Odyssey Elite Dangerous” is the first major expansion for “Elite Dangerous”. The expansion has been met with a lot of criticism, but Frontier claims that player sentiment has improved. Read more in detail here: odyssey elite dangerous.


We covered the publication of Frontier Developments’ annual investor report in November, and it didn’t seem good for Elite Dangerous. Readers will remember that the game’s Odyssey expansion was a shambles, had mixed reviews, and has been postponed indefinitely on consoles while Frontier tries to save the PC version. Frontier told investors that the expansion’s “overall reaction” was “disappointing,” affecting revenue surrounding the launch.

Frontier’s newer interim reports were revealed this week, indicating a net loss half-year over half-year but stating that the company is “well positioned for an exciting 2022.” The business states that Elite’s 2021 was “challenging” overall, and that the Odyssey debut was “disappointing,” however it now claims that “player attitude” has improved in the months thereafter.

“After the failed introduction of the huge Odyssey expansion in May 2021, Elite Dangerous had a tough calendar year in 2021. We continue to provide development updates to the game and our devoted players, and as a consequence, player mood has improved.”

While several forum postings say as much, SteamCharts shows that the game has just recently started to rebound from its dismal spring.

Just before the holidays, our own Elite Dangerous specialist checked in on Odyssey once again to summarize those “development updates,” of which there had been eight at the time; his assessment was that the game was still in bad shape. “A few of upgrades appeared to make things worse, but right now things seem… OK,” Chris remarked, expressing some buyer’s remorse. “[F] From a technological sense, I believe Odyssey is doing OK, but I don’t believe it has made any significant progress. […] None of this does anything to alleviate some of Odyssey’s more serious issues.”


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