Embers Adrift adds the first iteration of a monolith-powered fast travel system in latest beta build

Embers Adrift is a sandbox game where players mine for resources and build their own world in the sky, but now they’re adding one more feature: fast travel. The update also adds two new biomes to explore – mossy forests and swampy swamps. Check out the video below for a look at how it works!

Embers Adrift is an upcoming game that will be releasing on Steam and the Xbox One, with a beta build that includes a first iteration of a monolith-powered fast travel system.

Embers Adrift’s developers were only last week debating how to strike a balance between rapid transit ease and the game’s design goal of encouraging players to actively wander and explore the planet. In this week’s beta test, the team looks to have discovered a solution with the introduction of a new quick travel mechanism employing ember monoliths.

In the present version of the system, each zone contains a single monolith that must be discovered initially, after which travel between monoliths may be done after two or more have been discovered. A lot of aspects of the quick travel concept will alter, according to the dev post, including monolith placements, the fact that monoliths aren’t always secure, and the fact that there will be a resource cost need in the future.

Other than that, the most recent beta release fixed a number of problems relating to the Redshore zone, UI components, and other general gameplay issues, while work on stat consolidation, crafting changes, guild introductions, and reagent system enhancements continues.

It was asked, and we delivered! Our servers are now online for a longer period of time! Every week, beginning on Friday at noon and ending on Tuesday at noon, our testers may experience Embers Adrift (CDT)

Servers open in 1 hour from now#MMORPGs #indiegames #gamingcommunity pic.twitter.com/60tjH3Dad3

— EmbersAdrift (@EmbersAdrift) June 3, 2022


The “Embers Adrift adds the first iteration of a monolith-powered fast travel system in latest beta build.” is a new feature that has been added to the game. It allows players to use the monoliths, which are found throughout Ember’s world, for fast travel. This is the first iteration of this type of system, and it will be available in the next beta build. Reference: mortal online 2 copies sold.

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