EVE Online previews updates coming to structures, ore compression, and battleships ahead of Fanfest 2022

In a blog post, developers for EVE Online gave an overview of the upcoming updates coming to the massively multiplayer online game. This includes a look at structures and ore compression, as well as battleships that will be entering the battlefields in 2022.


With EVE Online’s in-person Fanfest approaching, CCP Games hopes to generate excitement for both the event and future upgrades to the spaceship sandbox in a wide-ranging preview article that covers numerous planned changes.

Updates to player-owned customs offices (POCOs), such as increased gantry shield HP and onlining delay; new role bonuses for battleships meant to improve survivability and mobility; and the promise of changes to the core mechanics and modules of structures, which will be detailed in the coming months, are just a few of the highlights in the post.

One item of interest in the blog is ore compression, which, as readers may remember, was supposed to be changed in the New Dawn region but was delayed owing to player input. The impending new compression system for spaceships will now provide lossless compression for asteroid ore and ice, but only if a fleet of ships is joined by a Rorqual or Porpoise with the appropriate modules.

These updates will no longer be delivered in quadrants, as CCP Games will instead focus on a “grander overarching storyline” that will be released over a longer length of time than the previous three-month cycle. “The pace of releases and new content in EVE will be maintained, but with the increased freedom to handle bigger projects as well,” writes the article, promising a continuous cycle of updates, balancing tweaks, and events.

Before Fanfest begins on May 6th in Laugardalshöll Arena in Reykjavik, Iceland, all of the planned changes will be implemented. This indicates that the event will continue to be held in person. As of this past Monday, February 14th, according to the Iceland Review, the country has high COVID infection rates but low hospitalization periods, while the country currently mandates a general gathering limit of 200 people, social distancing, and mandatory mask use in places where distancing is not possible.

More background may be found at the link above, as well as this January article describing the current travel regulations. Of course, this information may alter between now and May; nevertheless, keep cautious and wise.


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