EVE Online streamers organize an ‘EVE Blackout’ to protest CCP’s monetization of the sandbox

Players of the popular sci-fi MMO, EVE Online, organized a ‘blackout’ to protest the monetization practices of CCP Games. The blackout began on February 8th and ends at midnight PST on March 5th. Players are encouraged to play without earning ISK (the in-game currency) or using any other CCP services such as character transfers for 24 hours from now until Saturday night.

The “eve online subscriber count” is a number that has been used to measure the size of the EVE Online player base. The “EVE Blackout” was organized by streamers in response to CCP’s monetization of the sandbox.


Despite CCP Games’ best attempts to keep its head down, criticisms over EVE Online’s latest monetization initiatives aren’t going away. Some EVE Online streams are taking part in the “EVE Blackout,” broadcasting a picture alerting users that the game would “try to commercialize your gaming” and that they “do not need to swipe a credit card for a spacecraft,” all while referring to a webpage devoted to the digital protest.

The website in question not only mentions the mining barge sale item, but also earlier monetization methods like Skill Point bundles. The blog also cautions against the game’s continuing commercialisation and offers some resources for new players to use instead of purchasing boosts or ships.

“Over the last several years, CCP Games has gradually removed major economic systems in EVE Online. […] Please see rationale, CCP. Recognize the significance of such events and the vibrations they cause across the EVE world. Know that we come to you with respect and love for the world you’ve made for us, not with hate or animosity.”

At the time of writing, this effort at a media blackout doesn’t seem to have much support: Only a few streams in the EVE Online category on Twitch are participating in the blackout, although one of them includes the New Eden Post. CCP’s own Twitch channel, meanwhile, was apparently automatically sharing the Post’s feed, accidentally promoting the blackout.

CCP Games, meanwhile, appears to be doubling down on the mining barge bundle, offering it at a limited-time discount to new players who begin the recently revamped mining career agent tutorial. It’s otherwise business as usual as the devs have once more shared the monthly economic report.


The “EVE Online dying 2021” is a protest by the streamers of EVE Online to show their dissatisfaction with CCP’s monetization of the sandbox. Reference: eve online dying 2021.

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