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The Evil Dead remake game is a horror-themed video game with action elements. The gameplay focuses on shooting and survival, while the story follows Ash Williams as he battles an army of demons from another dimension called “Deadites”.
The developers have expressed interest in porting this remake to handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Evil Dead The Game is a horror game that was released on April 5th, 2018. It has received positive reviews from critics and players. Read more in detail here: evil dead: the game release date.

While long-time friends Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell may not have expected their first Evil Dead film to be as popular without the assistance of horror writer great Steven King, The Evil Dead has grown into a cult smash with three films, a TV program, and even computer games.

The main drawback to this voyage so far has been the lackluster quality of the games. Thankfully, The Game of the Evil Dead has rectified this, providing us with an intense asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that does credit to the source material.

While Evil Dead The Game presently only has one area, that map is crammed with detail that provides a very genuine feeling of eeriness and seems very much like the set of an Evil Dead movie.

With my ultra-wide display, it seemed as though I was battling Deadites in the woods, which as a life-long fan of the Evil Dead series is fantastic.

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Single-player version of The Game of the Evil Dead

While Evil Dead The Game is mostly a multiplayer game, there are also single-player objectives that take you through various phases of the Evil Dead series and even unlock new playable characters after you’ve accomplished them.

Single-player version of The Game of the Evil Dead

Unfortunately, with so much source material to work with within the Evil Dead series, the single-player missions in Evil Dead The Game seem a bit disappointing and monotonous at times.

Even while I loved the first few of tasks, I quickly became tired with them and simply wanted to go through them as fast as possible in order to unlock characters from the TV show like Pablo.

However, without any checkpoints, I found myself losing 15 to 30 minutes of my time and having to restart the whole assignment, nearly making me question if unlocking these characters is really worth the hassle.

Evil Dead Game Campaign

While you may play the main game against AI or even with a squad of AI, the missions are a wonderful way to get to know the game and its mechanics, or simply get some target practice before playing with actual people, and they also have the additional benefit of unlocking new content.

If you want to play Evil Dead The Game’s single-player mode for the narrative, you’ll be disappointed. What little plot there is is told via a quick picture and some text, rather than cutscenes, which I had hoped for.

Demon vs. Survivor

Now that we’ve dealt with the issues, we can concentrate on the positives, and for the first time in an Evil Dead game, I can honestly say there are a lot of them.

The strengths of Evil Dead The Game lie in its asymmetrical multiplayer horror aspects; similar to Dead By Daylight, the game sees a group of survivors attempting to survive a terrifying monster, but the guys from Dead By Daylight weren’t lucky enough to have Ash J Williams on their side, a gun-toting, chainsaw-wielding maniac who is at times scarier than the monsters he faces. 


Each survivor has their own set of passive and active powers that distinguish them from one another, as well as a skill tree that may be leveled up to increase your chances of surviving.

While Ash and Pablo are unquestionably my favorite characters from both the movies and the TV show, having these powers and a development system allowed me to try out all of the characters, not just my favorites.

Assuming the role of Survivor

When playing Demon vs. Survivor mode, you can choose between playing in a group of four survivors, not only trying to survive against the demon, but ultimately attempting to banish it, or you can try your hand at being the demon and reaping havoc on the team of survivors.

Two against people types, two vs AI modes, and a private match option have been added to the game, making it much simpler to choose a game that suits your playstyle and experience.

Evil Dead Game Modes

When Assuming the role of Survivor, much like other multiplayer games, you are at the mercy of the skill and competency of the other players, in a game where the demon is constantly trying to stop you from progressing, I found myself getting frustrated at players that often ran off to do their own thing, not working as a group, and putting themselves at danger of being singled out by the demon.

But, when you do get a good group, or play with friends, Assuming the role of Survivor can be an extremely intense but fun experience.

It’s quite rewarding to go scavenging, work as a team, and eventually fight the monster. 

Evil Dead Multiplayer as survivor

As a survivor, you have the option to conduct numerous special attacks that genuinely feel as strong when they appear as you grab the closest chainsaw, hammer, or machete and continue to kick Deadite butt.

The continual stream of special strikes sending blood flying in every direction conceivable may be just as exciting as winning a battle when you’re in a strong group with everyone sticking together.

The Purpose of Being a Survivor

The goal of playing as a survivor is to evict the demon, but in order to do so, you must first battle your way through numerous levels.

  • Look for three map pieces.
  • Track down the Kandarian dagger.
  • The Dark Ones must be defeated.
  • The Necronomicon must be activated. 

Of course, although this may seem to be a straightforward task, it is much more difficult when you have an AI or player-controlled demon on your tail, setting traps and even possessing some of your friends, as well as vehicles.

In addition to accomplishing tasks, battling swarms of Deadites, and looting, you must also keep an eye on your fear levels; if they drop too low, the demon will be able to possess you, control you, and cause you to attack your colleagues.

You may keep your terror levels in check by lighting one of the numerous flames scattered across the area, but you’ll need to first gather matches.

Evil Dead Camp Fire

Assuming the role of the Demon

Assuming the role of the Demon in Evil Dead The Game is what keeps me coming back for more, while playing as a survivor is great fun, there is something devilishly satisfying about reaping terror as a demon instead.

There are nine demons to choose from at the time of writing, each of them with their own unique abilities and ways to cause the survivors to regret not Assuming the role of the Demon.


Assuming the role of the Demon is by far the most fun you can have in Evil Dead The Game, as you fly around the map collecting energy, there is nothing more satisfying than watching the survivors panic as they stumble across one or more of your traps, sending them into a panic as they fight the Deadites there pour out.

While there are some advantages to Assuming the role of the Demon, such as knowing the map pieces and dagger locations from the start, you still need to plan ahead, placing traps where you think survivors might go, while managing to obtain enough energy to wreak havoc, which can often be more challenging than it sounds. 

Evil Dead The Game Traps

While going about the area laying as many traps as possible seems fun, I frequently find myself tracking the survivors, waiting for them to set off a trap, and giggling as they open a chest only to be attacked by Ash’s hand, which is one of my favorite parts of Evil Dead The Game.


While Evil Dead The Game has shortcomings, it is definitely the finest game in the Evil Dead genre to date, with furious action, amazing visuals, and an addicting leveling system. I must say, it is much better than anything I had hoped for in an Evil Dead game.


Despite the fact that the absence of new maps may make the game seem boring, I found myself wanting to return for more just so I could level up and perform better in the next map, even after playing for long periods of time.

The Game of the Evil Dead is a very addicting game that will only improve when additional material, DLCs, and updates are released, and one that I will likely return to for a long time. 

You will not be disappointed if you purchase The Game of the Evil Dead, whether you are a fan of the Evil Dead series or not. If you like horror games or asymmetric multiplayer games, you will not be disappointed.

The Game of the Evil Dead

The Game of the Evil Dead

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Game title : The Game of the Evil Dead


Game description : The Game of the Evil Dead is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game based on the Evil Dead franchise, play as Ash or one of his friends and try to banish the demon, or reek havoc as the demon, summoning Deadites and traps to ensure the survivors don’t make it to the end.

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The Good
  • Authentic to the source
  • It’s easy to get addicted to leveling up.
  • Graphics are fantastic.
  • Excellent voice acting
The Bad (& Ugly)
  • There aren’t enough maps
  • Missions for single players might be improved.

4.5255 9.1

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The “evil dead: the game co op” is a horror video game that was released in 2013. The game has been praised for its graphics and gameplay.

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