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Glorious king! The news has reached me of your glorious return. Many of my subjects have been longing for the return of the great king, and now that you have finally returned, I have no further need of the lowly players of Evony. If you, the greatest of kings, will take the throne, then may I show you these things. I have prepared a guide for you on how to rule, which will explain in great detail how to rule your kingdom well and ensure that you will never lose it.

The King’s Return is an update to the popular strategy game, Evony. Completion of the update will be free for all players of Evony. The King’s Return adds several features to the existing game, including a new class, an all-new faction, and a new feature to enable you to gain resources from players in other kingdoms.

For the first time in over a year, the Evony Credits have become available in the game. The Evony Credits are a premium currency obtained by logging in daily, playing events, and completing the yearly quest. This guide is designed to help you if you want to earn more credits and cash with the best general to help you win more events.

In the smartphone game Evony: The King’s Return, generals serve as the Monarch’s commanders. They march armies, collect resources, fight monsters and bosses, and participate in PvP combat. Generals may be employed to strengthen the city’s defenses, as well as serve as Mayors of Subordinate Cities. They’ve been enlisted by the Tavern. Defense generals from NPC Subordinate cities will be recruited after the subordinate city is taken over by a Monarch. This tutorial will teach you all there is to know about Generals in this game. To have a clear idea, read the whole tutorial. You will learn about the following things in this article:

Evony: The King’s Return: A Complete Guide To Generals

Generals of Various Types

The color of a general’s card may be used to evaluate their quality. They are now Gold (Epic), Purple (Legendary), Blue (Rare), Green (Uncommon), and Grey (Common) (Common). A Legendary General’s qualities will be considerably higher than a Common General’s.

A Historic General is another unique designation. Historic Generals are real-life historical military commanders from each of the six Cultures. Arthur, King of the Britons (European), Washington (America), Nobunaga Oda (Japan), Jumong (Korea), Wu, Empress (China), and Catherine II is a queen who reigned from (Russia) are just a handful of the figures included in this game. Others, such as Caesar, Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongol Empire., and Alexander the Great, are names that nearly everyone is familiar with. Aside from them, the Evony: King’s Return’s Mythos has produced two Historical Generals: Angry King and Lucy, Princess.

Generals who are very rare

Europe America China Japan Korea Arabic Russia Others
Robin Hood is a legendary figure in British folklor Buffalo Bill’s nickname is “Buffalo Han Lin Samurai Kim Nam Joo is a South Korean actor.
Ranger   Hong Fu Nu (Hong Kong Fu Nu) Chacha Asai Jae-Young Lee      
      Hattori Ninja is a Japanese ninja that specializes        

Generals of Legend

Europe America Japan Korea China Russia Arabic Others
Frederick the Great was a king who reigned from Jefferson Kenshin Uesugi Sun-sin Yi Hua Mulan Ivan IV Harun al-Rashid (Arabic: Princess Lucy
Joan of Arc (Joan of Arc) was a Thomas Jackson is a well-known musician. Musashi Miyamoto Song-gye Yi Song-gye Yi Song-gye Yi Song Xiang Yu Alexander Suvorov is a Russian businessman. Antara Spartacus
        Liang Zhuge     Attila
              General of the Undead

Generals of Legend

Europe America Japan Korea China Russia Arabic Others
Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom Washington Ieyasu Tokugawa Jumong Empress Wu Catherine II Saladin Raged King
King Arthur Lincoln Oda Nobunaga Sejong, King of Korea Qin Shihuang was the Emperor of Qin Shihuang. Peter the Great was a famous figure in the Middle Ages Baibars Alexander the Great was a Greek king who reigned
Charles the Great was a king who reigned from Robert Lee is a character in the film Robert Lee Shingen Takeda Jindeok, Queen Huo Qubing (Huo Qubing) Alexander Nevsky is a Russian writer.   Earl of the Undead
Nero       Li Shimin     Caesar
The Lionheart, Richard             Genghis Khan
Wallace, William             Jester
Gustavus Adolphus was a Roman emperor who reigned from             Amir Timu
              Rhaegar, Prince


Attributes are characteristics that have an effect on a General’s duties. Leadership, Attack, Defense, and Politics are the four qualities that any General has.

  Leadership Attack Defense Politics
A Mayor of a Subordinate City is a person who is in charge of a city that Increase the sub-training city’s pace by 0.1 percent for each increment of one. By one, the sub-building city’s pace is increased by 0.1 percent.
      Increases the amount of gold produced in the sub-city
An army’s commander The troop’s health improves Boosts troop assault Increased troop defense Increases the rate at which resources are gathered.
The month of March sees an increase in speed.     Reduced the number of troops killed or injured.

The Equipment and Skill Sets of Generals

Weapons, Clothes, Boots, Helmets, Pants, and Rings are the six items of General Equipment that you may equip to your General. The General who wears the equipment receives several bonuses.

You may also assign different talents to different jobs that give benefits to the Generals. These buffs have an influence on the General’s effects in sub-cities, as well as on soldiers moving or defending. A skill that reduces the time it takes for a General to be resurrected is also available.

Skill Books may be used to assign skills to people. Levels 1, 2, and 3 of skill books are available. The boost becomes stronger as your skill level rises. The initial skill will be given automatically every time. An extra higher skill, on the other hand, will always replace an existing skill. A Level 2/3 skill will always replace its Level 1/2 counterpart in this case, avoiding the stacking of the same skill at all three levels. Similarly, a given skill cannot be downgraded from a higher level (Example: Archer Attack Up Level 2, cannot be replaced by Archer Attack Up Level 1).

Historic Generals have a unique talent that buffs you more than the Level 3 Skill book. There are certain talents that do not have a Skill Book associated with them. Jester’s Atrophy, for example, which reduces all opponent’s attack stats, is only accessible if a Player possesses Jester.

How To Improve And Cultivate A General Attitude

Your general will earn a star if you improve him. Upgrading your general costs gold and medals. It improves both your basic characteristics and your level-boosting stats. When you improve a general’s qualities, you’ll see a green arrow and a number next to his attributes. This is the amount by which the attribute has been improved each level. When you improve your hero, for example, Attack = 158 8.65, the basic attack stat will get 8.65 attack points. However, when you improve your general, your ‘booster’ stat will rise in tandem with your basic characteristic.

Cultivating a general is a step forward in terms of improving basic stats. Cultivating a general costs 6,000 gold or 20 diamonds. For 200 gems, you may also cultivate 10x, where you must choose the characteristics you wish to improve. By raising or lowering the stats by 1 or 2 points, cultivating a general may have various impacts (very rarely 3). You will not get your gems or money back if you cancel the modifications. The developed qualities cannot exceed the initial attributes of the general, and they must cease growing once they reach the maximum limit.

This ends our guide to Evony: The King’s Return’s Generals. This tutorial should have been enjoyable for you to read. I’ll be back with more mobile gaming tutorials shortly. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. More interesting instructions may be found in our Mobile Games section. Take care and enjoy your day!

The King’s return is a new game coming soon, and it is one of the most anticipated strategy games coming out in the past few years. The game will be released on February 4th, 2015. I have been playing the beta thoroughly since it was released on December 31st, and I simply can’t wait to see how the game develops.. Read more about evony general duty and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many generals can you have in Evony?

You can have up to 100 generals in Evony.

What generals are good in Evony?

The generals that are good in Evony are the ones that have a lot of health and can deal a lot of damage.

How do you get more generals in Evony?

You can get more generals in Evony by completing quests, or by purchasing them with real money.

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