Fall Guys Xbox Game Pass – What We Know About It Coming

Microsoft announced its Game Pass subscription service in April, and it’s scheduled to launch this summer. (It still doesn’t have an official name.) The service will cost $10/month and offer an unlimited selection of “Xbox One” games on PC, phones, and/or consoles. According to the official Game Pass FAQ, the selection will change every month, and Microsoft is promising to create a new feature or game every month. Game Pass will also offer one free game (you can switch it out for any of those in the library at any time), and it’s also offering a “monthly game pass bundle” that will include two free games every month (one you can play right now, and one that will be released soon).

Fall Guys Xbox Game Pass – What We Know About It Coming The Xbox Game Pass is a membership service for Xbox Live Gold users, which allows you to download a selection of Xbox titles for a month trial period at a discounted price. The service launched on September 13, 2018 and has been stated to be a success.

The Xbox Game Pass is getting a big new addition this fall. As part of a new strategy to get people playing more games on their Xbox One consoles, Microsoft’s subscription service will soon allow users to download and play over 100 new and classic Xbox One titles for free. (You can already download these games to your Xbox One with the Xbox Play Anywhere program.) One of the games Xbox One users can get for free with the new Xbox Game Pass is “Fall Guys”, an action game that looks a lot like the “Plants vs. Zombies” games.

One year after its debut, Fall Guys’ wonderfully hilarious mix of battle royale and party game continues to draw a strong playerbase. It’ll also be available on both current and last-gen Xbox consoles later in 2021, raising the possibility that it’ll also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Fall Guys’ laid-back platforming style attracts plenty of rivals, making it a good match for a subscription service like Xbox Game Pass. With more players having easier access to the game, there will be more opponents to outmatch, which is always a good thing in a multiplayer game.

Fall Guys Xbox Game Pass - What We Know About It Coming to Game Pass in 2021

Fall Guys Xbox Game Pass - What We Know About It Coming to Game Pass in 2021

Fall Guy’s PC version is presently unavailable on Xbox Games Pass for PC, and there are no indications that it will be added in the near future.

When the game’s Xbox version was revealed earlier this year, publisher Devolver Digital put an end to speculations that it might be heading to the popular subscription service. In a tweet from January, it said, “There are no plans for Fall Guys to come to any kind of Gamepass.”

Since then, the Xbox version’s release date has been pushed back from Summer to “later in 2021,” and no further details regarding an Xbox Game Pass version have been revealed.

While we don’t have much in the way of positive news right now, Fall Guys on Xbox Game Pass or its PC equivalent may still be released by the end of 2021 or early the next year. If this is the case, we may expect to hear more once the game’s Xbox release date is set.

As soon as we get additional information, we will update this post.

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It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is a big deal, even though it’s only been around for a few months. But what’s in the service? And how can you access it? We’ve been talking with members of the Xbox development team, and here’s what we know for now. We’ll be updating with more information as it’s available.. Read more about fall guys xbox release date and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fall guys coming to Xbox in the future?

Fall Guys is not coming to Xbox.

What is fall guys on Xbox game pass?

Fall Guys is a game that was released on Xbox Game Pass.

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