Firaxis is Retiring XCOM 2’s Multiplayer and Challenge

Firaxis, the developers of XCOM 2 and Civilization 5, has confirmed they will be shutting down their online multiplayer services for both games. Firaxis said that they are planning on focusing on new projects to bring more value to players in their next game releases.

Firaxis announced that they are retiring the multiplayer for XCOM 2 and will be focusing on the challenge mode.

Firaxis is Retiring XCOM 2's Multiplayer and Challenge Modes This Month

XCOM 2 will be losing several features on Steam in March after six years, many patches, and one fantastic expansion.

Firaxis announced on the platform that the Multiplayer and Challenge modes will be removed from the game on March 28. This isn’t going to effect the Mac or console versions of the game.

The modification will be implemented as a patch, and Firaxis claims that it is merely doing so to free up resources for other projects. The whole statement may be seen here.

We wanted to give the XCOM 2 community a heads up that Multiplayer and Challenge Mode services for the Steam version of the game will be retired. The functionality will be removed from the Steam version of XCOM 2 on March 28; this will not effect XCOM 2 on Mac.

The decision to discontinue these services was not made lightly, but it allows us to redirect our efforts. We appreciate your support and appreciate your patience.

Firaxis is Retiring XCOM 2's Multiplayer and Challenge Modes This Month

Firaxis is Retiring XCOM 2's Multiplayer and Challenge Modes This Month

While the story is the core of the XCOM 2 experience, these other modes provided something more bite-sized. Players choose a team of humans and/or aliens to battle against one another in one-off combat situations in multiplayer. Players compete in a daily score assault scenario in Challenge mode, which was launched as part of the War of the Chosen expansion in 2017.

Unfortunately, Challenge mode did not take off as planned, with cheating allegations and no restrictions on mod use swiftly stifling any healthy competition. Although changes were made, the situation never fully recovered.

Firaxis is presently working on Midnight Suns, a Marvel game that will be released on PC in the future.

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Firaxis is Retiring XCOM 2’s Multiplayer and Challenge. The developer has announced that they will be discontinuing the game’s multiplayer co op mode with the release of their upcoming expansion, “War of the Chosen.” Reference: xcom multiplayer co op.

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