Gamigo-published Fractured wants players to volunteer to work as unpaid game masters

Fractured is a role-playing game where players work as unpaid game masters, guiding characters through a story that takes place in their own world. Players who want to play the actual gameplay can create their own character and get caught up in the adventure for free.

“fractured mmo alpha” is a game published by Gamigo. It is an MMO that has players work as unpaid game masters for the company.


Do you want to work in the games industry? What about one that doesn’t need any payment? Fractured Online, a game developed by Dynamight Studios and published by Gamigo, is reportedly looking for volunteers to serve as moderators and game masters for the future MMORPG.

These volunteers will not be answering tickets or touching code; instead, they will be organizing events for other players, reporting bugs, moderating Discord, “intervening” in issues of player harassment in-game and out, and “being the first line of Customer Service forwarding player feedback,” according to the pitch post.

The studios state, “Volunteering is also the first step in the door to get into the business!” Exposure is great.

While volunteering for “guide” jobs is not uncommon in this business or genre, Gamigo’s parent firm, MGI, brought in $276 million in revenue last year, up 80% from the previous year. This isn’t a charity; it can afford to hire support workers for the games it publishes, and expecting players to do it for free undercuts the value of effective community management in online games. (Also, if you like organizing events, the Ultima Online firm Broadsword employs just six developers and pays its event moderators.)

In the meanwhile, potential Fractured testers are gearing up for another closed beta; Dynamight has already said that it would be switching to Gamigo’s Glyph user system and launcher this week. The Foundation system, which is essentially a reward system that gives titles, points, and tokens to testers depending on their behaviors, has also been “paused” by the company.


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