Genshin Impact: Crystal Tears Quest Walkthrough

Genshin Impact is a local multiplayer game where you control a group of Pokémon with unique abilities, as you traverse through a dark dungeon. Every ability and action in the game has a cost associated with it, which you must pay if you want to use it.

I’ve been playing Genshin Impact: Crystal Tears Quest for about a month now and I thought it would be fun to give a walkthrough to the first few levels of the game to show how to get started, it’s also a good way to get in a little extra gaming on those days when I’m not working on a new level.

When Genshin first announced Crystal Tears, I was really excited to try it out. The idea of a game that was still in development intrigued me. The developers have been updating the game at a steady pace, and there are loads of new features being added. With the game now in its final stages, I decided to delay my review until the game was complete.

In this article, the crystal tears quest guide will help you to complete this quest without any problems. Genshin Impact Paimom Crystal Tear Task

What are crystal tears of inquiry

Crystal Tears is a sub-quest of the Archon of Monstadt Act II quest in Genshin Impact. This is the main task after collecting 3 Stormtrooper tears. The tears are used to repair a harp destroyed by a hurricane. By the time I got the tears, they were damaged. Only the protagonist can clean it, so it’s our job to collect the 3 soiled tears and clean it. Output: Henshin impact codes Before we see how to complete the search for the crystal tears. First, let’s talk about how to collect these three tears. After you steal the sacred lyre from the cathedral, you must use the purified tears to repair the sacred lyre. Before you collect the tears, there are a total of 3 quests available. Genshin Impact Crystal Crack Location: Temple of the Mille Vents

  • Defeat the ruin keeper to get the tear.

Location: Daduapa Gorge

  • Defeat all enemies outside the camp, after which you can receive a tear.

Location: Forest ruins

  • In the heart of the jungle you will find a quest called Hidden Tear. Finish it and when you reach the end, you’ll get a tear.

Recommended: Genshin Impact A Little Game Quest Note that all tears can be broken down in any way, i.e. there is no particular order. You can start collecting tears from everywhere.

Steps to Complete the Crystal Tears Quest

After collecting the tears, you can follow the following guide to complete the crystal tears quest.

  • First, open your map and follow the quest.
  • It then takes you to a place called Dawn Winery.


  • Follow the navigation and you will see Diluc, venti and jean waiting for you in front of the tavern.
  • Interact with them, after which a scene begins in which you eliminate 3 tears.
  • After this scene, you must fix the sacred lyre with purified tears.
  • To attach the winch, simply click on the 3 tears and slide them down onto the winch.

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Crystal Tears Quest Video Tutorial

That’s all you need to do to complete the quest. After that you will need an AR18 to continue the quest. If you have any questions, please comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information and tutorials about Genshin Impact.Today, I will be walking you through the first quest of the game: The Crystal Tears. The quest begins in the town of Mother. The first person you will meet is Milly, a child who speaks with a rather cheerful disposition. She will tell you that her mother is in the Garden, and that you should head there.. Read more about genshin impact lyre quest and let us know what you think.

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