GTA Online: Every Nightclub Ranked Worst to Best

Rockstar Games’ multiplayer online game Grand Theft Auto Online has given players a whopping 53 hours of content per week since its release in November 2013. The latest update for GTA Online, the Nightclub Update, drops on December 12 and is bringing with it more than 50 new nightclubs to explore
and earn money from. Players start off with one club at level 1 but can upgrade them all up to level 5 during gameplay without having to pay any membership fees or spend real-world cash (with some exceptions). With over 10 clubs available so far, we rank every single one by their bonus value as well as overall quality—from best to worst!.
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The “best nightclub to buy gta online 2020” is a ranking of the best nightclubs in GTA Online. It’s ranked from worst to best and includes all of the nightclubs that have been released so far.

If you’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto Online for a while, you’ve probably purchased or are intending to buy a nightclub. These are late-game enterprises that enable players to profit from the majority of their current assets. Not only that, but they’re also great venues to meet up with pals!

But, with 10 distinct spots to chose from in Los Santos, how can you choose which one to go with? Which one is the most affordable? Which ones are the most convenient to sell locations? What about a popularity contest?

In this post about GTA Online: every nightclub rated, we’ll go over all of that and more!


Island of Elysium

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Kicking off our ranking at spot number 10, we have what is probably the most pathetic nightclub in the entire game. The Island of Elysium Nightclub is located very far to the south of Los Santos and is difficult to access from the main parts of the city. This isn’t the only reason why it’s the cheapest nightclub in the game, however.

The majority of the popularity and sell missions will lead you far north of this region. I’d suggest saving your money and buying one of the other homes on this list unless you love driving a slow-moving delivery truck all the way to the Alamo Sea or Paleto Bay.



20220110132719_1-1024x576 20220110132719_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The LSIA nightclub is next on the list, at number nine. While not as bad as the one before it, it still contains a number of significant flaws. It’s right near to the airport, which is on the southeastern outskirts of Los Santos. South is poor for delivery sale missions and popularity missions, as mentioned in the first nightclub.

On the bright side, getting to this location is easier than Island of Elysium. And given its cheap price, it might be worth buying and trading in for later if you want to start making money with nightclubs right away. Still, I feel like it’s better that you wait until you can afford some of the better locations on this list.


Flats of Cypress

20220110132732_1-1024x576 20220110132732_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For spot eight, let’s take a look at the location in Flats of Cypress. While it’s somewhat more northward than the previous two picks, it is still fairly down south in Los Santos. Most of the popularity missions can be found evenly spread throughout the city, so this makes a decent location if that’s how you intend to make money.

It is about $200,000 expensive than the locations in LSIA and Island of Elysium. If you are on a budget and really want to invest in a nightclub, I’d say get this one. Unlike the Island of Elysium location, this one does not require you to travel over a bridge to get to, making deliveries less of a hassle.


La Mesa

20220110132555_1-1024x576 20220110132555_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

We’ve arrived at place seven, which is at La Mesa. I’m on the fence on this one. On the one hand, it isn’t exactly in Los Santos’ south, but it’s also not in the north. It’s in an odd place, making it difficult to justify purchasing or discarding. Then there’s the matter of the cost.

This one costs $1,500,000, which isn’t the most costly but isn’t the cheapest either. To be honest, I’d skip this one and save your money for one in a somewhat better area. Our second pick is just $25,000 more and in a far better location…


Canals of Vespucci

20220110132646_1-1024x576 20220110132646_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Canals of Vespucci takes spot number 6. This location is decent given its low price of only $1,320,000. Like the previous ones, it isn’t the best for doing delivery missions, but popularity missions are okay due to its location in Los Santos.

However, since this is a popular hangout site, you may find yourself in a tight situation with griefers around. If you plan on executing the delivery sale missions I stated before, this is just something to keep in mind. GTA Online’s community isn’t always welcoming…


Row of Missions

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As we get to the halfway point for every nightclub ranked in GTA Online, we have the Row of Missions nightclub. Remember how the location in La Mesa cost $1,500,000? Well, this one is located more to the north on the same side of the city and is actually cheaper!

This one has a convenient garage access and is near to the freeway. This makes it ideal for popularity missions that need you to go far north on the globe. And, despite its proximity to the north, it remains a feasible site for delivery missions because to adequate highway connectivity.



20220110132621_1-1024x576 20220110132621_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The Strawberry Nightclub comes in at number four! This is most likely the finest place to undertake popularity missions. The majority of these missions are equally distributed around the city, and Strawberry’s proximity to downtown makes this position ideal. This one also provides quick access to the surrounding motorway.

This is also a wonderful position if you own the Maze Bank Office space in Pillbox Hill, since the two are quite near to one another. While you wait for your nightclub safe to fill up, you may complete some popularity missions from here, then go grind Import/Export or CEO creates from your office! It’s a grinder’s dream come true!


Del Perro

20220110132649_1-1024x576 20220110132649_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The Del Perro Nightclub is the first of our top three choices! It’s clear to understand why this is such a popular place for GTA Online gamers. It is not only beautiful on the outside, but it is also near to the pier. However, there may be a lot of griefers in the region, which might be a disadvantage.

This one comes highly recommended if you plan on undertaking a lot of popularity missions. While many of these missions may take you anywhere in the city, there are a few that are particular to this location, as well as the city center. The highway is close by, making it ideal for sale missions leading to Paleto Bay.


West Vinewood is a neighborhood in the city of Vinewood

20220110132701_1-1024x576 20220110132701_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For spot number two on our list for every nightclub ranked in GTA Online, we have West Vinewood is a neighborhood in the city of Vinewood! What have we learned so far? That the more north a nightclub is, the better for sale missions. This one is found in Vinewood, which is in the very north of the city.

It’s also closer to the Eclipse Penthouse, a neighboring arcade, and a few other properties that a seasoned player is likely to acquire. This makes it easy for you to go from one property to the next. This one is a no-brainer if you spend a lot of time grinding in this game.

This site, in my view, also looks much better, with some slick contemporary art immediately over the entryway. The garage is conveniently located near the street, making it simple to enter and exit with all of your cars. The main drawback is that your car may sometimes spawn in a neighboring parking lot, causing you to travel a short distance, which might be inconvenient.


Vinewood’s Main Street

20220110132709_1-1024x576 20220110132709_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now at spot number one, the very best nightclub in GTA Online, let’s take a moment to discuss the location in Vinewood’s Main Street. This one is still pricy, but it’s not as expensive as the nearby one in West Vinewood is a neighborhood in the city of Vinewood. This makes a good choice if you happen to own the Master Penthouse at the Casino, as the two are very close to one another.

When it comes to location, this one is right in the heart of all the available selling areas, making it an excellent option if you want to utilize this company to make a lot of money quickly. The garage entrance is situated adjacent to the street, making it convenient to enter and exit.

This one is also $30,000 cheaper than its sister location in West Vinewood is a neighborhood in the city of Vinewood. $30,000 may not sound like a lot, but that’s an extra $30,000 that can be geared towards getting business upgrades earlier, which will make you more money faster!

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What did you think of our nightclub rating in GTA Online? Do you agree with the items on our list? Tell us about your favorite spot in the comments section below!

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The “gta online nightclub guide” is a ranking of every nightclub in GTA Online. The rankings are based on their popularity, quality of the venue, and how much players like them.

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A: The best nightclub in my opinion is ONCE.

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A: The most valuable Nightclub goods are the ones that can be used in other games, like dropping a gun out of the sky onto someone.

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