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GTA Online is an online multiplayer open world action-adventure game set in a fictional representation of the city state Los Santos. The player may choose from three character archetypes: a male protagonist who starts out as a lowly street hustler and eventually builds up enough capital to purchase businesses with his earnings, one female protagonist who begins as an aspiring hip hop artist before joining the criminal underworld, or another male protagonist who goes straight into crime after running afoul of local law enforcement due to poor choices made during adolescence.

“How long has gta 5 been out” is a question that many people have been asking. The answer to this question is that GTA Online was released on September 16, 2015. Read more in detail here: how long has gta 5 been out.

Several businesses have begun to offer “plus” memberships and services. PlayStation Plus, Paramount Plus, and CNN Plus were all available for a limited time. Grand Theft Auto Online, never one to be left out, has joined in on the “plus” fun as well. GTA Plus is the name of the company’s new service. But what exactly is it? What are the advantages and, more importantly, what is the cost?

What exactly is GTA Plus?

What exactly is GTA Plus?

GTA Plus is a new premium subscription program for Grand Theft Auto Online, according to Rockstar’s own statement. It was released on March 29th, 2022, and is only available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

The following are some of the benefits of joining GTA+:

  • a $500,000 monthly contribution into your character’s bank account
  • You have the chance to reclaim properties and improvements from prior events that you may have missed.
  • Discounts on game products are only available to members.
  • GTA$ and RP earned bonuses, to mention a few.

In addition to the recurrent benefits, the attached release states that many other advantages will be offered every month. LS Car Meet membership costs have just been eliminated, as well as various other no-cost changes.

How much does it set you back?

GTA Plus costs $5.99 per month in the United States and £4.99 in the United Kingdom. All usual perks are included, as well as those that rotate out on a monthly basis. Given that the first incentive is a flat amount of GTA$500,000, it’s a good deal. Normally, a Bull Shark Currency Card would cost about $10 USD to purchase that much in-game cash.

Of course, just because something is a good value doesn’t imply it’s a good bargain. That depends on how much GTA Online you want to play on your new PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. After all, this is the third console generation for which the game has been published. With all of the latest speculations about Grand Theft Auto 6 and the anticipation increasing, Rockstar is most likely attempting to squeeze one final profit out of the game before player numbers decline.

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