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Every game offers its own set of trophies, marking the player’s success. But what are they worth? How do you get them? Here is a list that will help you find your way around every major gaming platform out there for each and every trophy available in your favorite games.

The “ghost of tsushima all trophies” is a list of all the trophies for the game, and how to get them.

Published: 25 May 2022 | Last Updated: 25 May 2022

In 2022, the third-person shooting genre will have one of its most significant releases to date. The newest version of the very popular Sniper Elite 5 has been released, and it includes some intriguing new features. Larger terrain, more realistic shooting, and the long-awaited ‘death cam.’

The bullet’s path from the sniper to the target, and even within the body, will be tracked by this sophisticated camera system.

There’s also a new ‘invasion mode,’ as well as the reintroduction of survivor mode. As a result, in Sniper Elite 5, players will be fighting for a variety of prizes and trophies. The following is a complete list of trophies that you may earn during the game. 

Sniper Elite 5

List of all awards in Sniper Elite 5

There are three types of trophies in Sniper Elite 5: 

  • 1 Platinum 
  • Gold- 2
  • Silver (7 points)
  • 44 bronze medals

As a result, there are a total of 54 trophies available to participants. The following is the complete breakdown: 

Platinum Trophy Sourcebook

Get all of the trophies in Sniper Elite.

Guide to Gold Trophies

Best of the best: Complete the whole campaign on the most tough (Authentic) difficulty setting. 

Liberté: Finish the whole campaign. 

Guide to the Silver Trophy

  • The Long Game: Aim for a cumulative kill distance of 100,000 meters. 
  • Tinkerer: Having 24 workbenches interact with each other. 
  • Finish three Survival missions to reach the moon. 
  • Finish a task in any difficulty mode except “Loose Ends” in Just a Flesh Wound. 
  • Ascending the Ladder: Reach Rank 40.
  • Can’t Outrun a Bullet: Take down Möller with a rifle from a distance of 600 meters or more. 
  • Master-at-Arms: Master each weapon to the highest level possible.

Guide to the Bronze Trophy

  • Master of Rifles: Acquire six rifle-related medals. 
  • Master of Pistols: Earn six medals for mastering pistols. 
  • Master of Secondaries: Earn six secondary-related medals. 
  • Organ Grinder: At least once, strike all organs with a gun. 
  • Gunslinger: Destroy 150 opponents with your Pistol. 
  • Destroy 24 Dead-eye Targets with Eagle-Eyed.
  • Force a tank to destroy an opposing vehicle, says the strategist.
  • As Quiet as a Mouse: During a Sound Mask, defeat 50 foes.
  • One grenade is enough to take down three 3-foot warriors. 
  • Out of Scope: Using a rifle, destroy 150 opponents in Iron Sights.
  • Don’t hold your breath: at St Nazaire, hit the last shot without utilizing ‘Empty Lung.’
  • In Iron Sights, defeat 150 foes with any weapon. 
  • Kill with 20 different weapons in Lord of War.
  • Get 250 ghost kills, Der Geist.
  • Destroy Möller’s new automobile, and it’ll buff right out.
  • In Martressac, stage an accident that causes the train in the storage yard to be destroyed.
  • Sight Beyond Sights: In Iron Sights, take down Möller with a rifle.
  • Set Europe on fire: Use traps to take down 50 foes.
  • Skirmisher: Use a Secondary Weapon to defeat 300 foes.
  • Sweet Die Nussknacker! : Shoot a testicle from a distance of 100 meters or more using a rifle.
  • Inventive: Use ‘Found Weapons’ to defeat 50 foes.
  • Get 41 personal letters from Paris with Love.
  • Attain 100 devastating takedowns in close quarters.
  • My Little Friend: To destroy 50 troops, utilize heavy weaponry.  
  • Snake in the Grass: By being in ‘Tall Grass,’ you can defeat 50 troops.
  • Get 24 hidden items as a souvenir hunter.
  • Collect 39 confidential papers to burn after reading
  • Close Encounters: Use melee takedown on every sniper stationed on the bridge.
  • Set up booby traps to defeat 20 troops in Rigged to Blow.
  • Road Rage: Find and destroy at least one kind of each vehicle in this quest at the Research Facility.
  • The Operation’s Brains: Take down Möller with a headshot.
  • Finish 16 optional tasks with no stone unturned.
  • As an Invader, you must win one Axis Invasion.
  • Defeat an invading Sniper Jager in Enemy at the Gates.
  • Join and complete one team-based PVP bout in Fields of Glory.
  • Weaken the Atlantic Wall and meet up with Blue Viper to confront resistance.
  • Raid the Chateau de Berengar and Möller’s Office to confirm suspicions.
  • Infiltrate Beaumont-Saint-Denis and learn about Operation Kraken in The Kraken Wakes.
  • It’s Beginning to Crack: Destroy Operation Kraken’s Martressac manufacturing plant.
  • Destroy the Prototype Stealth U-Boat concealed in Festung Guernsey to change the channel.
  • Returning the favor: liberate Desponts-sur-Douve and protect Allied transit lines.
  • Target America: Destroy the V2 Launch Sites and figure out who Operation Kraken is aiming for.
  • Stop Operation Kraken and destroy its fleet before it sleeps.

As you can see, the game has a wide variety of awards to choose from. Continue to acquire as you progress through the game and defeat the best. 

The “ghost of tsushima legends platinum difficulty” is a guide list of all trophies and how to get them.

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