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Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which players can create their own wizard and fight alongside wizards from around the world. Wizard101 offers an expansive variety of gameplay, including PvP battles against other wizards as well as PvE content that allows for exploration inside and outside of the games’ virtual worlds. Players also have to build up their characters by completing quests, finding magical items called “wizarding stones,” or buying them with purchasable currency called “gems.” For those who aren’t able to buy gems themselves, they can ask friends or family members for help via a friend code.

“How to find your friend code on wizard101” is a question that is asked quite often. To redeem a friend code, go to the “Friends” tab in the game and enter the code.

When you get your friend code, it instructs you to redeem it at It is stated in the code that it is used to welcome new participants to the game. It isn’t free since the code’s user must spend $10 before you, or they, get the bonus.

So, in Wizard101, how do you enter a buddy code?

Open yourFriends panel and click the 0101 button to get or check a True Friend Code. This will bring up the above screen, where you may Get a Code or Check a Code. Make sure you only distribute these codes to individuals you know who aren’t Wizard101 players.

For inviting a buddy, how many crowns do you get? Fourth of four methods: In the left handcolumn, choose the ‘Earn Crowns’ option. To invite a friend, click the green ‘Invite A Friend’ button. You’ll get your own buddy code, which you may print or send to your friends by e-mail.

So, how can you make wizard101 friends?

In Wizard101, you may make a lot of pals! Click on a player in the game to create new pals. This screen will appear, and you may click ‘Add to Friends’ to add someone to your friends list. On this list, you may have up to 100 pals!

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What is the procedure for deleting my Wizard101 account?

How can I get rid of my user account? To remove your user account, go to your account management panel and select the relevant link, then click the “Delete account” button in the pop-up box.

In Wizard101, what is the quickest method to obtain crowns?

You may earn Crowns for your Wizard in four simple ways!

  1. Look at some videos. To view videos, go to Wizard101 and click “Earn Crowns” in the top left corner.
  2. Trivia from FreeKI Games. On FreeKI Games, you can now play entertaining trivia quizzes!
  3. Bring a Friend. Invite your friends and family to join you in the game for even more fun!

How can you get your hands on crowns?

With In-Game Video Ads, You Can Earn Crowns

SetEarn Crowns to “On” on the Gameplay Options 2 tab under Options in your spellbook to activate the earn crowns feature. The Earn Crowns symbol will display next to the Crown Shopicon in the top left corner of your window.

Why is it that I can’t text chat on Wizard101?

To enable, go to and click on “My Accounts.” Login to your parental controls and select the ‘activate’ button next to the ‘filttered text’ option in the “Account Management” section. Text Chat for players under the age of 13 may only be enabled by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

On Wizard101, what is open chat?

The 18+ Open Chat is available to members who are above the age of 18 and have a valid payment card on file with us. Open Chat cannot be unlocked using Gift Cards. OpenChat enables gamers to communicate with other 18+ players in a more open setting. Profanity will be filtered out of this conversation.

How much room does Wizard101 occupy?

An internet connection is required, as well as Windows 98SE or later versions, a 1GHz Intel processor, 512 Megabytes of RAM, a suggested GeForce 2 visual card or similar, and 5 Gigabytes of free disk space. A Windows-enabled Mac will run Wizard101.

On Wizard101, how do you enable free chat?

To enable, go to and click on “My Accounts.” Login to your parental controls under the “Account Management” part and press the “activate” button next to the “filttered text” choice. TextChat for players under the age of 13 may only be enabled by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

wizard101 true friend code not working” is a question that many wizard101 players ask. The “true friend code” is a unique number that allows you to redeem your friends on the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a true friend code on Wizard101?

A: A true friend code is a password that allows you to take over your friends account on their console. This means if they dont log in, then you automatically do so and can play the game for them.

How do I use my true friend code?

A: You can find your true friend code by going to the Beat Saber PSVR main menu, in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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