How To Complete Windmill’s In Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has a variety of new mechanics, one being the windmill’s that have been enabled in the game after players discover them. Once activated, these machines allow for some moments of respite from your pursuers as well as infinite ammo for any weapons you might be carrying. Here are four ways to complete Windmills which reward players with rare loot and XP bonuses⸮

The “windmills shrine” is a location in Dying Light 2. It’s the first building you come across when entering the city of Harran. You can find it to the left of the entrance, and it leads to an underground tunnel. The windmills are guarded by a small group of enemies that will attack you on sight.

How To Complete Windmill's In Dying Light 2

Windmills may be allocated to a faction and present unique parkour challenges. Because there are a lot of concepts not completely taught during the Windmill tutorial, this guide on How To Complete Windmill’s In Dying Light 2 will teach you how to complete each of the Windmill’s in the game.

In Dying Light 2, windmills may be a real pain. This is due to both the parkour controls and the game’s buggy nature in certain areas. Several Windmills are linked to certain metrics. Check your map before trying a Windmill. Whether you click on the symbol, it will inform you if you need any special powers or stamina. You will not be able to finish the Windmill if you do not match the conditions, and it will appear red on the map. When you have the right stats, try again later.

In Dying Light 2: How To Complete Windmill’s Quest

Some of the Windmills are rather simple. You just move along the trail, which is plainly marked with yellow rags and boundaries that indicate where to ascend. However, some of them are currently bugged, and you won’t be able to finish them without a lot of luck. We’ve highlighted a few of the Windmills that we’ve built so far. As we continue through the game, we’ll add additional Windmills.

  • Part of the story: Maple Windmill
  • Follow the platforms up to the Willow Windmill.
  • Alder Windmill – Jump up and follow the route indicated by an X on the bounce pad.
  • Jump onto the first rising block and then turn to jump on the other in the Birch Windmill. To get to the opposite platform, climb around the edge of this rising block.
  • Cherry Windmill – 300 stamina required
  • Windmill made with walnuts –
  • Windmill of the Pines —
  • Juniper Windmill is a bugged windmill.
  • Bugged Hickory Windmill
  • Spruce Windmill – 300 stamina required
  • Teak Windmill – 300 stamina required


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