How to farm for Yun Jin in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a mobile game that’s considered to be the next big thing in gaming. Players take on the role of an expert hacker and try to steal top-secret information from corporations around the world for monetary gain. The game has been available since October 2017, and now it’s being played by more than 10 million people each month!

The “yunjin genshin impact” is a game that you can play on your phone. You can farm for Yun Jin in the game and then sell them for money.

Genshin Impact now has a larger cast of characters! Not so yay: now you have to farm their resources. Let’s get started on that farm, since Yun Jin is one of these new Genshin characters.

Yun Jin will need the following items in order to advance in level:

If you’ve read my previous Genshin Impact farming tutorials, you’ll know how to deal with the Prithiva Topaz. But, for the purpose of completeness, let’s go over it again.

You can get Prithiva Topaz by knocking out the Geo Hypostasis an almost ungodly amount of times. Each beatdown will cost 40 Resin and you’ll have to leave the area for 3 minutes for it to respawn. You can farm it up all naturally or you can use an alchemy table to upgrade the Topaz to its next tier. It takes three of the previous tier material to upgrade to the next one – this goes for other materials with multiple tiers as well. Alternatively, you can use Dust of Azoth to convert any tier of a different gem into a Topaz of the same tier.

Prithiva-Topaz-upgrade-Genshin-1024x556Genshin Prithiva Topaz upgrade

I’m guessing you’ve got a lot of Masks sitting around by now. You’ll most likely already have them based on the number of Hilichurls you’ve had to beat at any one time. However, if you need to go Mask-farming, I would start looking for Hilichurl camps.

If you’re having difficulties (somehow) discovering Hilichurls, you may utilize the Genshin Interactive Map to locate and monitor certain Hilichurl camps. Is this approach comparable to deliberate mass murder? Yes. Will you go on and do it regardless of the moral ramifications? Absolutely.

Glaze Lillies, in my perspective, are a little more difficult. You may and should use the same interactive map to locate these individuals. Glaze Lillies may be found at Liyue Harbor and Qingce Village, among other places. You may join a buddy and steal their world if you’ve momentarily ran out of your own. You may always get some from Ms. Bai in Qingce Village if they won’t allow you in. It won’t be inexpensive, but every three days, you may purchase three Lillies from her for 50k each.

Here’s what you’ll be looking for in terms of Talent upgrades:

  • 9 Diligence Teachings
  • 63 Checklists for Due Diligence
  • 114 Diligence Philosophies
  • Masks with 18 flaws
    • 66 Colored Masks
    • 93 Suspicious Masks
  • 18 Hearts of Ash
  • Three Crowns of Wisdom (if you choose to max level each talent)
  • Mora has a population of 4,957,500 people. No, you did not misunderstand.

You probably already know this, but upgrading Yun-Jin is going to require a lot of masks. Hilichurls aren’t very difficult to deal with, and they’re plentiful throughout Teyvat. Regrettably, you’ll still have to track them down.

This takes the total number of Damaged Masks, Stained Masks, and Ominous Masks to 36, 96, and 129, respectively, which isn’t exactly a fast farm work. You probably won’t need to utilize your friends’ global resources, but having their assistance wouldn’t hurt either. On Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, you may get Diligence talent books from the Taishan Mansion domain, and they can be improved much like the other materials.

If you haven’t already figured it out, there is only one method to get the Ashen Hearts: defeat the Signora weekly boss. If you have any of Signora’s other drops (Molten Moment/Hellfire Butterfly), you may use Dream Solvent to turn them into Ashen Hearts.

Screenshot-2022-01-18-at-23-15-58-Frostbearing_Tree-webp-WEBP-Image-1920-%C3%97-1080-pixels-%E2%80%94-Scaled-80-1024x794Genshin Impact Crown of Insight This tree had been the misery of my life for as long as I could remember.

Last but not least, the Crowns of Insight are the most difficult to get owing to their scarcity. Only the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine and the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma may be obtained via events. Isn’t it possible that you believe we’re done? Wrong. Genshin isn’t going to let you go lightly, and you’ll have to cultivate Yun Jin till the finish. This is the life you’ve chosen for yourself.

Last but not least, your physical appearance.

We won’t get into mix/max territory here, but when it comes to Yun Jin’s artifacts, this is what you’re going for.

  • 4 – Husk of Opulent Dreams
  • Emblem of Severed Fate – 2 + Husk of Opulent Dreams – 2
  • 4 Noblesse Oblige

You may select anything you want from here, but since Yun Jin is more supportive, you’ll probably want a set of Husk of Opulent Dreams. Due to the 30% additional defense and the Curiosity stack boost, they will be the finest choice for you. As you assault foes with Geo, or every three seconds while the character is off the field, curiosity piles up. Curiosity may stack up to four times, with each layer increasing Defense and Geo damage by 6%.

The Husk of Opulent Dreams may be cultivated at any time in the Slumbering Court Domain. When it comes to stats, you should focus on increasing DEF percent, Energy Recharge, and Crit Rate – particularly if you’re utilizing Favonius Lance.

In Genshin Impact, that’s pretty much all you’ll need to farm for Yun Jin! Opulent Dreams are unavoidable for a prominent dancer like Yun Jin, but perhaps yours won’t be broken while attempting to harvest for her resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I farm for Yun Jin?

A: Yun Jin is a crafting material used to create the Master Yi skin. You can farm it by killing monsters. There are two places that you can find this monster in Blade & Soul, Ilum and Hydaelyn (which isnt accessible for NA players).

What boss do you need to fight for Yun Jin?

A: The boss you need to fight for Yun Jin is the Dragon Lizard.

What does Yun Jin scale off?

A: The Yun Jin scale is the measurement of temperature. It refers to how hot or cold something is, and it can be measured in degrees Kelvin.

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