How To Find And Defeat The Ferocious Bear

If you’re having trouble finding and defeating the ferocious bear in your game, it’s time to ask for help from other players. There are a variety of ways to do this such as creating an In-Game Guide or asking on Reddit. You might also consider playing games that don’t have intense difficulty curves like puzzle games or casual adventures with low stakes.

Originally Published: June 10, 2022; Updated: June 10, 2022

With V Rising, the survival and horror genres will see a significant increase in 2022. The gamers that like vampires are having a great time scavenging through the many objectives and taking on bosses.

In addition to exploring the whole game, there are a ton of accomplishments and things that players may create from scratch. The bosses in V Rising are a highly intriguing variety, and when they are slain, they provide various abilities and recipes.

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The Ferocious Bear is one of the game’s toughest bosses that players will encounter. You’ll need to go from a subtle, fine-tuned approach to a direct confrontation. 

Additionally, since Ferocious Bear is so nimble, you will require more than one travel ability. The courageous V Rising gamers who read this guide will be able to locate and vanquish the Ferocious Bear. 

V Rising - The Ferocious Bear The vicious bear from V Rising

How to locate the vicious bear in V Rising

There will be a way gate close to the Bear’s Den, where the boss Bear resides, if you have discovered how to fast travel in the game. On the eastern side of the game map, it is situated in the Farbane Woods, as one would expect.

Players must pass via a ramp that leads south in order to reach the area. This will lead you right to the cave where the combat with the Ferocious Bear will start.

Given that it is constantly shaded within the cave, you may conduct this combat at any time of day. The Veil of Chaos should always be available to players.

V-Rising-Location-of-the-Ferocious-BearV Rising - Location of the Ferocious Bear Location of the Ferocious Bear in V Rising

After taking out Clive the Firestarter boss, you may find this. Additionally, keep any shielding abilities close at hand since the battle with the Ferocious Bear will need a lot of them.

Make sure you have a crossbow or slasher on hand since melee combat will be worthless. Instead of immediately confronting the large bear, their range will be advantageous. 

How to combat the brutal bear

Part one

An animal of this size and height will be limited in what it can accomplish while fighting a bear. Most of the time, the preferred assaults will include immediately rushing towards you in order to attack. Another assault includes the animal standing up on its back legs and striking you with all of its energy.

Players must thus leave the designated circle while she is getting ready. However, the players will be hit by falling boulders as a result of the assault, forcing them to either move closer to the bear or use ranged weapons to pierce the rocks. This will be very beneficial in preventing rock damage.

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Players will require a shield to prevent the Ferocious Bear’s swiping strike with its paw if they are unable to retreat back in time to do so.

Part two

Of course, assaults have increased. Two new movements are in this section. The first one has an orange wave of light around the bear. Then the Ferocious Bear will snarl, increasing its speed and attack while decreasing the assailants’ mobility.

You won’t be able to retreat this time to dodge assaults. Shields and travel are required. The bear charges forward from her rear legs in the opposite strike.

If they are hit, players will be dazed, at which point the bear will be able to launch a series of attacks. Your fall will undoubtedly result from this. 

So, there you have it—everything you need to know about this crucial and challenging conflict. One of the most difficult bosses to defeat, you may need a few attempts before you can successfully defeat it. 

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